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HAWAIIAN11 -> Diplomacy (3/1/2017 4:47:12 PM)

Spending 125 diplomacy to get either russia or Usa into the war earlier? does this work or is the game mechanics set up that they enter only at a certain time? or has anyone tryed this yet? I played till 1940 and spent 4 chits into the USA spending the 125 each time but the USA percentage is only at 48% , I am just thinking maybe it isn't really worth spendin that early any thoughts?

battlevonwar -> RE: Diplomacy (4/10/2017 8:41:38 PM)

If it works you can lower their % and income and I even think you can lower the convoys till later.(I did some success diplomacy with the USA as the Axis and they didn't come it till into '42) Though if it doesn't work it's expensive. Depends on your overall strategy! Try one thing, try another...

Never tried USSR and I have no clue what Pearl Harbor does for USA war readiness!

vonik -> RE: Diplomacy (4/10/2017 11:35:59 PM)

I guess you are talking as Allied . Well the megatons you'll spend can win you a few months but they can also do nothing . Pure luck .
These MPP, and UK has not many, are better spent on war material or research .
Now fall-winter 1941 doesn't make really much difference .
It is the time when mud and snow block Axis in Russia anyway so that you don't really care whether the US DoW one month earlier or one month later .

battlevonwar -> RE: Diplomacy (4/11/2017 12:52:25 AM)

What about Convoys though Vonik? Every little bit counts and I've been neck deep in Barbarossa just a few thousand MPPs would have turned the tide? Of course, getting the USA in before Pearl Harbor seems rare ...

vonik -> RE: Diplomacy (4/11/2017 11:05:31 AM)


ORIGINAL: battlevonwar

Of course, getting the USA in before Pearl Harbor seems rare ...

That .
I did a few games from 39 to 41 against AI just to check . The probability seems so low that advancing the DoW 1 or 2 turns is not worth the huge spending .

Seminole -> RE: Diplomacy (4/11/2017 5:12:00 PM)

My first play through as the Allies I decided I'd strategically treat France as a lost cause and I right off the bat had France and England maximize USA diplomacy. The US joined the war by the summer of 1940. Made it too easy.

PJL1973 -> RE: Diplomacy (4/11/2017 6:39:06 PM)

I'm not sure spending diplomacy on the US is wasted. After all once the US is fully mobilised even 5-10 turns earlier, that's an extra 300MP per turn or so. That totals up to an extra 1500-3000MP. Factor in that the US can send up to 30% of the MPP to the UK, that means potentially the UK can get up to 500-1000MP extra. So I think investing up to 4 chits in diplomacy on the US is probably worth it for the UK.

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