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TheBattlefield -> Sound modification error (2/9/2017 12:47:55 PM)

In the course of my work on the Rise & Fall project, I found that the "campaign.ini" command "#CUSTOM_SOUND= 1" has no effect. I had already noticed something similar with the "music" command. A counter test with my "B.E. - Elite Forces" mod confirmed this error. Obviously, all sound-relevant "campaingn.ini" commands are without a function.


Would it be possible to create a slightly shorter-term error solution in this problem area? Thank you!


TheBattlefield -> RE: Sound modification error (2/10/2017 9:49:15 AM)

Of course, I have exactly adhered to the specifications of the manual (page 145)! And I already have a little experience dealing with modifications...I think.

TheBattlefield -> RE: Sound modification error (2/11/2017 1:35:16 PM)

Thread moved over to "Tech Support"...[8|]

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