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blackcloud6 -> Jump Map (3/17/2017 2:58:45 AM)

I placed Christmas at Marvie tonight and once I turn on the Jump Map, it will not turn off. The only way to get rid of it is save the scenario, exit it, and restart it.

Paullus -> RE: Jump Map (3/17/2017 5:40:54 AM)

You press the Esc key to close the Jump Map.

blackcloud6 -> RE: Jump Map (3/17/2017 2:14:58 PM)



You press the Esc key to close the Jump Map.

Why doesn't the button on the tool bar turn it off?

Paullus -> RE: Jump Map (3/17/2017 6:06:56 PM)

I can't remember why. I'll forward your thoughts to Peter and he might change that or he has a reason why to keep it.

blackcloud6 -> RE: Jump Map (3/17/2017 6:08:24 PM)

Thanks. I probably once knew that ESC was the way to get rid of it but forgot and got flummoxed when the button wouldn't make it go away. It is one of those simple thing.

Jeffrey H. -> RE: Jump Map (5/15/2017 6:06:24 PM)

I'm having this same problem, the jump map cannot be closed once enabled.

Paullus -> RE: Jump Map (5/15/2017 8:27:01 PM)

Use the Esc key to close the Jump Map.

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