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BKL -> Flashpoint vs. TOAW III (10/28/2017 3:09:01 AM)

I recently posted asking to compare Flashpoint to Command Ops. Also wondering, how does Flashpoint compare to The Operational Art of War III? I've read some post that have said I should get TOAW III because it's such a great game. I know there is another version coming out soon, but finances isn't an issue. Just trying to understand what are the differences and what are the pros/cons of each game? Is one better than the other, why?

Crossroads -> RE: Flashpoint vs. TOAW III (10/28/2017 6:57:18 PM)

I have TOAW3 as well. This is more of an apples to oranges comparison, for TOAW is IGOUGO (but with a twist), but again they are both great games in their own right.

I love TOAW3, but the current version is feeling its age a bit, imho, so maybe start with the other two, and get TOAW4 the second it comes out.

pzgndr -> RE: Flashpoint vs. TOAW III (10/28/2017 8:43:29 PM)

Two different games. FCRS is tactical, with primary focus only on 1980's Germany NATO vs Warsaw Pact Bn/Bde scenarios. TOAW is operational, with much broader focus on many different operational warfare scenarios.

Grognerd_INC -> RE: Flashpoint vs. TOAW III (11/1/2017 1:43:06 PM)

If you were to design a scenario in TAOW III that was an exact duplicate of a FCRS scenario (other than scale, TAOW does not support direct ranged fire), I think you would see that FCRS might give back a more realistic feel. I like both though. TAOW seems to be more of a jack of all trades master of none, whereas FCRS has a very specific feel for what it simulates.

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