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Bombur -> Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/15/2017 7:17:37 PM)

This scenario uses the map of the old Blitzkrieg, from Avalon Hill. It was intended to be a reversed Barbarossa, the Big Red (Soviet) has a 3:2 superiority in number of divisions and an even bigger superiority in artillery and armored units. However, keeping this big army supplied and replace the losses will be a big challenge. The Germans are in a very bad position in the first turns, but, as the game goes on, will get better equipment. Both sides can import units and resources from abroad.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/15/2017 7:24:58 PM)

May 1st 1938

Comrades, today is the most important celebration for the International Working class. We honor those comrades who gave their lifes for the cause of the International Socialism. In the future, it will mark also the day of defeat for Fascism. We decided to launch a preemptive strike on the Blue Forces, as they are in process of rearming with very agressive intents. We put our hopes in the hands of our Red Armys soldiers. Soon, the Great Blue will be part of a unified Workers Paradise!

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/15/2017 8:08:14 PM)

Red Forces attacked accross all the border extension. The massive artillery barrage inflicted heavy losses to the Blue forces, however, the enemy wasnt caught by surprise and the Red infantry took more losses than expected. Of the Blue Armored divisions, only the 1st Panzer Division was engaged and lost about half of its tanks. About 25% of the Blue Air Force was destroyed in the ground by the advancing Red forces. The operation was considered a success, but there were two importante failues.
1-Red losses were bigger than expected
2-In the South, the bridges were destroyed and the local commanders decided not to establish a dangerous bridgehead in the area.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/19/2017 2:04:39 AM)


Germany counterattacks failed to materialize, instead, Germany artillery inflicted some losses to Soviet forces. Soviet forces were able to cause, again, heavy losses to their Germany counterparts, but the advance is very slow, where Soviet units made attacks, they were countered with fierce resistance and Soviet losses, althought much smaller than German ones, were above replacement rates for infantry. We located more two panzer divisions, but there were no tank battles this turn. The Soviet air force flew less missions due to low fuel reserves. Our intelligence noticed what seems to be a more advanced version of their Bf-109 fighter. The Bf-109D is told to be able to fly at 520km/h and is armed with a 20mm gun. If these informations are correct, we will have a hard time to keep air superiority over the battlefield.

Here is the image of the Southern Front. Without bridges the war here became an artillery duel.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/24/2017 9:58:38 PM)

No images this turn, as Stavka wants to hide some unpleasant facts....
Blue forces were able to inflict heavy losses to the Red units, althought the kill rate still favors us. Some counterattacks actually opened holes in Red lines that were closed by weak units. Both sides are taking losses well beyond their ability to replace troops. The Red forces captured an oilfield in the North desert, but its unlikely they will be able to hold it. The great trouble is in the middlle, where troops from 3th and 4th Army reached the gates of City EE25, but the infantry formations are so depleted that some of them retreated to resupply and get replacements. Red oil reserves now approach 1 month of production. The fuel hungry DB-3 are mostly grounded and reserved only for very important missions. No activity from Blue Navy, we were able to import fuel, oil and supplies.

rhinobones -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/25/2017 9:49:09 PM)

Enjoying this game of Deep Battle. Played it years ago and glad to see that its been ported to Tactics.

Also appreciate the effort put into making custom NATO styled icons. Most I like, but for myself a few Ive changed just to please the eye. The big changes are to aircraft, AA and AT. If anyone is interested in a set I can be e-mailed. Ive also gotten rid of those annoying little flags in the upper left corner . . . but thats a different mod.

The icons were originally made for Advanced Tactics and come in various NATO colors, also pseudo German and Russian icons.

Regards, RhinoBones


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/26/2017 1:18:49 AM)

Jun 1938

German turn was devastating to Soviets. Germans are creating big artillery concentrations to achieve a lethal effect


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/26/2017 1:19:53 AM)

The whole thing is bloody, very bloody.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/26/2017 1:25:45 AM)

The Soviet offensive is going well in the North, where we were able to take 2 oilfields.
In the South the artillery duels goes on with the Soviet guns inflicting more losses
The big trouble is the Center. German forces seem to be concentrating to a counteroffensive there. Large artillery concentrations inflicted heavy losses to our troops and the first large scale tank battles happening. The Red forces did well in tank battles, destroying about 200 AFVs for the loss of 20 T-26 and 20 BA-6. However, we were unable to advance due to the strenght of enemy forces. We also lost about 15% of our artillery, a factory was built to increase artillery production but it will delay the arrival of bridge buiding teams to the Southern areas.
Our DB-3 were released to attack concentrations of Germany artilley, with mediocre results.

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/26/2017 1:26:22 AM)

And here the situation in the Center


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/26/2017 6:32:18 PM)

Did you create a mod for Blitzkrieg?

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (8/31/2017 12:46:03 AM)

The horrendous bloodbath goes on, and the Soviet are worried with possible counteroffensives in North and Center.
The Blue Forces are creating big stacks of artillery, in order to break the Red line. Red Forces are reacting with air attacks against these units, the Red artillery is too dispersed to achieve superiority along the Axis of Blue counteroffensives.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/3/2017 7:51:27 PM)

August 1938

The situation is very bad for the Red, with massive losses suffered by our artillery, we cannot try any offensive operation.
Reserves are being commited to stop the Blue counterattacks in the Center, Some success was acheievd against enemy armred forces. We destroyed 100 Sdkfz222, 20PzIIB and 20Neuf for the loss of 10 T-26. Much more serious is the fact that unescorted bomber raids are taking very heavy losses, as the enemy moved his Bf-109D to airfields close to the frontlines. 100 bombers were lost this turn.

A note: Ned is using non Historival TOEs while Im using historical ones, I think Neds choice is wiser, since he can create big concentrations of firepower, with devastating effect. Im atrying to adjust to his tactics while keeping the historical TOEs.

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/8/2017 11:05:16 PM)

September 1939

Stavka evaluation of the War

1-The first month of war resulted in massive losses, inflicted mostly by artillery, to Blue Forces, unfortunately, it was impossible to make significant territorial gains, Red assaults on enemy infantry was countered by fierce resistance from German Forces. Still, we were able to take two enemy oilfields and two airfields, destroying 25% of Blue airforce
2-In the South, the bridges crossing the river were destroyed, and we decided not to cross the river. Artillery duels were fought with a good kill rate for our forces, until the Blues retreated from our forces. To some extent the inability to advance in the South was a disguised blessing, as we will see.
3-Unfortunately, the Blue forces were quick to react and developed a strategy of manually created units (as opossed to Historical TOE, used by us). This gave them flexibility to concentrate firepower in some strategic points. From turn 3 beyond, Red losses have been always heavier than Blue losses.
4-The Blue forces were able to mount a big counteroffensive in the Northern desert, taking back their oilfields and threatening Red oilfields, they also took an airbase, destroying 40 I-15.
5-Both sides failed to achieve air superiority up to now, the Red forces took some heavy losses to the new Bf-109Ds in unescorted raids, and since turn #9, all air attacks are being escorted, unless the target is far from enemy airfields.
6-There is no activity in the sea, the Blue navy attempted to bombard Red units in the South, but land guns sunk two destroyers and one Light Cruiser.
7-Another axis for the Blues counteroffensive is in the center. Here the Blue forces arent so successful. Reserves were sent from the (now quiet) South Front and three tank divisions, supported by infantry and large air attacks were able to inflict massive losses to enemy artillery and tanks, but our losses were heavy too.
8-Evaluating the military equipment, we believe the BT-7s and T-28s are better than any tank in the enemy arsenal, while the I-16 and I-15 can deal with the Bf-109D. The DB-3 is very effective as a bomber, due to its long range and excellent payload. The T-26, on the other side, is unimpressive and T-26 units are taking heavy losses. We increased the production of the T-28 and also increased the authorized number of T-28 to each Armoured division.
9-Due to massive losses from both sides, we believe the Blue Forces wont be able to keep their advance for more than 2-3 turns.

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/8/2017 11:06:00 PM)

The situation in the North desert is very dangerous.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/8/2017 11:07:21 PM)

Look at the losses. Results were somewhat better to the Reds in turn#11 (dont appear in this graphic)


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/8/2017 11:08:45 PM)

Accumulated losses with emphasis on infantry. Its an impressive bloodbath.


rhinobones -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/9/2017 2:23:40 AM)



Did you create a mod for Blitzkrieg?

No, just simple NATO style Icons for AT and ATG. Nothing for a specific game or mod. If someone wants to build a Blitzkrieg icon file, feel free to use any of my icon files.

I think some of my German/Russian style icons might be good for Blitz.

Regards, RhinoBones

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/13/2017 10:20:08 PM)

Where do I get these icons? Could you send them to me?

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/13/2017 10:26:45 PM)

November 1938

The Red Forces contained the Blue advance in Center area. 3th and 4th Armies were reinforced and most units recovered to full strenght or near full strenght. The Ble stopped their offensive after taking heavy losses, mainly to artillery units.
In the North, however, the Blue forces are advancing with very few opposition. Wave after wave of reinforcements are being destroyed and the 2th Army was anihilated. The spearhead of their offensive was seriously degraded by air attacks, but they are using their own air units to destroy my frontline divisions. The appearance of the Bf-109E is a game changer for the Germans, as they greatly increased theRed aircraft losses. The Red airforce, however, started to import Spitifires I in the hope they will be able to fight the Bf-109s in equal terms. Another worrying development is the appearance of the PzIVC, a medium tank that is more or less similar to our T-28s.

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/23/2017 12:48:29 AM)

February 1939

December and January were disastrous for the Red airforce, as the Blue achieved almost complete air superiority. It improved now with a significant number of Spitifires being used to escort our DB-3. We also started night raids on the extensive Blue network of airbases. While this attacks make very few damage they disorganize the Blue air units. Unfortunately this two month intervals allowed the Blue forces to rebuild their artillery support and the are still advancing in the desert and threatening our iol supplies. Plans are being done in the event of a significant loss of oil production. The 1st Army is getting more and more reinforcements and was able to inflict significant losses to the enemis, but the last turn also resulted in heavy tank losses for us.
In the Center there are some skirmishes but the winter is harming readiness for both sides, no big offensive is possible.
An aircraft factory was built close to our capital. The I-16 type 24, while inferior to the Bf-109E, can help the Spitifires to defend our skies

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/23/2017 12:49:09 AM)

Losses decreased for both sides....


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (9/23/2017 12:50:21 AM)

But the Blue forces are recovering faster


rhinobones -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (10/3/2017 11:36:24 PM)



Where do I get these icons? Could you send them to me?

Bombur - I have files ready for you. PM me an address on which I can attach compressed files.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (10/7/2017 5:11:09 PM)

Stavka report: 05/26/1939

What started as a successfull attempt to eliminate the fascist threat to our homeland is now a desperate struggle for survival.
We noticed that our poorly armoured BT-7s are no match for the Germans Neubaufahrzeug and PzIVC. We will increase the production of the T-28, while the new KV-1 is expected to be ready only by Oct-1939. The German advance in the North goes on, while our Spitifires were able to achieve soome parity with the enemy Bf-109E, the German forces have a clear superiority in the air. Last week, we lost 410 tanks, while destroying only 30 German vehicles, we lost more one oilfield, fortunately, we still have enough oil reserves. We suggest to increase the production of infantry defensive weapons and build more fortifications, we cannot try any offensive now, althought we won some skirmishes in the center. Our airforce must concentrate on enemy artillery, but the enemy is buiding forts in the desert to protect them. The end of winter allow us again to increase production, but its unlikely we will be able to rebuild our armored forces in the Northen Front.

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (10/11/2017 11:46:54 PM)

Looking at the graphics we see two losses peaks for the Red forces, in both cases there were massive losses of tanks. The first peak is the elimination (to the last SFT) of two complete Tank Divisions and one Tank Brigade. The second one was a counterattack in the center that also resulted in heavy losses of tanks. This countertattack forced the retreat of three tank divisions but wasnt followed by a continued offensive (up to now)


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (10/11/2017 11:55:01 PM)

In the North the enemy tried to isolate the city marked in the map. He was able to cut the road to that city but the Red forces counterattacked with aircraft, artilley and the assaulted the hex. No less than 160 PzIVC were destroyed. This minor victory raised the morale of our troops but the situation is still very dangerous. In the air, we have a curious situation. Both sides are using their bombers without being disturbed by enemy fighters. It happens because some aircfield are too close to the front lines and both sides are avoiding to base fighters in these areas. It results in less efficient interception.


Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (10/11/2017 11:59:33 PM)

Where do I get these icons? Could you send them to me?

Bombur - I have files ready for you. PM me an address on which I can attach compressed files.


It says you cannot accept PM, you could send them to my email:

rhinobones -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (10/14/2017 12:27:27 AM)

It says you cannot accept PM, you could send them to my email:

Heads up, in coming.

Regards, RhinoBones

Bombur -> RE: Bombur vs. Nedfn: Deep battle 1938 (10/27/2017 12:10:02 AM)

October 1939
The last turns were terrible for the Reds. The Blue forces learned how to protect their artillery wirth flak and fortifications and they are using their bigger air force to decimate my own artillry, so Im simply unable to stop their offensive. The Blue Army is already bigger tha mine. To make things worse, there is an error in the mod that prevents the Russians from producing the 37mm Flak.
The only good new is that the KV-1m.1939 reached the frontlines.

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