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AlbertoC -> Version 1.01.65 Patchnotes (8/3/2017 12:35:47 PM)

Hi all!

We are releasing a new update for War in the West!

You can download the patch in the Members' Area or directly from this link.


- New Features and Rule Changes
1. The /10 CV reduction for being on a train is now shown in the CV values displayed in the game.
2. Completed revamping of CR screen by making the following adjustments:
a. Adjusted Equipment CR tab.
b. Adjusted Location CR tab.
c. Adjusted Battles CR tab.
d. Adjuster Leader CR tab.
e. Fixed unit size filter display on Unit CR tab.
3. Adjusted game icon appearance.
4. Manpower from the transit pool will be used first to replace air support squads (before using active pool manpower). This is to minimize the impact of air support manpower going back and forth between airbases and the pool when aircraft rebase.

- Bug Fixes
1. Construction units expanding an airbase might work on more than one airbase in one turn. This was the cause of what looked to be a bug. Fixed.
2. Fixed manpower lost when replacing air support ground elements when the player is lacking freight and/or trucks.
3. On the production screen for the aircraft type show total missing airframes to fill air groups to max instead of the difference between missing and the pools.
4. The filter "Isolated" " NonIsolated” works only for units on the map, but not for SU´s which are attached to HQ or combat units which are Isolated. Fixed
5. Fixed an AI line forming bug impacting the Germans after Paris fell but before the Germans were pushed back to the area around the German border.
6. Rollover text in scenario selection screen says: 'Select this saved game' instead of select this scenario or something like that. Fixed.
7. During the AI turn, the mini-map shows enemy units even when FOW is on. Fixed
8. Vehicles could migrate to the pool from delayed units in the database that had excess vehicles. Also, they could go to the pool from airbase units that were mismatched with their airbases even though they were not in the game. Fixed.
9. Some units that are returning to the game after being destroyed are returning on trains. Clear train/ship flag for the arriving units.
10. CR screen - Open CR in any save, switch to Unit "Received" tab and hit "VehRec". It will not properly sort by the VehRec column values. Fixed.
11. CR screen - When going to CR screen for air groups by clicking on the number of groups using a particular aircraft in the production screen, the "Pilots" filter is not reset to All. So if it is set to 'missing' it will remain on this filter value. When going to the CR screen from the production screen a/c link, it should clear this filter along with all the others. Fixed.
12. Fixed a bug that could keep an airbase unit from getting air support replacements when it otherwise should have.
13. Editor - Weather fronts effect info is displaying too low on the page. Fixed.

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