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Mobius -> Three Types of Minefields. (12/2/2016 4:06:45 PM)

With some work three types of minefields can be made for a map - scenario.
A map - scenario designer can produce three types of minefields.

1. A hidden minefield. This up to now has been the type the game uses. This is a minefield that only the owning player knows the location. The enemy player only finds it's location when his troops stumble into it. This type of minefield is made in the scenario editor.

2. A marked minefield. This is consists of 'minefield' terrain with a scenario editor minefield on it. The 'minefield' terrain has to be made using a paint program to edit the terrain map file used in MapMaker. Then when a scenario is made using the map a minefield is placed over this terrain. The LOS rubber-band will show 'minefield' when moved over this terrain.

3. Lastly a fake mine field can also be made. This is just terrain painted as in #2 to be minefield but no minefield is placed there in the game's scenario. Of course playing the scenario a few time players may recognize which minefield are fake and not.

rickier65 -> RE: Three Types of Minefields. (12/2/2016 6:04:52 PM)

I never actually thought about being able to do the different types of minefields. It always bothers me when i stumble into a minefield as I'm never sure what I can do.


Mobius -> RE: Three Types of Minefields. (12/2/2016 7:40:26 PM)

There should be a fourth type of minefield. It would be a forgotten minefield.[X(]
Day one of the Northern Kursk battle the Ferdinands heading for Ponyri negotiated through cleared paths in German minefields except one. They ran into one of their own. The Germans had mis-marked it or forgot about it, but 4 Ferdinands were lost to their own mines.

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