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ajds -> Cater Question (5/24/2017 3:26:15 PM)

I am having a great time with SCWW2iE - capable AI is always a pleasure and thank you for the entertaining scripts. Is this version being expanded to the full world conflict, or has the previous system been updated to WW2iE status (AI, build list, etc.)? Could you compare AoD for example to WW2iE - what are the differences? And can I even run AoD on a Win10 machine? I think you understand what I am asking here, and if this is the wrong forum point me in the right direction.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Cater Question (5/24/2017 5:05:37 PM)

We definitely have a few options going forward as this new SC3 engine (for our current release here at Matrix) was built to be full world conflict ready (amongst a few other options), just can't confirm any plans at the moment until we get a better handle on things. Don't want to be caught making empty promises [:)]

For AoD your best bet would be to try the demo, which can be found here as it will let you know if it works on your system as well as likely immediately highlight the differences as it is a bit of an older engine.

ajds -> RE: Cater Question (5/24/2017 5:15:09 PM)

Thank you for the response

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