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demyansk -> Tech that Died in 2016 (12/25/2016 11:29:52 PM)

First slide is the vas tape. Do you remember when they first came out and all the stores. Now, most of those stores are fitness centers.

Kuokkanen -> RE: Tech that Died in 2016 (12/26/2016 3:46:03 PM)

I call BS! See this here:

BlackBerry Phones (1999-2016)
BlackBerry introduced the world to a truly revolutionary concept: Sending emails and surfing the Web... FROM YOUR POCKET! Whaaaa?!

Oh really now?

szmike -> RE: Tech that Died in 2016 (12/26/2016 5:03:47 PM)

Living under the rock, I've never heard about most of them. Good riddance they're dead already, weren't worth my attention apparently. [8D]

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