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Muso -> Campaign Serie: Middle East 1948-1985 Guide for Modders! (9/7/2017 10:11:40 AM)

Hello everyone!
Today, for our “Community Content” format, we wanted to highlight the extraordinary work made by Crossroads (who is actually one of the developers) for Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985!

The devs of Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 always did their best to let their game be as modders-friendly as possible, in order to let the community always have fun playing and creating new contents, and this is why they created this amazing guide to help everyone, from newcomers to veterans, learn and further their knowledge regarding the modding world.

You can also find a list of a bunch of mods for the game itself, hurry up and check it out!

So go on and enjoy this thread, and if you have any question don’t hesitate and ask! The devs will do their best to answer as soon as possible!

Crossroads -> RE: Campaign Serie: Middle East 1948-1985 Guide for Modders! (9/9/2017 7:07:28 AM)

From today's BETA build:



Campaign Series: Middle East Betas 20170908 released.

Beta test builds for:

  • meorg (OOB editor)
  • memap (map editor)
  • meedit (scenario editor)
  • me (actual game)
  • Middle East (game etc. launcher)

    The 20170908 betas are test builds, but they should all be fully functional. Try them with Middle East only.

    New features in this release (since the Betas 20170906 release):


  • When launched from the frontend, the game engine defaults to -X NoEncryption for solo, H2H & campaign play (while for PBEM and NetPlay, no -X option, use of encrypted files still applies).


  • In layman's language what Berto did here is that with CSME 2.0, when the game is launched in "local mode", i.e. for game play vs HAL or as a hot seat swapping sides on one computer, the game will be using unencrypted data files.

    What ever you mod, will be available to you immediately.

    PBEM and LAN play will continue to use encrypted files to ensure data is not altered by any side.


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