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rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (9/22/2018 12:52:34 AM)



jord1 if permited nice workˇ

Thanks Veloz.... I am trying to make this mod a little diffrent in how it looks and how it is played.
The 2 main groups fighting each other are the Rebel Alliance and the Empire and both of these need to seek allegiance from other worlds to gather a strong military force.

The Empire is already strong but still needs to put Imperial stormtroopers on planets to make sure those planets do not follow the Rebellion.

One character I am workinf on at the moment is Darth Vader and how and when he appears in the mod.

With his use of the force his ship will be diffacult to destroy and I am working on how to make sure he is not killed during gameplay.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (9/22/2018 1:06:23 AM)

When testing the mod for example playing the Rebellion I like to have the Empire start as far away as possible. This is because they are more advanced, have hyperdrives and will be expanding almost straight away.

The Rebel Alliance is only just starting and they need to research hyperdrive, build their ships and send ambassadors out to surrounding systems in diplomatic ships to get more planets to ally with the Rebels.

Sometimes I start with the Empire location randomized..... this may lead to my finding imperial stormtroopers are stationed in a neighboring system early in the game play .... this means the Empire will find the Rebel base sooner than expected.

Please note that the download link on page 1 does not contain any updates to the mod I have been working on this year.

When the link for version 1.5 is added you will be able to try the new work.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (9/22/2018 6:36:06 AM)

I am gathering data together of all the planets that supported the Rebel Alliance during the period of Episode IV.
The Empire had overwhelming support by planets for fear of retaliation by Palpatine, but the Rebel Alliance had its supporters too.

With planets supporting the Rebels I am adding them in 2 categories:

1. Planets who definitely support the Rebels..... so far 45 planets
2. Planets who might support the Rebels fight against the Empire

The following are the planets so far in category one.

Alzoc III
Boz Pity
Cantros 7
Edan II
Gerrard V
Laakteen Depot
Ord Pardron
Orion IV
Silken Asteroids
Telos IV
Tomark II
Vergesso Asteroids
Virgillia 7
Yavin 4

You will notice that Geonosis is listed above.

This is because the Empire began running out of slaves building the first Death Star and Darth Vader went to Geonosis to round up the natives to use as slave labor. The Geonosians at this stage were supporting the Rebels who had a secret base on Geonosis one year prior to Episode IV.

rjord2021 -> RE: Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (9/26/2018 11:19:22 PM)

I just finished watching a Star Wars Rebels episode where Princess Leia Organa arrives on Lothal in season 2.

This episode was important as it occoured 3 years prior to the Battle of Yavin and is in the era that this mod occours.
Characters seen in Star Wars Rebels will appear in the mod and I am working on creating pictures of the characters for the mod.

Below is Zeb Orrelios who is a Lasat from the planet Lasan.


rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (11/15/2018 1:56:18 AM)

A quick note to let all know that I am still working on the mods for Star Wars and Star Trek.
The lack of updates has been down to not having good internet for last 3 weeks and my moving house.

At the moment I am putting together a new soundtrack for the Star Wars mod which gives the mod the look and feel of Episode IV - A New Hope.

I have removed the characters and races from The Force Awakens just to keep the mod in the Classic Star Wars era.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (11/15/2018 5:16:27 PM)

With the mods I am working on one minor problem I had was that I had too many characters.... ( example in the Rebel Alliance) but not enough pictures for each of those characters. For example, when you need a number of governors for Star Wars where exactly can you find so many different looking Governors in Star Wars uniform that do not look exactly like each other.

I have since learned a technique where I can do a face transplant from one person and seamlessly use that face to create a totally new character. This works best with humans races like the Empire and the Rebel Alliance but could possibly work to create more Wookies, Rodians, Hutts and so on.

What this means is that I can create a few hundred more characters for the mod who looks 100% realistic and you would never know they were completely generated from scratch.

What this means is that I could take General Hux from The Force Awakens and use his face to create a pirate in the Episode IV timeline..... perhaps he could be with the Crimson Empire.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (11/29/2018 9:22:53 AM)

The last 2 weeks were spent debugging an issue which appeared in the mod causing the game to crash.
Today I discovered where the bug was an the mod is back on track.

A major step was reached today where Vanilla game components have been removed from the Star Wars and Star Trek mods. This means I now have a template I can use to create new components and research for the 2 mods.

The picture below shows the components , yet to be named, for a weapons station.


rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (11/29/2018 10:30:19 AM)

During the time of Rogue One and Episode IV when it came time for the Rebel Alliance to face an Imperial-I Class Star Destroyer the Rebel Alliance ships were so heavily outgunned, that the entire fleet would have trouble taking down just two Star Destroyers.

Even a Rebel Alliance Nebulon-B Class Frigate was no match for a single Star Destroyer.

This mod will hopefully recreate the same issue the Rebels would have had when a Star Destroyer entered the system. Even in The Empire Strikes Back the Rebels used Ion Cannons to disable the Star Destroyers over Hoth and didnt actually destroy any of them.

The picture below was a test using a mature level civilization set at tech level 3.
As you can see there are only designs available for bases and stations..... there are no starships or fighters.

My next step is to bring in the X-Wings, the Tie Fighters, freighters, shuttles etc and then the Star Destroyers, Nebulon-B Frigates and The Death Star.

Costs and resources will also be tweaked so that a dozen ships can't be produced in 5 minutes.


Tanaka -> RE: Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (11/30/2018 3:20:48 AM)

Your mod on display:

rjord2021 -> RE: Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (12/21/2018 7:22:52 PM)



Your mod on display:

Thanks for that Tanaka........

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (12/21/2018 7:37:25 PM)

What will be in the next update early next year....

As powerful warriors the Gungans are in the mod and they have been tweaked to make them less irritating to those who did not like them so much.

For their appearance I have been adding the Gungan dialog into the mod using the proper Gungan language.

For Example:
"Gungans is big warriors and weesa is no worri by da biig Empire. Weesa ready to fight thesa."

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (alpha 1.0) (12/22/2018 8:43:19 PM)

What will be in the next update early next year....

The finished graphics for the Gungans......


Rising-Sun -> RE: Star Wars (12/22/2018 9:42:42 PM)

Looking good, how much progress have you gotten this so far? I wouldn't mind going back playing DW again, something different of course.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/9/2019 8:36:19 PM)

In the next update......

The next version of the mod has significant updates and will become Beta Version 1.0

In the Empire Strikes Back two creatures were introduced in the asteroid field which threatened the Millennium Falcon.
The Mynocks and Giant Space Slugs have been added to the mod with the next update.

While I am happy with the Mynocks the Space Slugs are still too small so still working on them.

Silvermist has also been changed to Redmist..... the color signifying the same color associated with the Dark Side of the Force.

Also notice that the asteroid field in the picture below is massive and will be seen in the map that comes with the mod at a later stage.


rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/9/2019 9:00:16 PM)

In the next update......

As a major character Darth Vader currently does not have much time in the mod..... until now.

Darth Vader has now been changed so that he appears more often in the mod.
The Empire will have either the Emperor or Darth Vader leading the Empire.

When Vader is shown as leader this does not mean he has taken the Emperors place. The Emperor is still overall leader but has not made an appearance yet so Vader is seen leading the Imperial forces.

The Emperor was never seen in Episode IV when it came out in 77 and he only appeared from The Empire Strikes Back.

When the Emperor is killed he will be replaced by Vader.... and vice versa. I am considering having Grand Moff Tarkin becoming the 3rd leader after the Emperor and Vader.


rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/9/2019 9:14:52 PM)

At this stage I am working on getting the Empire and Rebel Alliance completed as other races will join one side or another... and major changes are being made to the Death Star with the Rebel Alliance having the task of blowing up the Death Star.

MuscleWizard -> RE: Star Wars (2/9/2019 10:23:28 PM)

Hi guys!

I'm a long time silent lurker of this forum and a fan of Star Wars. I decided to sign up to share some files with you.
I prefer long sandbox games with huge research costs and I edited some files for this purpose. I altered the stats of the races (excluding Guardians of the Whills, Disciples of the Whills, Yuzzum and Talz, because I don't play with them at all) and altered the government stats, so Republics, Technocracies and Democracies have a much smaller technological edge.
I also replaced most race pictures and used 3d models (mostly from Battlefront 2 or SWTOR), because they fit better into DW:U.

And I put a 15x15 grid over a star wars galaxy map, so you can determine the starting position of each race easier.

Here are the mod files: mediafire . com / file / b7l54j35mhkwyc2 / ModMod . rar
Here is the map: mediafire . com / file / 1pn7u3z97n9um25 / Map . jpg

Just remove the spaces before and after the slashes and dots. I am not allowed to post links as a new user.

have fun guys!


If some actually uses these files, you can leave feedback, so maybe I can correct some mistakes I made.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/10/2019 9:41:33 AM)

In the next update.....

The Executor Class Star Destroyer .... the Executor, flagship of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.
Work in progress....


Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Star Wars (2/11/2019 12:48:19 AM)

the above corrected links from MuscleWizard:

Here are the mod files:

Here is the map:

for MuscleWizard: I think that you should post those links in a specific thread.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/11/2019 9:51:06 AM)

Hi MuscleWizard .......

It is going to get very confusing if you post your modifications of my mod in this thread. I have no problem with you modding it to your own tastes but would you be able to put in your own thread and also please specify that your mod is a modification of my mod.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/11/2019 9:58:27 AM)

I have finished all ships for the following races:

- Wookiee
- Zabrak
- The Hutt
- Twi’lek
- Togruta
- Rodian
- Mon Calamari

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/11/2019 5:16:02 PM)

The next 2 weeks work will include the 100% overhaul of the research and components used in Distant Worlds Universe.
This will add Star Wars technology to the mod.

For example, the first thing being modified is Hyperdrive technology

The big change here is that Warp Field Precursors have been removed from the mod and you don't explore to find the technology. Exploration of the local system is now looking for resources and other planets in the system that can be colonized.

To achieve Hyperdrive you need to research.
In this case you want to take control of research and give priority to Hyperdrive Theory.

During your research you will discover:
- the hyperdrive motivator that C-3PO talked about
- The need for gamma radiation needed for the hyperdrive motivator to work
- The need to build the hyperdrive using a titanium-chromium compound.
- While you research hyperdrive check your system plans for a source of titanium and chromium to mine

Why do you need a titanium-chromium compound?
This compound was specially designed to allow hyperdrives to withstand the continual stress caused by traveling between the dimensions of realspace and hyperspace. So yes....important to make your hyperdrives with this compound.

Oh... and of course you need protect your ships, crew, and cargo from being crushed by the tremendous acceleration of the hyperdrive jump.

To do this you will need to have inertial dampers.

In this mod the research tree will look very different to how it appears in Distant Worlds Universe Vanilla.

Playing as the Empire it is not simply a matter of beginning to build the Death Star at thye start of the game.
Oh no...not that easy.

To build this Orbital Space Station you are going to need a lot of Quadanium steel to build the stations outer hull.

Where do I get Quadanium steel because I don't have any?
Well you are going to have to go out and find it and hope you don't get blown up by the Rebel Alliance or one of it's allies in the process?

Need a Tie Fighter or two?

You need to research, research and do more research?
Those black wings on the tie-fighter need to be built with 12 solar arrays attached to each wing.
These solar arrays will collect solar energy to power the tie-fighter

You need to research ion engine technology because you need that to produce a SFS P-s3 ion engine
Not only do you need Ion engines for tie fighters but you need this for your first.....

.....Star Destroyer!

Research and compounds is going to be very focused on Star Wars tech and what you need to research or mine in order to combat either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/11/2019 6:23:48 PM)

The Research Tree is split into 3 new categories:

- Weapons and Shields
- Energy and Propulsion
- Industry and Development

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (2/11/2019 8:17:39 PM)

As Hyperdrive and all its requirements are now researched and not found in ruins on another planet I started my testing on how quick it would take to develop Hyperdrive.

With the test game my home planet was extremely close to a large asteroid field and I was horrified to see there were two space slugs similar to that shown below hiding among the asteroids.

To increase the speed of building hyperdrive engines my first task was building a research station.

As the research station was being constructed I noted that my home planet was drifting into the asteroids field and the space slugs took keen interest in my station.

Without defenses I called for military help from mercenaries but if any help was on the way it never arrived in time.

Before my Research Station was destroyed I did note that the increased research speed helped with developing hyperdrive technology faster.

So with my mod one of your earliest priorities is to get the research station active ASAP.


LordMM -> RE: Star Wars (2/21/2019 10:49:08 PM)

I'm loving the SSD. Love that the modding community is still active :D

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (3/2/2019 3:36:11 PM)

I have spent the last few weeks working on the ships used by the various races in the mod.

If I only had Rebels vs the Empire it would be easy but I am also creating the ships for races like the Hutt, Twi’lek, Rodian and more keeping the ships looking like they are Star Wars looking ships.

Some of the ships in the mod were looking a little poor with the quality of picture so I have being updating those too.

Grognerd_INC -> RE: Star Wars (3/2/2019 4:06:28 PM)

I will give it a look, thanks.

rjord2021 -> Star Wars (3/2/2019 7:18:40 PM)

More ships being added in the next version of the mod......

Example The new version of Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer Executor


rjord2021 -> RE: Star Wars (3/2/2019 7:31:57 PM)

A test of creating a Droid Control Ship in 5 minutes....
It looks rough around the edges in the picture below because images here seem to be enlarged...however in the mod the ship is smaller and looks smooth around the edges.


rjord2021 -> Star Wars (3/8/2019 9:46:07 PM)

In the next version of the mod

To play this mod you really need an Artoo unit handy?
You don't have one? I thought every one had one.

Ok.... A change of plans.....

I have been putting together a PDF document which will be included in each of my mods which will explain in detail how to play the mod.

Ideally the mod would be played on a challenging setting but that is your preference.

For example with the Star Wars mod playing as the Rebel Alliance the PDF will explain:

- Design and construction of a space port and why you want to build one early.There is a defense base, three research bases and three sizes of spaceport. Which to choose? I will explain why to pick the small spaceport and why you should delete the large and medium starbases in the design screen and then explain why you first delete all the guns from the small starbase. Are you kidding? My starbase will be defenseless!

- Then after your starbase is built you need to build construction ships.... how many? But before you build you need to design the construction ships you want to build. Since your construction ships do not have hyperdrive yet you don't want them crawling around the solar system at a snails pace. Hence you need to design your ships with as much cruise speed as possible..... but how?

- Oh... speaking of hyperdrive in my Star Wars mod and Warp Drive in my Star Trek mod.... you won't get them by visiting ruins. Get into research and find out how to discover each drive.

- At the start of the mod in the character screen you will see a leader, you may see a general, maybe a scientist, or spy or fleet admiral. Should you just leave them there doing nothing but consuming your money.... or should you do something with them.

- When you start the mod you should check your local system for a habitable planet.... if you find one should you research hyperdrive first or research Colonization first?

- You notice that you have a gas planet in your system.... looks great and keeps any astronomers happy? But shouyld I do anything with it? The answer is yes. Your starbase and ships need fuel and you don't want to run out. Use an exploration ship to visit the gas planet and look for a source of fuel.... if that gas giant doesnt have it go to the next. When you find a source of fuel you then send a construction ship there , build a gas mining station to build up your fuel reserves. Does that gas giant have enough fuel? How can I tell? Maybe I should have setup the gas mining station at another gas giant which has way more fuel.

- The Empire has appeared....!!!!!!! Lots of exclamation points because Princess Leia is worried. What should I do because the Empire hates us.

- I am about to design my first ship and I am thinking of adding the Command Center, Reactor Shields and Fuel Cells first before anything else. Makes good sense right... Command Center first... right. Actually.... no here is how you should design your ships.

1. Always put armor first.
2. Then add Damage Control if you have it.
3. Now add the Command Center, Reactor Shields and Fuel Cells so your shields can start charging.
4. Now add Life Support and Hab Modules.
5. Then everything else. I can add an Energy Collector to my ship because they will give my ship energy without using fuel. Excellent! Actually no.... Energy Collectors use up large amounts of rare resources such as Silicon, Polymer and Chromium and you need those RARE resources for ship building. No energy collectors on ships...use a fuel cell instead and leave the Energy Collectors to your bases instead.

There is so much to this game and I will hopefully have lots of helpful tips included in the How To guide included in my mods.

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