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rxnnxs -> Resolution, Readability and the Solution for me (and you?)! (6/18/2017 1:41:49 PM)

Hello dear Fans of this great game.

I found for me and maybe also for you a solution to the well known problem for some of us:
The text is in some occasions not readable enough.

I took an old CRT Monitor to t4est how that one would work out just to come to the conlcusion, that the best solution is still a good tft with its native resolution.

now to easy things up a little, today i took the DRAGNIFIER freeware and it works pretty well for my needs PLUS it has a bonus on top I always disliked:
the messages that slide in at the right border of the screen vanish too fast for my taste and there is not even the pause button stopping that.
the solution to this: when you use the magnifier tool from the dragnifier program, it stays there!

so here for those that do not want to read that much
download the dragnifier tool:

for it work the best when you change the magnification to 2x, without border and elliptical.
it can be set a shortcut, for me ALT+X works great.
one click again an it disappears,
and if there comes a message sliding in that I want to read and look at the nice artwork, I pause, and then "paint" with the magnifier around the pop up message. you can see how it disappears behind the drawn picture, but it stays there.
you will find out what i mean when you try it.


it really helps, at least me, and now I can enjoy this game in its whole.
especially the ship design text is in parts hard to read.
now one "ALT+X" click and i enlarge it easily.

just writing for you out there. I hope some of you also find this useful.

happy gaming!

rxnnxs -> RE: Resolution, Readability and the Solution for me (and you?)! (6/19/2017 8:12:37 PM)

Here you can see what it looks like


Shogouki -> RE: Resolution, Readability and the Solution for me (and you?)! (6/21/2017 1:29:47 AM)

Hey very handy!

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