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avgard -> Opponent Wanted (1/1/2017 12:50:27 PM)

Looking to pbm. Intermediate player.

mikemcmann -> RE: Opponent Wanted (1/2/2018 1:52:05 AM)

I used to play very often and just was starting to play again.

I would love an opponent if you are up for it?

I am in Eastern Standard Time Zone USA. But, I am often on my PC and could turn several turns a day likely depending on how fast you wish to go.

Let me know :)


Toni Ailton -> RE: Opponent Wanted (3/21/2018 10:15:53 PM)


I am playing GGWAWD for a few years now, but never played a human player. I'm desperately searching for opponents and just stumbled over these forums. Is anybody else still searching for opponents or is this game as dead as it seems?

Please contact me [:)]

rjh1971 -> RE: Opponent Wanted (3/21/2018 10:24:23 PM)

Hi Toni I haven't played in a long time, but we could start a Pbem game, I'll let you choose side and scenario.
Send me the save to rjh1971atgmaildotcom

PyleDriver -> RE: Opponent Wanted (8/12/2018 8:12:33 PM)

I'm looking for an Allied opponent. Global glory 1939.

Veloz -> RE: Opponent Wanted (9/11/2018 7:57:07 PM)


need an opponent; THERMY camoní..compra te lo..and we play

Veloz -> RE: Opponent Wanted (9/22/2018 8:54:46 AM)


avgard -> RE: Opponent Wanted (2/17/2019 8:28:39 PM)

Happy to play. Let me know.

avgard -> RE: Opponent Wanted (11/17/2019 11:01:10 AM)

Sure, I am up for a game.

avgard -> RE: Opponent Wanted (11/17/2019 11:03:49 AM)

Hey Jon, I see you like other gg games. Been a while since we play WBTS. But, I am up for been the allies in the global glory scenario. Hope you are doing well. Regards.

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