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Daniele -> Command v1.11 SR7 (Hotfix) Update Notes (3/17/2017 3:25:51 PM)

Hi all,

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations has been updated to version 1.11 SR7 Hotfix!

You can download the update from here , or through the Members Area:



Please, check the changelog below

v1.11 SR7 Hotfix

* Fixed: Max number of flights on strike mission is not adhered to
* Fixed: Mission Editor refuelling doctrine error
* FIXED: Submarine not engaged offensive when it has a target, has a plotted course, and "Ignore Plotted Course" is set to YES
* FIXED: Unit on patrol blindly heads towards its (automatic) patrol point instead of manouvering to engage target
* Fixed: Doctrine form crash when changing doctrine/EMCON settings for multiple selected units
* FIXED: Command crashing on startup on FIPS-enforced Windows installation
* Faster game startup due to revised method of checking DB files
* The localization logic hitherto used only by aircraft for ASW prosecutions is now also used by non-AC units for any contact type. For example a submarine who closes in on the last reported position of an uncertain contact, if it is unable to find it there, it will begin searching within the AoU to try and narrow down the target location.

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