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Telemecus -> 8MP Team Game - The Axis team (3/9/2017 11:55:05 AM)

This is the AAR for the Axis team in the game signed up for here. In addition to after action reports this forum will also, as a team play, be used for our co-ordination. Another AAR is being written for the Soviets. If you are on the Soviet side you should not be here! Others are welcome to comment, advise, or even cheer - but if you are looking at both AARs please keep what you know from each separate.

The Axis team as we kick off are

Telemecus - Ober Kommand
lowsugar - Northern command
rick trembley - Central command
Timmeh - Southern command

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/9/2017 1:54:25 PM)

Sequence of player turns

lowsugar, rick trembley, Timmeh,

Before we start I wanted to change the sequence we play each turn. Rather than always starting North and going South, we should start North or South depending on where the OKH HQ unit is nearest to and then go North to South or South to North accordingly. This means that lowsugar and Timmeh will sometimes be last one turn and first to go the next turn. Let me know if this is a problem.

lowsugar -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/9/2017 4:12:06 PM)

Good idea. the only problem is that i am out for 2, sometimes 3 weekends every month. can do last turn thursday evening, next one sunday evening. This may cause a small delay.

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/9/2017 6:49:51 PM)

I think that is fine and more than reasonable - even wargamers have to have real lives! [:)] With multiplayer we can even try to aim for other players turns while we are away.

Timmeh -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/10/2017 2:08:42 AM)

All glory to the Fatherland on this most monumental of undertakings. Surprised my seed has sprouted into a tree ! Should be fun.

Telmecus, I can help with an AAR, do you have a format in mind? Should we have a separate public comments thread?
I think regardless of the game outcome, a good AAR will keep the interest up and the game flowing. Let me know how I can help.

I think we should try and recruit a ref, you guys have any thoughts?
A ref could go a long way to resolve issues/ act as a defacto moderator helping move the turns along. Ideally, they would run a common AAR too, and if we were lucky act as sort of a war reporter for the AAR.

I would be willing to if nobody is interested and another axis player signs on. And speaking of replacing players if required ( let's be honest, somebody is going to drop ) Realistically, what sort of base are we drawing from? I don't have clue how large the pool of players we are talking about would be.

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/10/2017 11:40:23 AM)

Welcome Timmeh,

All glory - and damnation to the Bolshies! [:)]

I would love your help on the AAR and welcome your contribution. I do not have a format in mind at the moment - any suggestions? I know typically these consists of screenshots of the map and OoB. But I would like to do more. More narrative behind decisions made, and more about campaigning periods rather than turns in isolation. I had an idea of spending my time doing analyst type data crunching and producing mananagement consultant type bubble charts and graphs on production, unit strength etc. However the lack of a data download feature is always a drag there. I enjoy reading AARs which are role played, with pictures and family stories - but if I am honest I would not be the person to write it. My thoughts were this would be the public comments thread and if we needed a seperate private area for boring stuff we could create one. So given my disparate thoughts I would welcome your ideas on formats etc.

I think there is every danger that we could be a 6 player multiplayer game for periods of time. But with a strong AAR I think we can recruit replacements - or even a fifth Axis player for the extra army group?

I think there is a pool of people who are apprehensive until expectations are set. And a pool who want to play others, but would only check in these forums monthly. And others who might use multiplayer teams as entry to human opponent games. But as for those who regularly check these forums and are currently involved in the game, I think we are it.

Timmeh -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/10/2017 4:16:13 PM)

I posted a 'reserves wanted' thread as a companion to the opponents wanted one, the " Celebrity General" thing might be a nice hook for some of the long time WITE titans here to put a small mark on the game.

@ Telemecus, awesome that you welcome the analytical disaster about to befall the reich, I hope your Admin rating is 8 or above ;)
How do you envision the comm process turn by turn, just like the solo game it's going to be a monster and could swallow up time as you know it, if you let it?

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/10/2017 7:08:08 PM)


It looks like rick trembley cannot join us from the kick off, although hopefully he can come back in later. So for now we can allocate commands as

lowsugar - North (AGN, AGC, FHC)
Timmeh - South (AGS, XXXIV corps, Southern Axis Allies)

When Rick can rejoin or others are recruited we can reallocate or substitute. There is also the possibility of deputies who can be trained to take over. Or carve a command like FHC for those who do not want to start with a larger commitment to begin with.

As for my analytical rating - it would break the game's code if it was incorporated. My ratings on the other facets of life.... not so good.

lowsugar -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/10/2017 8:18:34 PM)

Looks like we can start.

Timmeh -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/11/2017 12:01:56 AM)

We should have a secure space to post force requests/ strat pics and stuff. The Russians are using this new weapon called Dropbox, this tech imbalance poses a serious threat to the invasion. Email works, but a common cloud source is what Hitler would have demanded.

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/11/2017 11:35:26 AM)

Was n't there a Geneva war convention prohibiting belligerents looking at each others AAR thread? I guess Timmeh has a dimmer view of the Ruskies martial honour. I believe our staffs have been distributing enigmas so we can communicate securely - we all know those code machines can never be cracked.

Molotov and Ribbentrop have signed a pact so the war is off.... honest, guv.

As a sign of good will propaganda minister Goebbels has relaxed the restrictions on Soviet journalists. Our eternal friends in the Soviet Union will be allowed to our AAR.

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/12/2017 12:35:12 PM)

So the AAR begins

Well I guess for a thread about AARs we'd better do an AAR!

But rather than diving in to turn by turn screenshots I would first like to set the scene. Firstly by describing how we organise play as a team and then an overview of the strategic choices facing us for Barbarossa. You will then probably get turn by turn descriptions as you get in other AARs. But I hope we can also do some thematic views on aspects of the war accross multiple turns, and retrospectives at the end of campaigning seasons on what our strategy was and how it went. Hopefully it will be a resource others can use, and others can contribute to.

Playing a team side

It has been done before. You can even read AARs about it on these forums. Several mad keen and experienced players say why do we not play with a team for each side. Superficially it looks like it is designed for teams - you already have fronts or army groups which you can allocate to team members. Several turns later the game fizzles out with all the enthusiasm deflated and sometimes acrimony.

Why? Because what looks superficially like a team side game is not. War in the East was designed to have multiple interdepencies which only one controlling mind can master. Separating different parts of the game strictly to different players who play once in sequence would mean many of the best ways of playing become impossible. Some examples are

i) After overrunning an enemy airbase you bomb it again before overrunning it again - not possible if the airforce and land commanders are different
ii) Your southernmost unit has a great opportunity, but it needs the northermost unit of your neighbouring commander to attack an enemy first - not possible as your neighbour goes only after you finish

These may seem trivial but the number of occasions this happens are vast and saps enthusiasm. There are a number of approaches to this problem, all with their drawbacks -

i) Allow team members to use units of other players - if agreed in advance fine, but if players can use their discretion during a turn how can you be sure you are not ruining the best laid plans of another commander. In one previous team game with an AAR players progressively left decisions and actions to the Supreme Commander and it became a de facto one player a side game. A big mistake was to get the Supreme Commander ever involved in moving and attacking with combat units on the map. After which the other players were paralysed and it became a slippery slope.
ii) Allow players multiple goes with no strict sequence - perhaps this is OK to tidy up at the end or something you forgot, or once for some really critical operation. But to take a turn with multiple iterations with handovers giving each player multiple goes would take forever.
iii) Accept it as a feature of the team game - there are just some things you cannot do as a team side. Like combining air and land operations of different commanders, hardly the historical role play which is the interest of the game. But artificial features lead to artificial results. In one team game with an AAR you can read how the Soviets order of battle became bricks (the fronts) with mortar in between (units directly reporting to STAVKA). As fronts never overlapped or were next to each other they never had boundary action problems. The Supreme Commander became the team sweeper sorting out problems between fronts at the end. Absolutely no relationship to historical reality.

Using commonsense and communication is always the best way. But there are limits. If a team are not sitting together in a real life room, the time to communicate can be prohibitive. And there are many things which are not obviously commonsense.

These were things I had pondered on for a while before Timmeh and Panzerjager Hortlund posted on the opponents wanted thread a signup thread for a team game. And I asked to be a Supreme Commander partly to see how to solve these issues and I wanted the challenge to make a team play in WitE work. Potentially what we find could be a tool set for future team sides, or even give the developers some ideas?

What I proposed was a protocol. The team side equivalent of house rules. A list of does. Not so much as rules, the team after all is on the same side. But to set expectations of what others will or will not do. So when interdependencies arise you do not have to check with other players first, but just go ahead in the best way knowing what the others will (probably) do.

It combines elements of all 3 approaches (e.g defines when other players can "control" units in other command;allows supreme commander discretion to allow an extra mini-turn; prohibits auto night missions) This was the result


Team Play Sequence Protocol v1.03

A fallback default process for co-ordinating a multiplayer team rather than replacement of common sense and communication - and not meant to impede fun. More to empower team players to make decisions on their own knowing what they can do and what others will do rather than make every decision rely on Supreme Commander or committee.

1.1 SubCommanders post, at their option, requests (and reasons). In particular SubCommanders may want to indicate any future HQ Buildups or need for air transport.

1.2 Supreme Commander allocates, in draft or final, to each SubCommander (most of these will be rare, usual will be just points, command and boundaries)
-Maximum points they can spend
-Maximum rail cap they can use
-Which units are in their command, can assign to their command, and which in their command they cannot reassign, must reassign or can disband
-Which units in another command they can control
-Instructions on use of specific units (e.g. withdrawers with ToE<75%)
-Which airgroups in their command they cannot send to national reserve, or can swap equipment of, and which airgroups not in their command they can assign from national reserve, transfer to their command, or control
+a list of air bases that they are on which cannot be moved until the transfer is complete, missions are complete or SubCommander decides not to transfer/use airgroup
-Which leaders not in their command they can appoint to within their command
Also a description of the geographic boundary between SubCommands, possibly including a rear area which only Supreme Command is responsible for, and any instructions to co-ordinate along it.

Control - can move (but not airtransfer airgroups) and conduct attacks\missions
Command - can reassign their command (airtransfer for airgroups), change leaders, and unless otherwise stated, control

If in draft then back to 1.1

After finalised (and given new opportunities or emergencies) a contingency could be drawn on or a re-allocation made during a turn by Supreme Commander (but may not be possible).

1.3 Supreme Commander
-makes leader appointments
-reassigns units
-sends some airgroups to reserve, disband or manual swap
-sets night settings for airgroups (generally to night for SubCommands not taking their turn first)
-sets a default air doctrine

1.4 Supreme Commander takes on map actions, if any, which can include
-air transfers some airgroups to another airbase (usually between SubCommands)
-air operations which are optimally carried out before land operations
-requests from SubCommanders
-strategic transport of arrivals
-rail repair

1.5 Supreme Commander may also post on rail repair routes, long term strategy, future force dispositions, and guidance - which may be referenced in this protocol.

2 SubCommanders take turns in the sequence -first the northernmost or southermost commander which has the main supreme command HQ nearest to it and then north to south or south to north commanders accordingly.

Subcommanders have the OBLIGATION to carry out the land operations of their command and
-if SubCommand does not go first that turn they must first switch to day missions all of their the airgroups that they want (to conduct auto missions)
-if SubCommand does not go last that turn they must last switch to day missions all of their airgroups, except for those not for auto missions by subsequent SubCommanders
-conduct air operations best done with land operations (e.g.moving airbases forward with advancing troops to act as staging bases; sending airgroups they control, which they will not use this turn or next, to reserve before moving their airbases; bombing enemy before displacing them; bombing units before combat; reconnaisance before moving through enemy controlled areas; toggling ground support on/off)
-all actions to fulfill long term strategy and force dispositions at least cost (i.e. avoid points spend reassigning a unit which will need points spend again to reassign it in a future turn, excessive truck use etc.)
and, within their geographic boundary, includes
-rear operations such as garrisoning and anti partisan
-protecting neighboring commands flanks and boundary operations as per 1.2
-rail repair near front (when rail repair units needs protection by combat units but not prevent necessary stacking of other units) following rail repair routes

SubCommanders are RESTRICTED to not
-use units of another command without control handed to them by other SubCommander or in allocations by Supreme Commander
-exceed allocations of the Supreme Commander or transfers from other SubCommander
-conduct auto night missions which could include airgroups controlled by another SubCommander
-select airgroups not in their control for manual night missions
-not to move airbases (listed in allocations) with an airgroup controlled by another SubCommander until it is transfered out, missions are completed or other subcommander decides not to transfer/use airgroup (rare and principally for specialist airgroups)
-not to end a turn with on map units outside their boundary where the SubCommander for that area would be prevented from stacking the units they would want there (use common sense and warn others if you need a special spot for stacking)
-reassign units in their SubCommand to another without their say so (i.e no unexpected command penalties)

SubCommanders CAN, at their option, do anything else including and also
-control the main supreme command HQ unit providing it is moved generally in the same direction as the sequence of play and unless the Supreme Commander specifically says you cannot for that turn
-adjust air doctrine (but return to SupremeCommand setting before handing on to next player)
-conduct long range air operations
-conduct auto air day missions using airgroups controlled or commanded by other SubCommands
-re-assign any unit within their command to any where else in their command or to main high command
-assign any unit from main high command which they have assigned to main high command in the same turn
-assign leaders from within own command or allocated
-adjust settings such as max ToE, refit, auto SU level support/ lock and remove SUs from direct assignment, airgroup replacement/autoswap/autoupgrade (but Supreme Commander has final say at end -and may be worth posting changes so that Supreme Commander does not change them without noticing)

Occasionally subcommanders will not be able to complete all their turn because they need another subcommander to carry out some actions first (e.g make an attack at their boundary, or airtransfer or conduct mission with airgroup controlled by another commander on their airbase). In these cases the sub commander can give control of units to commanders who come sequentially after them with or without instructions for how to use them for that turn, or ask for a further mini-turn after another commander has taken their turn if Supreme Commander agrees (best avoided)

3.1 Supreme commander takes actions for any unit
-not in any subcommand (e.g. rear area unassigned garrisons, arrivals)
-in a subcommand at their request
-further air operations not otherwise conducted earlier in turn (e.g air dropping fuel, long range recon, further airbase bombing, city bombing)
-makes final airbase moves which are i) preceded by further airgroups to reserve or swap, ii) together with any more airgroup air transfers iii) followed by assignments from national reserve

3.2 Supreme Commander finally
-appoints leaders
-sets SU auto support level settings and locks, and (rarely) remove SUs from direct assignment (if game preferences allow)
-adjust unit status to or from refit
-adjust units Max ToEs
-sets replacement/autoswap/autoupgrade settings for airgroups
-sets air doctrine and night mission settings for opponents action phase
-sets production settings

It is a work in progress, and I expect it will be altered as we go along. There will be changes as there are changes in each version of the game. It is slanted to an Axis viewpoint, so needs to incorporate Soviet experience. But I would be interested in the comments and suggestions of others.


[Edit: this was previously post 35&36]

Meanwhile as an icebreaker all team members have been asked to watch this video and answer "Which Nazi general are you?" [:D]


EwaldvonKleist -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/13/2017 2:16:50 PM)

Some news from the Soviet union:
During the last month, the Red army introduced a new 150t tank the KV 6. An information brochure for foreigners can be found here: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/KV-VI.jpg
The tank is milestone of tank technology and at least 5 years ahead of the world. This was made possible by a new metal called Stalinium, which is 3 times better than steel! It features in-built samovars and a toiled for better comfort. Only imperialists force their soldiers in incommodius vehicles!
The new weapon will help to defend long borders and coasts of the Soviet union. Luckily, we don't need to guard the borders with our friends, the Germans.

The administration responsible for tourism is worried by the 3 million tourists who opted to spend their summer holidays in the Soviet union. Until the main vacation season is going to start on the 22.06.1941, our workers&peasents will work hard to prepare everything to welcome our German friends.

The industrialisation of our country continues with formerly inknown pace. Whenever there is a major problem or question in science, engineering, management or ideology, we can ask our great leader, Iosif Stalin. He knows everything and inspires everyone.

Looking forward to meet you on the border.

Hortlund -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/13/2017 2:23:18 PM)

Gaah, sorry, wrong thread. Did not read, leaving this in case someone saw me

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/13/2017 5:13:32 PM)

Well I guess my brief foray accross the border will not be forgotten. In my defence it was in the excitement of getting the first game file. [:D]

Timmeh -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/23/2017 4:26:30 PM)

Are we doing a common AAR? delayed perhaps? It would be awesome if a third party stepped up and took both sides game files and started an AAR with them.

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/23/2017 4:38:36 PM)

I made an AAR folder where I thought there could be something drafted/edited by the team before posting. I do not have a strong view myself on format. But I thought maybe start off with the plan for Barbarossa as a whole rather than straight to turn 1, turn 2 etc? Though whether that makes sense even with a delay?

A third party view would be interesting - could both teams or neither team see it? By common do you mean from both teams?

Timmeh -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/23/2017 8:52:59 PM)

A common AAR posted by both sides focusing on front line and combat results, leaving the strategy and comments to each teams comm thread. Only the Commanders would post in the AAR to keep some continuity to it. The comm threads could be used to keep each team organized and of course trash talking. The drop box folders being used for private team comms. The more turns delayed in posted the AAR the less concern with information in any images, but it appears both leaders have paint skills ;-)

Timmeh -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/23/2017 9:01:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: Telemecus

I believe our staffs have been distributing enigmas so we can communicate securely - we all know those code machines can never be cracked.

OOOOhhhh. ENI G MAS ...yeah, you don't want to know what we started giving all the troops in the south... lets just say we're about to see the freshest invasion evar!

Stelteck -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 12:49:05 PM)

Herr general Stelteck reporting for duty !!!

I'am currently in command of a security division securing french vital asset in the southwest of France (See picture of asset below).


I was told there was some opportunity to secure more vital asset in the east ? I have a lots of room that need fresh furnitures.

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 3:04:20 PM)

Wonderful -welcome aboard. We are a team of two matrix heroes which me makes tremble in awe - but not as much as the Soviets will!

Any preferences? Timmeh originally signed up for South and lowsugar North, and has covered Centre for turn 1. I guess the easiest would be to take on Centre from when we get turn 2 back - but does this suit you? Later in the game it might be worth reallocating if it becomes a quiet North and active South, especially if Army Group South splits. But that is a long way away.

When you get to the dropbox you will be able to see our turn 1 files. I also drew up a guide to co-ordinating a multiplayer team game [Edit:see post 12 above]- it is not as easy as people think and previous multiplayer games in the AAR ended spectacularly because of it. It is a work in progress so you may have things you can add, and of course it is just a mental fallback and not replacement for commonsense, communication and fun. I will also condense things discussed in PMs and put them in our dropbox - so, at your option, you can know all team planning and discussion from when we started.

I am also taking the chance of being less operational to look at the game in different ways and am putting some of my own analysis in dropbox. Laugh, ignore or comment on as you prefer. I wanted to create an AAR which was more than just a screenshot of each turn, and thought of using that analysis for it, but do not have any firm ideas on the AAR.

I posted a spoof video of our first Generals meetup - see post 12! You will have to tell us which one are you. I guess beautiful women and classical music go with the French wine? [:D]

The teams are not looking at each others thread. But our signals intelligence analysis unit can identify when posts are made and reports intense activity in the last 24hrs. Also our agent in Helsinki reports intercepted enemy communication here. Not content with the German led counter-invasion international coalition it seems those Soviets now want to bomb neutral Finland - I suspect Finland will be joining us in a couple of weeks. Whatever will they do next, invade neutral Persia?

Stelteck -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 3:41:55 PM)

I'am ready to fullfill any task the high command set to me !! (Of course if i have necessary forces to do so, or expect me to complain a lot. Probably expect me to complain anyway).

Center will be perfect. It is probably better not too swap generals too much in order we got attached to our minions.

Of course i'am not really aware of the objective of army group center. Maybe i could stay idle with my troops while others army group do all the hard work ? Is there something interesting to take in the center ?

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 3:59:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: Stelteck
(Of course if i have necessary forces to do so, or expect me to complain a lot. Probably expect me to complain anyway).

Guderian would be proud of you!

Not much to do in centre - I believe there is a village called Moscow or something we might go for. :)

The houserule 4 that we cannot advance when isolated (100+ MPs) in the signup thread could be very significant, and inspite of what the signup thread said it is full blizzard. (Our agents believe Soviet agents interfered with the Geneva oversight committee on that one.) It does mean a broad front strategy and hard constraints on breakthrough movements during the summer. I posted a suggested rail repair map in the dropbox, but there are important weaknesses as well as strengths of it given this rule. There is not an overall strategy statement (yet?) beyond what we know from experience of the game. But I do not think the historical Germans did really either! Comments and advice welcome.

Stelteck -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 4:19:18 PM)

Ok got it.
I just read the turn sequence. Very detailed. Thank you.

As army group center commander, i take responsability of all troops and planes of units attached to army group center. Please do not touch these units, whatever their position in the map. Or transfert them to OKH for reallocation using AP.
We are currently waiting soviet turn ?

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 4:47:01 PM)

We have finished turn 1 and are waiting for Soviets to do their turn. Our last save game file that you can look at to see our turn end is "EightMP-Axis 1.4 SupComEnd." The file with 1.5 is after I hit the turn end button, so needs Soviet password to see map. I renamed the previous turns by each player so they are consistent and you can see them too.

As SubCommander you have the option to use the troops and planes in your command as you wish with the constraints of
i) Allocations finalised at the start of each turn
ii) Other team rules as in the guide such as not doing auto night missions

You can see the final allocations for turn 1 in the dropbox. Note the difference between control (move and attack) and command which includes the right to reassign, change leaders as well as control (unless allocations say otherwise). So you will see in turn 1 some units in 2Pz are in your command but under South control. Control outside command is meant to be temporary. Similarly there may be some air units on an airbase in your command that allocations say is not in your control. For instance there may be a transport unit kept in reserve for all commanders, and this means the airbase cannot be moved until/unless the transport control is released by the other Commander or they transfer it out of the airbase. Again this should be occassional, temporary and rare. In general planes and ground units in your command are yours to use.

As Supreme Commander I may use or transfer planes at the beginning before Subcommanders take their turn. Commanders should conduct air operations that are best done with their land operations e.g. after ground combats involving fighter interdiction or moving staging airbases into previously enemy controlled hexes and then bombing units before attacking or displacing them etc. Air operations best done after land operations (e.g. long range recon and bombing) can be done by you at your option, or left to Supreme Commander at the turn end.

Other than these exceptions above anything in your command will only be touched or moved by you.

The allocations give you your own budget of points. You can reassign within your own command. And you can assign to OKH. You can only reassign from OKH if you assigned to OKH that turn, or if allocations gave you that unit. You can only assign to or from another command if allocations say so.

During your turn you can temporarily control the OKH HQ unit if you move it generally in the same direction (North to South, or South to North) as the team plays. So you can use it to help in 2 stage reassignments of units. Sometimes it will be cheaper in points that way (not so much with recent versions), and for transfering SUs a long way that may be the only way. But use of the OKH HQ is there as a help, it is not obligatory.

At least that is the theory - I imagine there will be many rough edges and we will still need to talk to each other and use commonsense, in particular at the beginning.

STEF78 -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 5:40:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: Stelteck

I'am currently in command of a security division securing french vital asset in the southwest of France (See picture of asset below).

C'est un Bordeaux! 1945 will be an awesome year for Bordeaux wine but not sur that you will still be there to appreciate it [:D]

Stelteck -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/24/2017 10:12:21 PM)


C'est un Bordeaux! 1945 will be an awesome year for Bordeaux wine but not sur that you will still be there to appreciate it [:D]

So true. According to this totally 200% accurate world map of the future, in 1945 i will probably be in the great America Reich subduing some sort of native rebellion....


Stelteck -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/29/2017 6:54:03 PM)

So much victories this turn !!!

The soviet union have no troops left !! Soon they will have to surrender.

In the south, soviet troops falled in the trap and tried to encercle a german panzer division !!! They are doomed now !!!

As a professionnal officer, i have to respectfully protest against the fact that my fellow generals from north and south army groups use the fact that i was on holidays in France for...hem.[sm=00000436.gif] important reason... to strip my beloved and most important central front of all its ressources. I have no more panzer, construction units, reserves. I have nothing !!!!

How can i expect to achieve any objectives with such low ressources !!! It is impossible. Nein nein nein nein !!

Our Führer surely will not approve this, and will heard of this !!! I'am writing a letter right now !!!

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/30/2017 11:47:31 AM)


ORIGINAL: Stelteck
I'am writing a letter right now !!!

Perhaps a cold shoulder and organise a petition too? [:D]

I offer my fellow generals a choice - the pistol or the poison pill. Much more persuasive. But I can be persuaded by some of that buildup of wine, sorry, military supplies in SW France?

Telemecus -> RE: OKH - 8 player multiplayer Axis thread (3/30/2017 7:10:42 PM)

At Guderian's insistence Timmeh received a court-martial. Apparently he marched into the HQs of 1st cavalry division and 255 infantry division and commandeered them at gunpoint. The court martial was dropped on the basis of battlefield circumstances and exigencies of war justiying the action. But Timmeh is becoming the badboy general of the Wehrmacht. 😛

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