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Arkham -> a few noob questions (7/25/2017 5:14:13 PM)

1: is there a problem with having aircraft from different HQs be on the same base? IE, if i have fighters from fighter command, bombers from the 8th and FBs from 2nd tac all on the same based owned by coastal command would that be a problem?

2: is there a way to adjust the factories as allied? So can i get rid of the stirling production and shift more factories to lancasters?

Joel Billings -> RE: a few noob questions (7/25/2017 5:29:39 PM)

1. IIRC there is a -1 mod to leader rolls for units not on airfields from their own HQ. So a small penalty.

2. Sorry, no production control.

Devonport -> RE: a few noob questions (7/25/2017 7:58:37 PM)

Should have more than enough Lancasters anyway. Allies have plenty of 4E bomber production. I change all the starting Stirlings to Halifax and Lancs and still don't get short.

HMSWarspite -> RE: a few noob questions (7/25/2017 9:36:14 PM)

I find a suitably active BC does mean that you have to ration Lancs... I change 1 or 2 Sqds per week. If you have enough to change everything early on your losses must br very low...

Devonport -> RE: a few noob questions (7/26/2017 6:08:07 AM)

Bomber losses are obviously dependent upon a lot of factors and are a trade off between risk (against flak, axis fighters etc) and reward (the amount of damage caused). I don't fly with morale lower than 65, and I don't use the 4E BC Bombers beyond the Ruhr. Difficult to assess the comparative effectiveness of the different strategies against the AI, particularly as much of the damage leading to strategic bombing points is caused by the 8th USAAF. But it is certainly possible to be pretty effective and not run out of planes.

Arkham -> RE: a few noob questions (7/27/2017 12:53:12 PM)

How do you determine when setting ADs which squads have poor morale?

Arkham -> RE: a few noob questions (7/27/2017 1:15:53 PM)

a few more new noob questions.

I;m trying to wrap my head around interdiction missions. Does it basically starve the enemy of supply flow?

SO for example, if i am running the italian campaign and i want to starve the germans of supplies, would it be best to have my strategic air run ground attack on railroads, rail yards and ports higher up the boot and interdiction missions on the front lines? Would interdiction a few hexes away from the front help stop their supply, or would it only be useful if they were trying to retreat through those hexes?

Whats the difference between a ground attack/unit missions vs an air support mission?

What are the most effective aircraft types for each mission? LBs for railyards and FBs for interdiction?

If doing GA/airfields do the escorts also attack/strafe the field?

Does rail repair drain supply too to reflect the rails/ties that need to be drawn to replace the twisted rails? Does hitting Heavy Industry impact rail repair?

Devonport -> RE: a few noob questions (7/27/2017 3:16:32 PM)

I'll do my best, but many on here are more knowledgeable than me.

To find air unit morale:

Go to Commander's Report and click on the Air Groups Tab. At the bottom you will see Pct Morale, click on the 'all'. It will ask you to input a 'from' total, insert 0. Then it will ask you for a 'to' value, I put in 64. At the top select Mission tab and set to 4 which is rest. These units are now set to rest and won't be available to fly next time. When setting the AD you will see them marked as set to rest if you click the no fly info. Morale is simply one of the selectable columns in the Commanders report alongside others like experience and fatigue. You can filter by these as well if you choose.

To starve of supplies I use Strategic Air Force to attack ports and railcards over a large area behind the lines, this seems to do a reasonable job of impacting supplies if you can believe the red indicators on the units.

I thing Air Support is where the planes arrive to support any combats whereas the ground attacks (interdiction and unit strike) target units regardless of whether there is any fighting.

I tend to use LBs for ports and railyards, Fbs for ground attack - but sometimes you just have to use what you have.

HMSWarspite -> RE: a few noob questions (7/27/2017 5:09:34 PM)

I always view railroad attacks as short term emergency targets (single line feeding a salient or an attacking force. Railyards take time to repair so attacking them keeps on giving!

Arkham -> RE: a few noob questions (7/27/2017 5:39:09 PM)

Do railyards have a percentage chance of working like industrial targets do? So 50% damage means 50% chance of it working, 20% damange means 80% chance of it working fully, or does it operate like railways where even 1 point of damage shuts it down?

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