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wolf14455 -> launcher give error on "check for updates" ? (1/5/2017 4:33:40 PM)

Be on off this game for awhile, waiting for some sort multiplayer/ai oponent. Was checking in december and today for latest update. Is it dead?

davidachamberlain -> RE: launcher give error on "check for updates" ? (1/5/2017 4:59:05 PM)

The updates that have been available are Public Beta. Those are not retrieved for the Updater.

They are still worth getting though. You will just need to download the file for 2.3.0 (from the Members area) and execute it to make the update. You can find Steve's email with the patch for 2.3.1

The final version of the updates which would replace those will be 3.0 but won't be available till later this month (or possibly February).

AI is still some ways off.

2-Player Netplay is mostly good, but 3-6 player probably won't be ready till 2nd half of this year, if prioritized ahead of AI).


wolf14455 -> RE: launcher give error on "check for updates" ? (1/5/2017 5:41:05 PM)

Ok, got it. Thanx Dave.

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