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freeboy -> 42 start ? (12/8/2016 2:57:12 PM)

I find the 42 start an amazing push forward from where I can reach as the Germans..

seems my games have a depleted german army.. hummm.. user error but honestly, not my first game and playing on level intermediate..

Yogol -> RE: 42 start ? (12/10/2016 2:49:08 PM)

The 1942 scenario should be a good indicator to where you should be in 1942 when you play the 1939 scenario. Yes, it's pretty far, but if you want to win the war, you'll need to be there in 1942, else you'll get slaughtered come D-Day.

freeboy -> RE: 42 start ? (12/10/2016 9:45:27 PM)

I find myself further with less troops, its a symptom

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