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giantsquid -> AAR: Operation Titleist 2017 - France vs China (1/10/2017 5:35:12 PM)

Great scenario, I loved it.
The French navy must enforce a sea blockade around Mauritius Island after a Chinese coup and bring equipment to Reunion Island.
As stated in the briefing the French forces are too limited to easily attack the Chinese navy in the area, equipped with powerful type-52C DDG, type-54 FFG, submarines and a J-15 Flanker squadron.
Here is my approach to remove the enemy forces in small incremental attack.

I used the Rafale as recon platforms, thanks to their excellent ELINT suite and sensors. I evaded the confrontation with J-15 to prevent too many losses. But there is game changer: the 16 SCALP-ER cruise missiles on Horizon DDG coming from the north with French reinforcements. I have good intel on the Chinese base and SAM placement so I planned my moves

1. launch all SCALP on enemy airports. The missiles approach from the mountain at north of the airports, evading other SAM, ships and planes in the area. The SAM battery at the airport is not even able to react. Hangars, runaway intersections, fuel dumps and SAM battery are destroyed. No more J-15; I can maneuver freely with my planes.
2. 6 Rafale attack the Chinese LPD and type-54 FFG not far from the airport with 36 Hammer gliding bombs, killing them both.
3. The French task force, with the ASW escort NH-90 choppers, is now close to Reunion island and only visible Chinese is the Type-52C that I cannot attack with the Rafale weapons. Its defensive power is too strong.
4. A chineese sub attacks the french formations with some C803 missiles. They are shot down and enemy sub persecuted and killed by one of the choppers.
5. French formation attack the Chinese DDG with 24 Exocet and 6 Hammer from Rafale, killing it, but one Rafale is lost to SAM
6. A new Chinese ship, Sovremenny, is discovered. A new attack with 4 Exocet from Floral FF class and 6 Hammer from Rafale, but Grizzly SAM take them all. Iím now unable to attack anymore because of lack of weapons, so I leave it alone. It didnít try to come too close to my ships.
7. French cargo ship unloads in the port and I got an Average victory.

If the Chinese Sovremenny would have attacked my ships in the end I probably would not have any way to stop it without loads Exocets. Rafale only have short range weapon and LGB left. The Chinese ship can use SAM in surface combat and has powerful 130mm guns outranging my weapons.

Great scenario. Thanks Primarchx!

Primarchx -> RE: AAR: Operation Titleist 2017 - France vs China (1/10/2017 7:53:52 PM)

Glad you enjoyed it and well played! I used the same SCALP attack on the airfield, plotting them to use the mountains for cover and wiping out the J-15s. I think once the Type 54 gets its' SAMs working that will be a bit more challenging but still viable attack.

Hopefully this mod will be one where you have to use all your units and utilize some patience to succeed .

giantsquid -> RE: AAR: Operation Titleist 2017 - France vs China (1/11/2017 10:37:47 AM)

Yes, you are right. That's why I sunk easily the Type-54, making an overkill with the IIR Hammer gliding bombs.
Probably you can make chineese ship more aggressive and add an SSN to the french side or more weapons to Rafales.
Anyway I really liked it.


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