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dwbennett -> Music for CMANO (4/24/2017 1:35:30 PM)

If you're looking for some more music for the simulation then give the music from Victory at Sea a look (or listen). Victory at Sea was a TV series on WWII concentrating on the war at sea. I happen to own the CD's of the music from the series I bought way back in the 90's. I had to convert the .cda files to mp3 but that wasn't that big a problem. I downloaded the NCH Switch Sound File Converter program (free) and within ten minutes was listen to great music while playing. I'm sure there are many other free converter programs out there but that one worked for me.

Good stuff.

HalfLifeExpert -> RE: Music for CMANO (4/25/2017 4:30:14 AM)

I just use YouTube, its easy to pull up while playing. OF course that isn't possible if your internet is down or if you are on a laptop and unable to use wi fi, but I still think its a good way to play almost any music you want in-game.

Its pretty handy if events of the scenario call for a track you didn't think of beforehand. Of the time I have put into CMANO, probably the most epic playthrough for me was the following:

Playing Excroat3's community scenario, USS Midway vs Cuba, The War That Never Was 1989, for the first time. SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't played it.

I have some experience with air operations, but this is the first time I am really working at Carrier operations.

As I go through the first Cuban attacks, I launch F-18s for air defense and to take out the small Cuban navy, all the while playing the following tracks from Battle stations games:

Go Wildcats (Battlestations: Midway):

Go Wildcats (Battlestations: Pacific):

American Action Theme (Battlestations Pacific):

However, I made a big mistake without realizing it. I let my escorting ships fire at will with their SAMs, which resulted in a lot of missiles being wasted.

Eventually there is a lull in the battle, and I think that I have knocked out most of Castro's ability to strike at my carrier group.

As I start preparing my Helos to hunt for Cuba's sole submarine, radars pick up a large amount of aircraft taking off, assembling, and moving north toward my ships. Collectively, my ships have 6 SAMs capable of engaging from beyond enemy weapons range, not three launchers, literally only 6 missiles.

I only have two F-18s in the air, down to a pair of Sidewinders each as well as their guns. None of my other aircraft are ready for takeoff yet. It is clear to me that it will be a close run thing for me to get more planes in the air to intercept.

I throw my two airborne F-18s into the attack, but they have to go down low as the Cuban Floggers are around 200 feet above the surface of the Caribbean. They get kills with Sidewinders and guns, but its just not enough to stop this horde of well over a dozen attackers, and more keep coming. Castro must have been launching every remaining plane in his air force.

All during the fur ball, I keep looking back at Air Ops, literally sweating as the clock ticks to when the next four F-18s will be ready, knowing that these Floggers and Fishbeds are bearing down on me.

When the F-18s are ready, I pause the game, and load up this clip:

After I give the order to launch, I hit play. At the 0:25 mark, just imagine pilots and crew scrambling to get the F-18s off the deck of the Midway and launching like crazy, then close in air-to-air engagements at less than 300 ft ASL, F-18s vs MiG 23s and MiG 21s, all in desperate defense of a CVBG that is out of SAMs.

I was ultimately able to shoot down most of the Cuban aircraft, but some did get through the defenses to hit the Midway, ultimately resulting in 40% damage.

I learned so much from that battle, and it was just so intense with my music choices.

ultradave -> RE: Music for CMANO (4/25/2017 11:09:33 PM)

Showing my age, have 2 LPs of Victory at Sea music. (And the turntable to play them on!). Great music. I remember watching with my father as a kid. He was a Naval Architect/Marine Engineer so I've always been around ships. What did I do when I grew up? It was kind of preordained :-) After paying back the US Army for paying for my college, spent 30+ years designing and testing nuclear subs.

Nangleator -> RE: Music for CMANO (4/26/2017 1:44:24 PM)

Christopher Franke's music for Babylon 5 is great for tension-building, larger-than-life drama. Search YT for "Franke Severed Dreams" for a good sample. 7:35 in, positively Wagnerian.

ShadowB -> RE: Music for CMANO (4/27/2017 12:01:54 AM)

WW2-themed music doesn't always fit very well with the Cold War or modern period, but I suppose it's up to personal preference.

There's a number of options if you look into game or movie soundtracks. There's the music of The Hunt for the Red October (for Soviet flavour), or Crimson Tide, The Peacemaker or Top Gun. Game-wise, the American themes from Command & Conquer Generals are great, though sometimes a bit too "ground-based" thanks to the occasional Middle Eastern flourishes. The Chinese ones can be useful too. Oh, and there's a number of Battlefield remixes such as this glorious one. Yes, I play everything.

Raptorx7_slith -> RE: Music for CMANO (4/27/2017 12:18:38 AM)

I find that the Ace Combat 4 soundtrack is nice to listen to while playing. This goes for other Ace Combat games to.

shamandgg -> RE: Music for CMANO (5/8/2017 4:34:06 PM)

Hi there,

This is my first post. Maybe some Spotify playlist could be made for CMANO, un-official that is :)

Great game[&o]

Myself played Harpoon series back in 90-ties, then 688(i) sim, and Dangerous Waters.

LaughingBuccaneer -> RE: Music for CMANO (11/26/2017 11:04:17 AM)

Must say there's some great idea's for background music while playing CMANO although
( so far ) not a word about national anthems ?
Having been brought up on Harpoon - that's the one 'icing on the cake' of the brilliant
CMANO series that's missing and that's not hearing the Soviet ( come Russian ) national
anthem when the Russian's are victorious and of course 'Anchors Away' whenever the
Americans or NATO are victorious, like I enjoyed with Harpoon.
Not forgetting 'God Save the Queen' when the British win of course.

Finally can this music be incorporated into the game - or is this 'in the pipeline'
already ?

kevinkins -> RE: Music for CMANO (11/26/2017 12:43:55 PM)

Highly recommend you tube "Red" to get rid of the advertisements. I have 5 TVs with 5 cable boxes. I use Red more than all of those combined. Great for pulling up any music at a party or a history documentary on a quiet night. Red is a bargain. I never thought getting rid of the ads would make a big difference - but it really does.


ExNusquam -> RE: Music for CMANO (11/26/2017 12:54:42 PM)

If you have a Google Play subscription, YouTube Red is included. Huge music library and no ads for YT make it a great deal.

mikmykWS -> RE: Music for CMANO (11/26/2017 2:17:23 PM)



If you have a Google Play subscription, YouTube Red is included. Huge music library and no ads for YT make it a great deal.

I agree with this.I've been paying for Apple Music for god knows how long and I think I spend more time on YouTube between music and RPG themed videos. Pretty sure the first month of Red is free to check it out.


tjhkkr -> RE: Music for CMANO (11/26/2017 5:36:25 PM)

Some of the John Williams stuff (and soundtracks of similar ilk) are good during CMANO. Especially the dogfight music.

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