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Rasputitsa -> PFE Windows 10 (3/5/2017 10:48:04 AM)

I have moved the game back to 'Windows 10', as the supply issue noted in other posts is not influenced by operating systems.

The other problem I had was in adding 'combat supply' to units still in the Reinforcements 'Arrivals' list, which scrambled the overall amount of supply and this maybe a 'Windows 10' issue, as it hasn't happened in 'Windows 7'. However, there is no advantage in using this feature, which was added in v1.03, as the unit arrives with the combat supply applied, but unable to move, so you get no advantage from early supply. You might as well wait until the unit appears on the map and apply the combat supply then.

I have two games running, one which features in the posted AAR and is 'on hold' and another game I started to check out the supply issue, here is a taster of the second game:


Now I have the game back on the desktop I can show larger images covering more of the map, which is necessary as the front has become more extended, from the situation in the West, 5th Army units now 30 miles from ROME, but blocked, and in the East, back at TERMOLI where 8th Army is still holding several German units in a pocket pinned against the coast. More importantly, I am past CASSINO and the biggest mountain mass in Central Italy, the winter is over, if only there was more supply !

The Germans do not seem to be short of new units, which are constantly entering the theatre, so the Axis is no 'push-over'. I have had some successes and terrible disasters to get to this position and always, always, fighting the shortage of supply.

Simultaneously reading 'Circles of Hell -The War in Italy 1943-1945' : Eric Morris, which despite the over-dramatic title is giving good in-depth coverage of the campaign and validating much of what is in the game.

About to lose the British 46th and 56th Infantry Divisions, as is shown by the red text on the unit counter (they are to be withdrawn for 'Overlord'), whilst I have units in MESSINA waiting to be deployed, but not enough combat supply to equip them, nor sea transport to bring them to ports near the front.

There is so much in this game, when you take the time to look below the surface and quick to play, 41 turns in two days, perhaps one of the few games in the Matrix inventory where it is actually possible to finish a campaign.

In short, great game, had some system supply problems, not sure if it's WAD, but there are work-arounds, or else the problems are not critical. [8D]

Rasputitsa -> RE: PFE Windows 10 (3/6/2017 8:54:44 AM)

Deleted - posted in error

Rasputitsa -> RE: PFE Windows 10 (3/6/2017 10:02:56 AM)

Second game is moving on with some good Allied reinforcements due in the next turns, whilst the image shows the feature to add 'combat supply' to units still in the Arrivals list. In earlier games, using 'Windows 10', this action scrambled the supply read-out, which went to huge figures in the 1000s. This hasn't happened so far in 'Windows 7'.

Even if you add combat supply in the Arrivals list, when the unit appears on the map it has the combat supply added, but is immobilised, so nothing is gained as you cannot use the unit any sooner, you might as well ignore this feature and add the combat supply to the unit as it arrives.


Rasputitsa -> RE: PFE Windows 10 (3/8/2017 9:31:46 AM)

Continuing in 'Windows 10' and game is working OK, but I have let NAPLES reduce to near 50% capacity and the supply overlay is looking more realistic, although I have no evidence to base this on, just a gut feeling.

Whereas previously there was an overall 100% supply in clear weather, now there is some reduction in mountain hexes, especially as the distance from NAPLES increases. Also the other supply sources have started to show, when before they were completely overpowered by the NAPLES effect.

The test game has now reached mid-May 1944 and several reinforcing units have become available, but there is not the overall supply available (it's going towards the D-Day preparations) to provide sea transport to move them, if I try moving units overland from MESSINA it burns too much fuel. I don't expect to get to ROME before the historical date in June, but the 8th Army breakout has started in the East, even if progress is slow due to lack of fuel and supply entering the theatre.

This is not a complaint, because this is how the Italian Campaign should be and not many games provide a realistic representation of supply issues.

The game is a fiendish mix of supply entering the theatre, the spread of general supply extending over the map, depending on supply sources, terrain and weather, but also you're ability to provide combat supply to individual units. Easy to process in the game, with a simple Fuel/Supply priority slider control and combat supply allocation buttons, but very challenging to keep the best balance and anticipate events.


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