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sherlockboneman -> Simple question about "AI MANAGE AIR" (6/4/2017 3:27:47 PM)

I'm brand new and watching the videos for like the tenth time and learning the interface. On the "Automatic Air Directive Creation" these is the button mentioned above. If I click it, and then hit yes- it doesn't appear to do anything. I thought it would completely handle the air operations and automatically set the directive creation. What does it do?

Floyd -> RE: Simple question about "AI MANAGE AIR" (6/5/2017 7:51:07 AM)

Manual, section 17.3.11, page 165:
"When this button is used, the computer will move
units around the map to different airbases based on
the situation."

Joel Billings -> RE: Simple question about "AI MANAGE AIR" (6/5/2017 10:29:24 PM)

What should happen is the AI should rebase aircraft based on the situation, but that's assuming you are generally following a historical progression (i.e. invade in Med in 43 and France in 44). You will still need to create Air Directives for the air forces, or use the Automatic Air Directive creation button to set the ADs. Our suggestion to players starting out is to use the AI move/manage air units/bases button periodically (every few turns, or when something major happens. It's best not to use this and then try to manually rebase some units as the AI will just change everything the next time you use the button. Once you are familiar with the game, then best to take over rebasing your aircraft manually.

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