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Witti44 -> Matrixversion on Steam (12/4/2016 4:31:25 PM)


I bought the Inferno Campagain yesterday on Matrix but I can't get on Slitherine a steamkey for it, only for Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations. Is it possible to play it on Steam too without buying it on steam again?

hazxan -> RE: Matrixversion on Steam (9/11/2017 6:47:41 PM)

I'm wondering exactly the same. I just got my Steam key for Command, but was surprised to see none for Northern Inferno.

That's a bit of pointless duplication if we have to run both versions just to access Steam Workshop on one and Northern Inferno on the other.

mikkey -> RE: Matrixversion on Steam (9/11/2017 7:19:30 PM)

Guys, IIRC Matrix/Slitherine key for Northern Inferno is directly compatible also for Steam. You do not need request it from Slitherine site.

Witti44 -> RE: Matrixversion on Steam (9/12/2017 12:39:53 PM)

Oh really! :O

Thx for the information :) Now I have it on steam :)

hazxan -> RE: Matrixversion on Steam (9/12/2017 7:02:26 PM)

Solved it. On my Slitherine account, when I selected "My Games with Steam Keys" it only listed CMANO. When I selected just "My Games", then Northern Inferno appeared and although the Steam Key value is blank, the Matrix key is actually the steam key. So it's a slight quirk in the product key that confused me - it doesn't take much [:)]

mikkey -> RE: Matrixversion on Steam (9/12/2017 8:06:06 PM)

You are welcome, enjoy it.

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