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Dimitris -> Command v1.13 Hotfix - Build 972.3 (10/17/2017 10:48:03 AM)

Download: Superseded by Build 972.4

Unzip to your current CMANO installation.

(This will also become available through Steam and the Matrix updater following the release of Shifting Sands. But if you are currently facing any of the issues resolved, give it a try.)

Build 972.3 Release Notes (changes from B972.2)

* FIXED: Lua "AddSide" leads to crash later on "Edit Sides" window
* FIXED: #12026: Submarine sprint drift.
* FIXED: Wingmen must leave target area even with weapons left aboard
* FIXED: Corsair does not engage MiG with guns
* FIXED: Fighter loses sight of target every 2 seconds, making A/A gunnery impossible
* FIXED: #12028: Ground-radar detection range issue in v1.13
* FIXED: #12025: Ballistic missiles impacting land before impacting target
* FIXED: Large Steam workshop subscribed items (e.g. community scen pack) causing UI hiccups on refresh
* FIXED: AAW weapon PH bonus for slow target can turn BMD-capable weapons into deathrays
* FIXED: Dynamic fuel recalc for airburst weapon can cause infinite loop (ie. hard freeze)
* FIXED: Airburst inertial-guided weapons (e.g. nuclear RVs) not taking HOB into account when plotting the terminal point prior to launch
* FIXED: #12031: [1.13 - B972.2 - DB3K 469] Ballistic missile RVs overshooting
* FIXED: SAG will not engage aircraft unless 'Investigate contacts within weapon range' flag is set
* FIXED: Subs not following patrol depth orders
* FIXED: Speed/Alt window causes subs to pick wrong band if ordered deeper than max depth
* FIXED: Special Actions Editor Window cut off
* FIXED: Walleyes that had their target destroyed do not impact if tgt altitude AGL > 1000m
* FIXED: Doctrine window font issues in Chinese locale
* FIXED: Lofted-trajectory not working if weapon has cruise altitude specified in AGL but not ASL
* FIXED: #12035: Game freeze (related to Hound Dog missile)
* FIXED: Hits can reduce mount damage and fire intensity
* FIXED: Shotgun-50% doctrine setting is not working properly
* FIXED: Edge case - MPA with manual attack order and localization course does not descend to patrol altitude
* FIXED: Tanker Planner scaling issues
* FIXED: #12051 - submarine radar working while submerged

* Includes the v470 versions of the DB3000 and CWDB databases, with various DB tweaks related to aircraft damage and DP values.
* Includes rebuilt and updated versions of all official scenarios.

ZoroastroBR -> RE: Command v1.13 Hotfix - Build 972.3 (10/17/2017 12:41:14 PM)

Awesome! Thanks

Dide -> RE: Command v1.13 Hotfix - Build 972.3 (10/17/2017 1:08:47 PM)


stolypin -> RE: Command v1.13 Hotfix - Build 972.3 (10/17/2017 3:40:57 PM)


Raptorx7_slith -> RE: Command v1.13 Hotfix - Build 972.3 (10/17/2017 3:46:09 PM)

Thanks for the quick turnaround on these fixes guys!


tjhkkr -> RE: Command v1.13 Hotfix - Build 972.3 (10/17/2017 7:46:57 PM)

Thank you!

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