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Seminole -> Diplomacy is France's best weapon. (1/9/2017 3:15:35 AM)

Tried a game as the Allies after playing 6 months as each side to get a feel for the game.
Decided France is undefendable and that the best expenditure of early Allied MPP would be getting more Allies. Focused first on maximizing USA, and had them join the war by the summer of '40, then concentrated efforts on USSR and they joined Allies by May '41.
The increased mobilization is more than a payback for the early investment.
Still had time to reinforce French Army to max strength and fall back in good enough order to delay German victory relative to historical.

Malor -> RE: Diplomacy is France's best weapon. (1/12/2017 6:51:22 PM)

Sounds like a great but gamey plan. It's like using the French navy in suicide missions because you know they are going away sometime.

I would expect the French morale to take a huge hit if MPPs are not being spent on defense spending. Perhaps something to consider for a future patch.


hellraiser1973 -> RE: Diplomacy is France's best weapon. (4/23/2017 5:57:42 PM)

yep, the OP is right. France is a lost cause so she can use the mpps for diplo. IMHO, they shouldnt be allowed to invest chits in diplomacy because with some lucky strikes, it might be game over for the axis player.

Leadwieght -> RE: Diplomacy is France's best weapon. (4/27/2017 2:39:44 AM)

Using France's MPP's for diplo chits can be very effective when playing against the AI, which pretty much follows a historical timetable when attacking France. But I think it could be a disastrous strategy against an alert human player, who would surely notice the French outlay on diplo and hurry up his attack accordingly, confident that the French defense would be thin on the ground.

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