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Dimitris -> Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 12:17:07 PM)


To apply: Unzip the file to your existing CMANO installation, answering "Yes" to overwrite prompts.

(NOTE: This is an "unofficial" release. The official update will be available through the normal Matrix updater and Steam very soon, and will include the new "Shifting Sands" campaign)

v1.13 - Build 972.2 Release Notes (changes from v1.12 - B936.21)

* Numerous performance improvements for large scenarios
* Fixed: Existing Steam workshop scenarios were not getting updated
* Most of the features specific to Chains Of War (comms disruption, cargo operations and detailed aircraft damage) are now also unlocked by the "Shifting Sands" DLC.
* FIXED: Startup error caused by accidental deletion of Temp folder (by disk-cleanup apps etc.)

* New feature: Tactical chaff laying.

An aircraft can be instructed to either fire off a single chaff bundle (Attack Options --> Lay Chaff (Single Burst)) or lay a continous stream in order to form a corridor (Lay Chaff (Continous Stream)). If the latter is selected, the aircraft will keep firing chaff bundles until its supply is exhausted or the command is checked off on the menu.

This is a typical chaff cloud a bit after deployment: . It steadily grows after dispersion to max dimensions of 6000x1500m per bundle. The "31-35Kft" figure indicates the upper and lower vertical limits of the cloud (it slowly descends towards the ground like a curtain, and eventually dissolves).

An aircraft that is covered by the chaff cloud enjoys a very significant reduction in detection range against radars (its effective RCS is severely reduced against the chaff background). When used en-masse, this allows creating a corridor through which a strike force can traverse undetected.

There are several important caveats for the employment of chaff in such a manner (and each of them explains why chaff corridors fell out of fashion from the 1980s onwards):

- Chaff corridors are precisely that: Corridors. They do not form "opaque vertical walls" beyond which the protected aircraft may roam freely; the entire HVA group must carefully walk through the corridor or risk detection once they step out of it. Naturally this straightjacketing limits the tactical flexibility of the protected force.

- An aircraft is covered by a chaff cloud regardless of relative altitude if the radar is 2D-capable (there is a single beam, and it is always blocked by the chaff cloud). Against 3D-capable radars, which alter the beam elevation (or use multiple stacked beams), the aircraft has to actually be within the vertical limits of the cloud in order to be covered by it. (Hence the map symbology).

- Chaff is most effective against low-frequency radars (because of the large radar resolution cell). As frequency goes up, the effectiveness of chaff decreases sharply.

- Chaff is most effective against older radar sets (Late 1960s tech and before). As signal processing improves, this technique becomes increasingly obsolete (AESAs in particular ignore chaff altogether).

An example of a dedicated chaff-laying aircraft is the Tu-16P Badger-H (#3030 in the CWDB) which has the suitable large-capacity chaff dinspenser; Some tactical aircraft such as the F-4 have dedicated chaff-laying loadouts (dispensers and chaff-bombs).

* New feature: Sprint & drift for single units (ships, subs and land mobiles). This is toggled in the throttle/alt window (F2). When enabled, the throttle presets are disabled, and the horizontal throttle trackbar, instead of being used to directly change the desired speed, is instead used to specify the desired _average_ transit speed. The "crew AI" then takes care of sprinting & drifting as necessary to maintain this average speed.


* Major performance boost on map pan/zoom on large scenarios
* Various refinements to sidebar UI
* Isolated-POV (on-grid status) tweak: Visual indicators (dashed rectangle) for which of the displayed contacts are actually detected by the selected unit
* Show [on message log] even small damages to aircraft
* #10858 - Cargo changes to database viewer
* DB viewer: Show warhead ID when listing weapon
* When a unit is removed from a patrol because the patrol area is undefined, generate a log message
* Cargo Ops: A few modifications to the UI to make paradrop capable units more obvious
* Cargo Ops: Database viewer with cargo information on a per-loadout basis
* Recorder window is always on-top and visible on taskbar
* User feedback: Let player know why planes with Stand-off weapons RTB even if strafe flag is set
* Message log window: Added extra line break between messages (Makes it easier to read big blocks of text (tutorial messages etc.))
* Tweaks to sonobuoy map rendering
* Visual tweaks in "Campaign Play" window
* The "Insufficient license" window can now display multiple modules to purchase (e.g. if a specific feature can be unlocked by more than one module, for example comms disruption can now be unlocked by purchasing "Chains Of War" OR "Shifting Sands").
* "Merge range symbols" is now ON by default on map preferences
* Intros & briefings are now by default rendered using Calibri font (instead of Times New Roman).
* Map profile: "Day / Night Lighting" is now OFF by default
* Map: Show pier-lanes of all sides, not just own and friendly
* UI Configuration: Show sonobuoys ghosted by default
* UI Configuration: Show ghosted group members of selected group by default
* UI Configuration: Show plotted path of selected unit by default

* RE-FIXED: When playing back a recording, each new frame resets the camera position and altitude to that of the current side
* FIXED: [B924] Checkboxes in Realism Settings always show white
* FIXED: Certain UI elements on sidebar are still accessible when click-selecting off-grid unit (not in Isolated POV)
* Fixed: UI null exception on On-Grid check
* Fixed: #11332 - Empty lines in sidebar unit panel (fuel and weapons)
* Fixed: Correct default unit in side panel on save/load
* FIXED: in Group-view, enemy contacts whose actual units are members of mobile groups are non-selectable/targetable
* FIXED: AC showing damage bars when AC damage feature is inactive
* FIXED: Warning about AC-damage feature should show up only when actually clicking on the checkbox
* FIXED: Can assign off-grid unit to mission from right-click menu
* FIXED: Off-grid units can be issued RTB and "select new base" order
* FIXED: F8, F9 and F10 keys can issue orders to off-grid unit
* FIXED: Improper anchoring of some UI elements on LoadScenario
* FIXED: Contacts representing mobile units grouped into a fixed installation (e.g. mobile SAM on airbase) were not visible in group view
* FIXED: Contact corresponding to group lead of enemy mobile group (e.g tank formation) not rendered in group-view
* FIXED: Message log reporting "WeaponX airbursted off TargetY" for non-airburst weapons.
* Added: Better user feedback when player assign a/c to strike missions where pre-planned targets aren't visible
* FIXED: #10972: EditCargo control colors
* FIXED: #11520 (Units on Cargo Mission dialog)
* FIXED: #8801 No-nav zones visible through the planet
* FIXED: Missing egress throttle setting for cargo missions
* FIXED: Movement vector being rendered when using directional icons
* FIXED: #12002: Fix in drawing pier-lanes
* FIXED: Pier-lanes generated by grouped facilities (e.g. detailed ports) not showing on map in group-view


* Improvement in weapon terminal dive logic (Dive to the estimated intercept point, NOT the current target location)
* Adjustment: CAPTOR mines do not trigger on ROVs, biologics and false contacts
* #11620: Submarine Depth when not assigned a depth. Default was "Over Layer", new default will max out at periscope depth, rather than the "over layer" depth.
* Revised sonobuoy drop spacing
* Lofted AAW missiles (AMRAAM, SM-2, AIM-7F/M etc.) now adjust their loft ceiling depending on the distance to estimated intercept point. This prevents very sharp "rise up, dive down" trajectory profiles that can cause problems with endgame guidance.
* Various improvements to mission-planning AI.
* Reworked underwater detonation mechanics; at depths shallower than 600m, the nuclear fireball may break the surface and also affect nearby facilities and aircraft.
* Improved parabolic arc logic for lofted weapons
* Sonar tweak: For mask calcs, ignore non-operative units
* Refinements: Patrol/support mission 1/3 rule for aircraft
* Oblique/crossing shots in anti-missile engagements now suffer depending on impact angle (PH halved at worst case)
* Added a number of tweaks to detailed aircraft damage:
- Planes with a pressurized cabin instantly disintegrate if they have fuselage penetration. (Pressurized cabins are used by commercial aircraft and certain large military aircraft such as AEW, SIGINT etc., and only at altitudes above 12000 feet).
- There is now a chance of loss of flight controls (if the fuselage is penetrated). The chance is directly relevant to damage yield inflicted (the more powerful, the more likely). Loss of flight controls instantly destroys the aircraft.
- Modern AAW missiles with advanced fuzes get more effective "applied" damage (their nominal DP value is multiplied). This effect starts from the late 1970s and gradually increases for each successive tech generation. As an example, late-1980s weapons get a 15% improvement and early-2010s weapons get a 40% improvement over nominal. (So very modern weapons even with a miniscule warhead can still cause tremendous damage).
- Weapons with kinetic warheads (e.g. PAC-3 ERINT, or solid-shot gun shells) deliver their full kinetic energy upon impact. This can be very large (PAC-3 delivers nearly 100 DPs of KE), so usually a single hit is fatal.
* Nav tweak: Check for obstacles between current position and next waypoint even if it's a pathfinding waypoint

* FIXED: [B938] HVP freezed after target lost
* FIXED: When unit goes off-grid, local copies of contacts inherit the "remaining continous track time"
* Fixed: Off-grid units receive info about contact changes
* Fixed: Mission creation crash (edge case)
* Fixed: Pathfinder must take known mines into account
* Fixed: Ships fitted with MCM gear should be considered MCMs
* Fixed: Helicopter with Ignore Plotted Path and Winchester set to No RTB will target and drop sub contact
* Fixed: SEAD targeting issue - going after MiG-31
* FIXED: LOS flaw prevents radar/ESM detections
* FIXED: Aircraft remain at transit setting
* FIXED: The group lead, when determinging whether to slow down, was taking into account also sprint/drift units (it should not)
* FIXED: The group lead, when determining the slow-down (group reform) speed, was also considering units already on-station
* FIXED: Issue with air-launched missile kinematics
* FIXED: #11701: Units on AAW patrol no longer tailing 'unfriendly' units.
* FIXED: #11684: Cargo cloning issue
* FIXED: #11754: Cluster Bomb not killing single truck even though it seems to hit
* Fixed: #11756: Some fields in cargo mission not being properly saved/loaded
* FIXED: #11760: SEAD Patrol mission logic is too trigger happy about Fire Control radars
* FIXED: Weapon custom cruise altitude not persisting on save/load
* FIXED: Incorrect deserialization of AC damage info on non-US OS locale
* FIXED: Ship not manouvering to unmask CIWS against missile threat if it is not in "engaged offensive" status
* FIXED: #11761: Sonobouys aren't detecting torpedoes
* FIXED: Logic flaw in mount reloading when weapon record is "multiple"
* FIXED: #11763: air base group facilities not reloading from shared magazines
* FIXED: SAM drops target (because of overshoot) then immediately re-acquires very same target
* FIXED: #11889: [B963] ALARMs hang indefinitely at 0 speed
* FIXED: ASW strike missions don't launch second wave
* FIXED: #11839: Subs crossing land
* FIXED: Submarine in "recharging batteries" mode not doing pathfinding calcs
* FIXED: Erroneous angle-resolution values for passive sonar
* FIXED: #11939 - Ships do not manouver to unmask mounts if they are on plotted course
* FIXED: #11944 - Multiple target fuel calcuation
* FIXED: #11931 - Sea Darts losing datalink
* FIXED: #11911 - Issue with Ferry mission set to cycle
* FIXED: #11351: UNREP issue
* FIXED: #11936: One-way alliance leads to two-way contact info exchange (Was: ESM contacts persisting after submarine submerges)
* FIXED: Interceptor trying to ID target at different altitude does not climb/dive early enough
* Fixed: Airborne aircraft with cruise missile and no attack profile would not create flightplan
* FIXED: #11970: Possible BUG - Radar and land mass clutter, terrain masking
* FIXED: Guided weapon flying "underground" if the local AGL is higher than its maximum operating altitude
* FIXED: RVs may not pitch-down fast enough to orient against target
* FIXED: #11975: Issue with AAW weapon PH not rising as target speed lowers below nominal
* FIXED: Possible line of sight problem with SAM vs targets
* FIXED: Sub navigator not pathfinding in RTB status and "underway" condition
* FIXED: Units on RTB evaluating destination host should take into account parent group (port/airbase)

* MAJOR NEW: All-new Lua Console v2

* FIXED: #11618: [B947] CoW license & Scenario A/C damage (Don't try to implicitly detect use of "AC damage" feature by comparing AC DP values, because it can easily lead to false positives in the case of older scenarios that have not been deep-rebuilt)
* FIXED: Clear any deleted triggers from UnitEntersArea
* FIXED: #0011619 - Lua: SE_MsgBox() focus on box (Try to make the messagebox become the focus when it pops up)
* Fixed: #0011732 Crash on invalid object filter in trigger
* FIXED: #11822: Detect Unit Event Trigger with Known Domain parameter set doesn't fire
* Lua: Event UnitEntersArea and UnitFilterObject issues (fixed issue with NOT modifier confusion in UEA, fixed issue with filter not always finding specific unit)
* Added warning pop-up to scen authors: When activating AC damage, make sure to deep-rebuild scenario
* Lua: added OODA to unit wrapper
* Lua: SE_AddZone() for no-nav and exclusion zones
* Lua: Added Event handling through Lua
* Lua: Zone wrapper: add property .markas
* Lua: SetUnit() allow .base to be set to change assigned base (using base=nil will make it pick the closest base)
* Lua: SetUnit() - don't add contact for own side
* Lua: Unit wrapper .autodetectable property (Added new contact code as per the SetUnit() one)
* Lua: Time triggers firing multiplle times (For specific time trigger, it needs to only fire once. If it then fails a condition or probability check, it wont fire this trigger again.)
* Lua: User-driven function checks
* Lua Event: 6,12,24 hour events
* Lua: Option to TransferCargo() (Only for crossloading to ships at the moment. Added property 'hostedUnits' to unit wrapper to show boat/aircraft embarked.
* Add hotkey for copying GUID on map (Ctrl+C). This is useful outside of the editor when trying to write Lua scripts.
* Lua: SE_TransferCargo handles other platforms (Improved. Now uses aircraft, facility,ship,submarine platforms. Allows multiple loads to destination unit accounting for existing space used.)
* Lua: TargetFilter() infer subtype from unitclass
* Lua: add weapon details to unit wrapper
* Lua: Contact wrapper - fix and additional properties: speed, heading, altitude, detectedBySide, BDA, emmissions, detectionBy, fixed the side returns that gave the actual object rather than the matching Lua wrapper.
* Lua: Added property firingAt, firedOn
* Lua: tweaked SetLoadout(), property readytime on unit wrapper
* Lua: TransferCargo, UnloadCargo
* Lua: added unitType filters to VP_Side() object (fixed case where weapon target is null, e.g. when weapon is a sonobouy)
* Lua: added new property to all Lua wrappers - .fields (Lists the name of all properties and methods in the wrapper. Useful for verifying names if in doubt!)
* Lua: added new mode to UpdateUnit() (Can now add/remove weapon records)
* Lua: SetUnitSide - handle changing a group unit
* Lua: add :inArea(zone) to unit and contact wrapper
* Lua: added reference to current event on condition (Should be possible to refer to event attributes when checking conditions. The current event reference is called for actions and
-SetLoadout() to default some values if passed
-TimeToReady defaults to the loadout ready time
-IgnoreMagazines defaults to false
-unit.readytime - time for aircraft/ship to be ready
* Lua: added wrapper for events, EventX
* Lua: Fixed SE_DeleteMission causing exception
* Lua: Fixed error in XML parsing for SE_GetEvent()
* Lua: Fixed Clone of Event Condition LuaScript
* Lua: added 'Base' to SE_SetUnit() + added option to HostParent() to assign a base rather than 'host' it. [Not really needed as the new SetUnit() handles setting a base now]
* Fixed: Lua mission wrapper 'OnStation' missing (Added to Patrol and Support)
* Lua: SE_GetFormation() and unit/group wrapper
1. Gets info about a formation
2. unit.formation - can change info on unit station keeping
3. group.lead - change group's lead unit
* Lua: Tool_Bearing()
* Lua: Add LUA_World_GetPointFromBearing()
* Lua: AddReferncePoint() - allow multiple points and bearing/distance
* Lua: 0011824 added Area to UnitDetected trigger
* Lua: Fix interactive console printing if old console not opened
* Lua: suppress the doubling up in the history file
* Lua: use of dynamic event for air/ship ops state changing (e.g. aircraft landing)
* Lua: ActiveUnit wrapper now also exposes a unit's sensors (.sensors property)
* Lua: Added "isOperating" property to ActiveUnit wrapper

(See for up-to-date documentation on the Lua API)


* Includes updated versions of Standalone, Chains of War, Northern Inferno, tutorial and Command-LIVE scenarios.
* Fixed a problem with satellite scoring in CoW#4, and an error on the CoW set intro.
* Added support for nuclear-powered weapons (e.g. Status-6 torpedo)
* Major overview of max-target speed values on numerous AAW/ABM weapons (fixes issue of certain ABM engagements having exessive PH).
* Major overview of AAW warhead values & types (fixes issue of uber-tough aircraft when detailed AC damage is enabled).
* Revised loadouts for F-105 Thunderchef, A-1 Skyraider
* Includes new .inst imports by Mike Mykytyn

#11815 - Aircraft armor not filled in for most aircraft
#11943 - CWDB: Cannon DE imports
#11930 - Amend Moss and Shakleton stats
#11856 - Falklands War: Argie aircraft need retarded bombs: BRP-250 on AF A-4s and Daggers
#12003 - DB3000: Italian BR1150 Atlantics Retired (2017)
#11415 - Air-launched Harpoons, Sea Eagles, etc etc do not use waypoints
#10167 - Status-6 / Kanyon strategic nuclear torpedo
#11223 - J-20 ferry loadout
#11784 - DB3000: Chinese Type 55 Cruisers known as Renhai Class
#11848 - DB3000: Dysta's Yuan IOC Update
#11849 - DB23K: Gray Eagle spelling error
#11851 - Jan's Fantan Crew size fixes
#11852 - DB3000: Jan's Brevel UAV fix
#11853 - DB3000: Jan's Bremen FFG Draft Fix
#11863 - Triode's Request for R-77-1 on SU-27SM
#11864 - DB3000: OLS-27 Rangefinder info
#11866 - DB3000: Fix CIWS typos
#11868 - DB3000: China Fixes
#11916 - DB3000: Class Name for Type 26 GCS will be Glasgow
#11920 - DB3000: Egypt receives Protivnik GE Surveillance Radar
#11924 - DB3000:Thalios Pods Fix
#11925 - DB3000: re-attack capability to SSM-700K
#11928 - DB3000: Vinyetka-ME Fix
#11948 - DB3000: Type 901 Name and Hull Number
#11962 - DB3000: Australian Herons retired (2017)
#11969 - IAF KC-707 has 1983 IOC
#11976 - DB3000 Update: C-5A and B Retirement Date 2017
#11776 - YJ-18 Range Update and other info
#10734 - DB3000Update: Add Recce Loadouts to Etendard IVP
#11224 - DB3000: Syrian Night Capable L-39 Albatros
#11283 - UAE AT-802U 2x GBU-12 loadout
#11421 - [DB3000}Skybow III update info
#10188 - AC-130W Hellfire & SDB loadouts
#12001 - Tons of typos, bad formatting, etc etc
#11169 - HELLADS laser
#7256 - DB3000: Add Ya Zahra-3 (YZ-3) SAM Iran 2014- Crotale copy
#11172 - Almaz-Antey Omega-2 (74T6) mobile laser
#11145 - DB3000: Korean Wildcat Update
#11126 - DB3000: Sea Ceptor Updates
#11122 - DB3000; Al Riyahd's Torpedo launchers face aft
#11121 - DB3000: Amry PLAN HQ-17 and PGZ-07 pairs
#11128 - DB3000; Add Verba Manpads
#10704 - Upgrades for HN Roussen-class FACs
#11106 - [DB3000448] LS-6 warhead issue
#10811 - SEAD-dedicated USAF F-16CM with "Have Glass 5th Gen" RAM treatment
#11095 - DB3000: Review Petr Velikiy for errors
#11090 - DB3000: Arleigh Burke Fuel Consumption Inaccurate
#11088 - DB3000: Oniks Land Attack Capability
#10816 - SA-11/17 TELAR & missile combinations
#10874 - DB3000 Update: Updates to Spanish Mirages (User did a good job collecting info)
#11008 - DB3000: Add Russian SU-33 Gefest SVP-24 Upgrade(2016)
#10018 - SS-20 variants update
#10966 - L-Band wing radar on PAK-FA erroneously classed as non-AESA
#10873 - DB3000 Update: Add HQ-16B (2016)
#10872 - [DB3000 Update]US Navy/Marine Hornet GBU-56 LJDAM integration
#10901 - 5V55V missile (nuclear-tipped SA-10B)
#10119 - DB3000: New Mirage 2kN ISIL Loadout: 4LGB
#11496 - R-500 cruise missile NATO designations
#11532 - DB3000 reports 2000 validation errors
#4304 - Jobaria MCL (Multiple Cradle Launcher) MLRS
#10501 - SM-3 Block IIA updated kinematic data
#10845 - [DB3000] 446.3 Canberra boats capacity
#2619 - DB3000: Avenger (Predator-C) UCAV
#10804 - DB3000: Add Spanish CH-47D
#10556 - DB3000: MH-60 Antimine loadout
#10294 - DB3000 Update: Add Trophy to Namer 2016
#10197 - DB3000 update: Remus is not a tethered uuv
#10766 - DB3000: Implement Rest of Bulgarian AF and SAMS
#10199 - J-10B & J-10C details
#10600 - [DB3000 Update] Add Spanish Tanker
#10297 - DB3000: Add Civilian RO RO Barge
#10762 - DB3000: Add Bulgarian Navy Haze
#10737 - [DB3000 Update] Algerian SAMS
#10043 - DB3000 Update: Various Swedish Updates
#5747 - PQ-868 and PQ-872 need SW OTH flags
#11792 - DB3000: Atlantique 1 Renaming
#11561 - Badger H-6G - loadout name error
#10784 - KG600 DECM pod
#11312 - Jaguar Recce Loadout
#10190 - DF-41 rail-based variant
#11240 - DB3000: H-6K bomb loadout
#11715 - Kalibr vs. Tomahawk RCS
#11231 - DB3000: US F-16 GBU-39 Loadout
#11227 - DB3000: Tanker Fixes
#11262 - DB3000: Add hypothetical UK F-117's
#11350 - KN-11 Pukguksong-1 SLBM & KN-11 Pukguksong-2 MRBM
#11968 - IAF F-15C details
#11963 - Israeli standoff radar- & comms-jamming platforms & systems in 1982 timeframe
#11964 - Kilshon (ground-launched Shrike ARM) TEL
#11815 - Aircraft armor not filled in for most aircraft
#11902 - DB3000: 3 New Brahmos facilities should be Indian not Iranian
#11722 - Vulcan conventional bomb loadout minus jammer pod
#11980 - CWDB Name Fixes
#11979 - CWDB Update: Soviet G-5 MTB Minelayer Variant
#11966 - Air-launched AGM-45 Shrike should not have BOL flag
#11961 - CWDB: Japanese Cannon's are under Italy
#11960 - Tu-2 fuel burn rate is too high at Full throttle
#11943 - CWDB: Cannon DE imports
#11930 - Amend Moss and Shakleton stats
#11728 - Add Quebec class (Project 615) submarine
#11832 - A-1 Skyraider loadouts and weapons
#11831 - AP-2 Neptunes

* Includes the v469 versions of the DB3000 & CWDB databases.

DB3000 additions:


CH-47F Chinook [HT.17] -- Spain (Army), 2018
CH-53C Sea Stallion -- United States (Air Force), 1969
CH-53C Sea Stallion [Yasur] -- Israel (Air Force), 1969, 33x + 2x
F/A-18A+ Hornet -- United States (Marine Corps), 2020, Litening AT
F/A-18A+ Hornet -- United States (Navy), 2020, AIM-120D
F/A-18C Hornet -- United States (Marine Corps), 2020, Litening AT
F/A-18C Hornet -- United States (Navy), 2020, AIM-120D
F/A-18C+ Hornet -- United States (Marine Corps), 2020, 30x, Litening AT
F/A-18D Hornet -- United States (Marine Corps), 2020, Litening AT
F/A-18D Hornet [ATARS Recon] -- United States (Marine Corps), 2020, 3x pr Squadron, Litening AT
F-117B Night Hawk -- United Kingdom (Royal Air Force), 2003, Hypothetical
F-117C Night Hawk -- United Kingdom (Royal Air Force), 2003, Hypothetical
F-16CM Blk 52 Falcon -- United States (Air Force), 2018, Have Glass II RCS and IR Signature Reduction
MH-60S Knighthawk -- United States (Navy), 2017, AN/AQS-20A Added
Mi-25 Hind D -- Syria (Army), 2013, S-8K
MiG-29 Fulcrum A -- Syria (Air Force), 2013, S-8K
OH-23D Raven
Su-22M-3K Fitter J -- Syria (Air Force), 2013, S-8K
Su-22M-4K Fitter K -- Syria (Air Force), 2013, S-8K
Su-24MK Fencer D -- Syria (Air Force), 2013, S-8K
Su-27SM/SM3 Flanker B -- Russia [1992-] (Air Force), 2017
TH-55 Osage -- United States (Army), 1964"
UH-1E Huey -- United States (Marine Corps), 1965
UH-1M Huey -- United States (Army), 1973
UH-1P Huey -- United States (Air Force), 1965, 20th Special Ops Sqn "Green Hornets"


CGN 9 Long Beach -- United States (Navy), 1978
CLG 5 Oklahoma City -- United States (Navy), 1979, Proposed Conversion
D 21 Lepanto -- Spain (Navy), 1957-1985
D 22 Almirante Ferrandíz -- Spain (Navy), 1957-1987
D 23 Almirante Valdes -- Spain (Navy), 1959-1986
D 25 Jorge Juan -- Spain (Navy), 1960-1988
D 62 Gravina -- Spain (Navy), 1972-1991, Gearing FRAM I
D 63 Mendez Nunez -- Spain (Navy), 1973-1992, Gearing FRAM I
D 64 Langara -- Spain (Navy), 1973-1992, Gearing FRAM I
D 65 Blas De Lezo -- Spain (Navy), 1973-1991, Gearing FRAM I
DD 101 Harukaze -- Japan (Navy), 1975
P 67 Roussen [Super Vita] -- Greece (Navy), 2009
R 01 Queen Elizabeth -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1979, CVA-01, Cancelled
TK G-5 Series XI -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Naval Fleet [V-MF]), 1943, Minelayer


AAA Plt/2 (23mm ZSU-23-4 Shilka x 2) -- India (Army), 1969, 2x pr Bn
Inf Plt (SBS Troop [NVG]) -- United Kingdom (Army), Designation, Saboteur
Radar (59N6 Protivnik-GE) -- Egypt (Air Force), 2017
Radar (Chair Back B [9S36]) -- Algeria (Army), 2015, SA-17
Radar (Dog Ear [9S80]) -- Bulgaria (Army), 1985, SA-13
Radar (Flat Face B [P-19]) -- Bulgaria (Army), 1974
Radar (Long Track [P-40]) -- Bulgaria (Army), 1970
Radar (PS-640 [Scanter 5000]) -- Sweden (Air Force), 2013
Radar (Snow Drift [9S18M1]) -- Algeria (Army), 2015, SA-17
Radar (Spoon Rest D [P-18]) -- Bulgaria (Army), 1974, SA-6
Radar (Thin Skin B HF [PRV-16]) -- Bulgaria (Army), 1970
Radar (Tin Shield A [5N59]) -- Bulgaria (Air Force), 1989
SAM Bn (SA-21a/b Growler [S-400 Triumph]) -- Algeria (Air Force), 2016, 4x TEL, 4x Bty?
SAM Plt (SA-17 Grizzly [9K317E Buk-M2E]) -- Algeria (Army), 2015, 3x Plt + Snow Drift + Chair Back B pr Bn, 4x Bn pr Regt
SAM Plt (SA-22 Greyhound [Pantsir-S1E]) -- Algeria (Army), 2013, 2x pr Bty
SSM Bty (Kilshon) -- Israel (Army), 1974-1989
Stranded Personnel (10x) -- Generic (Generic)
Stranded Personnel (5x) -- Generic (Generic)


BRP-250 LDGP [250kg HE, Retarded] -- Spain
Generic Comms Jammer Pod [Advanced] -- 1970s
Generic Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
LS-6-50 GPS/INS [50kg HE] -- China
Shrike [ARM] -- Kilshon, Surface-Launched
SSC-8 [9M729 Iskander-K] -- R-500

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Doctorwarthog -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 2:17:36 PM)

Thank you!

Dragon029 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 4:11:16 PM)

Edit: Disregard, I either got controls mixed up or perhaps they changed in a recent release.

thewood1 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 4:22:49 PM)

1) Any issue like that should be in tech support, otherwise it will get lost in the clutter
2) Are talking about "Shift+C" key for cloning a unit or "C" key for copying a unit?

Airborne Rifles -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 4:25:55 PM)

Guys, really exciting stuff! Thanks!

Filitch -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 4:53:39 PM)

CVN 78 Ford still has tenfold less RCS than Russian frigates... You have been told so many times about errors in the database, but you correct anything, except for conceptual errors. Guys, you do not leave me a chance.

ultradave -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 5:32:05 PM)

Awesome. Lot of great stuff here. Downloaded and installed. The map does look better to me. Opposing units in red seem clearer and stand out more (important for me being partly colorblind).

Thanks once again for the amazing support.

thewood1 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 5:41:33 PM)



CVN 78 Ford still has tenfold less RCS than Russian frigates... You have been told so many times about errors in the database, but you correct anything, except for conceptual errors. Guys, you do not leave me a chance.

So is this their last chance?

mikmykWS -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 5:42:27 PM)

Awesome work guys!


Filitch -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 6:00:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: thewood1

So is this their last chance?

I was talking about my last chance. Maybe I got excited. But I am extremely saddened. There is no legal way to edit database like in Harpoon.

Wasicun -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 6:22:39 PM)

Thank you very much guys! Awesome work!

Excroat3 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 6:36:08 PM)




ORIGINAL: thewood1

So is this their last chance?

I was talking about my last chance. Maybe I got excited. But I am extremely saddened. There is no legal way to edit database like in Harpoon.

They may be just behind on their list. I know when I asked for an update to a loadout on one of the Predators, the change didn't actually come out for 1 or 2 updates. The devs have stated multiple times that if you are not asking for a DB update for a scenario you are working on or something else that makes it very important, your request is considered low priority. Be patient.

ComDev -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 6:44:29 PM)

Fixed in DB v470, the new Russian firgates have been given 2nd Gen medium shaping where as the carrier had 2nd Gen Light shaping. Also gave MRK Buyan 1st gen medium shaping.

Problem solved?

ultradave -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 6:53:56 PM)




ORIGINAL: thewood1

So is this their last chance?

I was talking about my last chance. Maybe I got excited. But I am extremely saddened. There is no legal way to edit database like in Harpoon.


CVN 78 Ford still has tenfold less RCS than Russian frigates... You have been told so many times about errors in the database, but you correct anything, except for conceptual errors. Guys, you do not leave me a chance.

And why do you want to edit it? Do you feel that the reduced radar cross sections of Ford and the UK QE carriers are incorrect? Based on some data?

Both were designed to have greatly reduced radar cross sections. You can look at the Nimitz class carriers individually and see reductions in later ships of the Nimitz class (granted not as dramatic but still....). The CVN 77 was actually kind of a transition ship, with many new design features. The Ford is a completely new design. Externally it may LOOK almost the same as a Nimitz but this is not the case.

Filitch -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 7:08:25 PM)


Problem solved?

Not quite.
Several month ago this problem - overestimated characteristics of Western vessels and weapons and understated characteristics of Russian and China vessels - already has discussed.
And devs made a promise that "dig on this"

But looks like nothing doing.

thewood1 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 7:20:33 PM)

"Fixed in DB v470, the new Russian firgates have been given 2nd Gen medium shaping where as the carrier had 2nd Gen Light shaping. Also gave MRK Buyan 1st gen medium shaping.

Problem solved?"

Usually the general and common courtesy is to say thank you. Since the guy with the issue has probably already moved on to his next obsession, I'll say thank you for him.

Thanks you. Because this is just a game-breaking issue, he had to choice but to issue you your last chance to fix it. I am sure glad we didn't have to see what was going to happen next.

Filitch -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 7:30:23 PM)


ORIGINAL: thewood1
Since the guy with the issue has probably already moved on to his next obsession

Are you psychologist?

thewood1 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 7:55:38 PM)


Filitch -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 8:03:46 PM)

I tried to diagnose you or insult you in conversation?

B52H -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 8:10:33 PM)

Thanks very much for the update!

mikmykWS -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 8:33:11 PM)

Just to be fair I just took a quick and look and no less than 8 or 10 requests that contained Filitch's username have been completed over the past year.

Rag just completed a couple more I see.



Dimitris -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 8:40:09 PM)

Guys can we please move this item to a suitable thread on the Tech Support or Modding forums. Thanks!

tjhkkr -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 10:10:12 PM)

Thank you!
By the looks of this, this is not a 'release candidate', but the actual v1.13?

lamboman43 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 10:50:23 PM)

Lots of minor fixes add up. Also interested in seeing how the chaff corridors work in-game. Looks like a great update!

Zaslon -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 11:03:17 PM)

Amazing update guys!!

HellcatOne -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/9/2017 11:43:16 PM)

Interesting!!! But i can't see the updated version od Cavour Italian carrier with another Gun turret (front) and Dart system.

rjm51973 -> RE: Command v1.13 Update (10/10/2017 1:40:29 AM)

Very nice, thanks guys!

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