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Phoenix100 -> Novice help with contact behaviour (5/3/2017 6:47:53 AM)

Back to try this after a looong break - it's like learning it anew. So, I've two questions, if anyone can help:
Playing Rhino as Allies, I order the Brits to a town with screen orders at end. Tanks and APCs. Off they go. Half way there I count perhaps 12 hinds hovering around the destination, mid resolution phase, and the single AD asset I have (also heading for that town) starts shooting off SAMs. Has some success, but as the turn progresses it's clear there will be still 6 to 8 Hinds left when that single AD unit has dried up. All my units continue regardless along their ordered route (they're all set to screen at end, all on hasty move), ignoring the situation when the Hinds start taking them out one by one. Finally, lead assets are only a few hexes from the destination and there are 6 Hinds picking them off plus soviet ground units, but still they just continue as ordered. So, these questions:
1. What can I do to make sure that instead of plowing on regardless my units stop on contact - especially significant contact like this - unload and seek cover? My APCs especially just drove straight on right beneath the Hinds and were all picked off at liesure, so that vehicle and human cargo were all destroyed. Shouldn't they have stopped on contact (with a hasty screen order) and taken defensive postures?
2. I have - in many scenarios, it seems - very little by way of early AD assets, yet there are Hinds etc swarming all over. What am I meant to do?


Lowlaner2012 -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/3/2017 10:27:56 AM)

Hi there Pheonix..

Regarding reaction to contact, I only send APCs into or through covered terrain if I know there might be a chance of bumping into any enemy units, also I try and use a deliberate move order because when moving with that order your units use any available cover en route to there waypoint and are a bit less likely to be caught in the open and wiped out...

Regarding AD assets, the British get tracked Rapiers, the Germans the Gepard and Stingers and the US the Vulcans, Chaparral and Stingers...So its not to bad, also the Cannons and 50cal MGs on your APCs and Humvees can shoot at and bring down Hinds...

Hope this helps you to enjoy the game [:)]

Phoenix100 -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/3/2017 10:48:25 AM)

OK, thanks Highlandcharge. I'll try being more cautious. But, I guess that means there's no AI routine for how units react on contact? They don't do an assesment of the threat and change behaviour accordingly? They just follow the order you gave? I was hoping that the APCs might ID 6 Hinds, stop, unload and get into cover, or for there to be an order combination that allowed me to get them to behave like that? Or if a column of my tanks are going full speed down a road and run into a blocking armour force, that they would assess the threat, quickly, and if it was sufficient, abandon the order I gave (because the road is blocked) and get into beter defensive positions instead? There's none of that currently built into the AI routines - is that right? I wonder if it's planned for SS.


CapnDarwin -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/3/2017 12:26:33 PM)

Phoenix, from a hasty move the units should have dropped into a screen to fight when under fire. Do you have the save game file for the turn where your forces were engaged? I'd like to look at it. We are looking at adding better unit AI logic and more SOP inputs from the player to guide the AI in these cases. The assault order is the only order that should force a unit to drive on an objective under fire and losses. Even then units will stop or pull back if hammered.

Phoenix100 -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/3/2017 12:40:02 PM)

No save, Capn, sorry - this was before I reinstalled - but I'll keep an eye out to see if I see anything similar. It may be that they just reacted later than I imagined was best. And I don't know how to check a unit's LOS to an airborne threat (same as to a ground threat?) so not sure if the units I wanted to stop and hide knew that other friendly units only a couple of hexes away were engaging Hinds and red recon units. The new features will be very welcome though (if you can define what SOP you want on contact, for example).


HeinzBaby -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/4/2017 12:19:44 AM)

Through bitter experience I don't use 'Hasty' movement.

I may be wrong but I feel as if I suffered higher losses using this 'Road/convoy' move like ducks in a shooting gallery,
and when they do stop they go into Screen mode for more punishment..

I almost always use 'Assault' move, when these units stop they going to 'Hold' command. This command is the most aggressive of the 3 movement commands.
With my recce units I'll use the deliberate command so they Screen at the end of movement stacked with Armour or in concealing Urban/woods Terrain.
checkout p85 of the manual

Mad Russian -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/6/2017 1:43:46 AM)

Interesting. I rarely use assault movement. I normally move my units with Deliberate Movement mode.

Good Hunting.


MikeJ19 -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/6/2017 12:03:59 PM)

Hi All,

Like Mad Russian, I rarely use assault movement. I think I have used hasty movement once - as the Germans when I was racing to get my reinforcements into place in Hamelin. The vast majority of the time I use Deliberate movement.

What I'm trying to get better out is planning out my movement to give me more flexibility and control over the units. This is very difficult - which is a real life issue too.

Have a good day,


Phoenix100 -> RE: Novice help with contact behaviour (5/12/2017 4:14:13 PM)


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