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Midcon113 -> Cannot Start New Campaign (3/12/2017 7:32:35 PM)

Hi Everyone,

Haven't played Command in a while, and wanted to get back and start a new Northern Inferno campaign. Playing through Steam, game version is 1.11 release 7, build 906.24.

I click New Campaign, hit Escape to skip the video intro, then click Start Scenario for Opening Moves. I get the following error messages in order:

1) OnThreadException
2) theEx!=null
3) e.Exception.GetType().Name:NullReferenceException
4) theEx.Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
5) theEx.StackTrace ... see pic.

Then I'm back to the Opening Moves scenario screen.

On the off chance this is an installation issue, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I also installed it fresh on my new desktop which has never had a copy of Command installed, and I get the same issue. The good news: if I cancel out, then hit New Campaign again, I can launch the scenario.





Dimitris -> RE: Cannot Start New Campaign (3/12/2017 10:01:43 PM)


Are you certain you installed the update on the correct folder? Any chance you have two different installation folders?

Midcon113 -> RE: Cannot Start New Campaign (3/13/2017 2:41:59 AM)

Hi Sunburn,

Steam did the install, so I'm assuming everything went into the right folders? That is to say, I didn't specify any alternate folders for the install.


Dimitris -> RE: Cannot Start New Campaign (3/15/2017 11:58:32 AM)

Can you do a file integrity check? Steam seems to be getting worse in this regard lately. Please let us know!

Midcon113 -> RE: Cannot Start New Campaign (3/15/2017 2:09:47 PM)

Sure - I'll check that later tonight and let you know what happens. FWIW, I purchased all of the Command Live scenarios the other day when they were on sale on Steam, so the install will be a little different now. Not sure if that'll make a difference.

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