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apoll -> Help accessing features of CoW (8/1/2017 6:20:38 AM)

So, got CoW, mainly for the additional features it brings, like more nuanced damage model, Comms aspects, etc. But every time I load a scenario now, there is a box with the new features that comes up before the start of the scenario with aforementioned features.BUT they are always red crossed out: can't select. Why? I thought by buying the expansion CoW, I'd get access to the new features? Grateful advice on HOW to enable said features.


Owllord -> RE: Help accessing features of CoW (8/1/2017 7:59:54 AM)

Features are enabled case by case by the scenario designer. Red symbols mean that the scenario does not have the respective features enabled by the author. You can load the scenarios in the editor to enable the features yourself, but if they are not designed with CoW-features in mind, funny things might happen in terms of balance and whatnot.

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