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Gweilch -> Sound (1/28/2017 9:08:24 AM)

Hello. I need advise. How can i add sound of rocketīs, shell explosions, etc... When i play there is no sounds of war. Thanks

mikmykWS -> RE: Sound (1/28/2017 1:00:33 PM)

First try going to Game->Game Options->Sounds Tab to make sure they're turned on.

If you don't hear any sounds or music at all and both are checked off it could be that you need windows media player. You can get that at microsoft.

If you ever want to change sounds you can. The files are located here C:\Matrix Games\Command Modern Air Naval Operations\Sound and if you look under the effects folder you'll see a bunch of mp.3 files named after the events that trigger them. Just add your own and rename.

You may want to look into sea hag as well which is a sound mod put together but a brilliant community member. Info on that here:



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