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IainMcNeil -> HBlack and Mods (6/23/2017 10:06:33 AM)

Hi guys,

I am sad to have to do this but as of today all HBalck mods and discussion of his mods are banned from this forum. We have tried to resist doing this for years but unfortunately the tone of HBlack and the attitude towards other modders and designers is so disrespectful it has serious damaged the Panzer Corps community and now Order of Battle.

Years ago he was banned from the forums for a series of completely unprovoked personal attacks on other users, because he felt his mods were superior to theirs and wanted players to play his mods and not theirs. He regularly insulted the work of other modders. We gave him time to change his ways and thought that maybe at some point he would be allowed back. Unfortunately HBlack agreed to keep to the ban and then broken it. He signed up under new usernames (Dumnorix is one of them but there are others) and tried to beat the system. We have banned those new usernames, but he continue to create more. Sadly the only way to prevent his damaging the community is to ban all discussion of his mods.

I know if you have not seen the history this will seen quite strange. All I can say in over 20 years of game development is that we've never had to do this before, so this is a serious issue and we've tried every other way we can think of to deal with it. I am told he is also banned from a number of other forums for the same reasons.

Here is a summary of what will happen:
* All posts related to HBlack mods have been merged to a single thread. This thread is now locked.
* Any future posts about HBlack & his mods will be deleted without warning.
* Any users ignoring these new rules will be warned and if they persists also banned.

This is not up for discussion I'm afraid. We've tried so hard to accommodate him and have come to the end of the road.

Thanks for you understanding and we hope you can continue to enjoy modding and the games.

Iain McNeil
Slitherine & Matrix Games

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