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LJBurstyn -> GD1938 Game 27 (12/1/2016 8:16:37 PM)

Japan and China continue their warfare. Meanwhile the rest of the world prepares for the inevitable war.

Tophat1815 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (12/6/2016 10:53:00 PM)

You starting a new game or is this one already filled out with players?

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (1/7/2017 5:09:10 AM)

The German High Command has long sought to bring all German speaking peoples under one flag. Since the Great Otto Von Bismark almost completed the task, Der Fuhrer felt compelled to finish the task.

At the risk of upsetting our very friendly and peace loving neighbors, France and the UK, Germany launched a surprise attack on Poland. And in an amazing stunt of compassion for the Cause, Poland has thrown down her arms and joined the German nation! Let all German speaking peoples be included in one nation...and some Pols.

Peace shall continue with the main powers.

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (1/23/2017 4:14:46 PM)

Gents, can we get a check in and see who is here and still wants to play this game?

gazfun -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (1/27/2017 9:51:23 PM)

Gents Ive played to completion 2 GD1938 games and I know whats involved in regards to commitment. Having increased commitment for 2017 in other areas of my life, I find that I cannot in all conscience continue as your Soviet player in this game.
Thanks for letting me play up till now. Have a great game
I will inform the new payer what I was working on

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (1/28/2017 2:08:14 AM)

cpdeyoung has taken over for Russia. Play on.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/5/2017 10:10:10 PM)

25 July 1938

With the change in the Politburo it can now be revealed that Stalin was ill during the important early stages of the conflict.

Stalin is now back in charge and the "Boss" has set the USSR on an independent path. The deal made between Germany-Italy and the Soviet Union was disadvantageous to the Motherland. The USSR respects the power of the Axis, but will no longer be guided by them.

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/10/2017 2:00:37 PM)


This game is getting out of hand with the time issue. I am in contact with Lion of Juddah, Cpdeyoung, Larry and Rufus. We contact each other and stay in communication via emails or the forums email. Turns started going quicker once we notified each other of a turn up. I am sorry to say that Falco is taking 4-6 days per turn and is not responding to forum mail or forum posts. This game simply won't last if we are going to have that sort of involvement. Does anyone know him well and maybe want to talk with him? If not, plan?

falco148 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/12/2017 7:25:31 AM)

This particular game has been slow right from the outset. Hasn't been just me. Sorry but unlike yourself I'm not perfect. Had some work-related issues which have consumed much
of my time this week. That why I took about 6 days this time but that certainly hasn't been the case every time.

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/12/2017 2:16:30 PM)

No worries, I am just glad you are here. I worked out a system with Lion of Judah so he knows when the turns are up. I'm certainly not perfect, lol. And it isn't personal. Games that have turns that take a real long time just don't make it. That's ALL.

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/12/2017 3:19:17 PM)

The Germans did not want war with GB/France, but alas, the German people are settling in for a long and bloody fight. Offensive operations began on the sea.

The Germans have launched attacks on a combined British and French fleet in the Channel. German loses are 3 destroyers and 2 subs while the Allies lost 4 CA, 4 CL, 19 DD, and 2 subs.

Meanwhile, the Wehrmacht finished wrapping up the Czech question.

The only major problem in Europe is the Russian question...will be there be lasting peace since the breakdown of the alliance?

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/12/2017 10:11:03 PM)

22 August 1938

The USSR was surprised the Germans did not accept the Soviet offer of peace. The Red Army moved to guard our borders and chose positions that were available with causing any casualties to German troops.

As the Germans are at war with us we accepted the British offer of alliance. As our care to avoid German casualties shows the USSR is a peaceful nation, and our peace offer to Germany is, of course, still on the table.

Anxious to show his health and vigor, Stalin flew on a grand review of the Red Army. What a pleasure to see 2,513 battalions of well equipped riflemen, 104 squadrons of armored fighting vehicles, artillery, and, overhead, the wings of Red airmen.

We were pleased and humbled to see the devotion to the motherland, proud home of the communist ideal, shown by Red Army troops.

J. Stalin

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/15/2017 1:50:08 PM)

19 September 1938

The USSR and Germany have agreed to a period of peace lasting one year. Certain adjustments are being made to the border lines in the east.

When the General Secretary returned to office after his illness he took matters in hand rapidly. The German Chancellor pointed out some decisions Germany had made when the Nazi-Soviet pact was in force that were very difficult to rectify. The Soviet Union still has major policy differences with Germany, but we do not want to be dishonorable. The one year cooling off period will solve this problem

The USSR will not be wasting this time period, and will continue to build forces to defend the motherland in this dangerous world.

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/18/2017 6:13:28 PM)

Oct 1938

The German High Command has made peace with the Russians for a 1 year period. Perhaps the ideological differences between Germany and Russia can be worked out...

The Km sortied from port and attacked the RN in the North Sea. The KM lost 4 subs, but did some devastating damage to the RN, sending to the bottom of the sea 10 DD, 4 subs, 3 BB I, 5 CL I, 3 CA I, 1 CV Courageous.

Meanwhile, The German High Command is tired of the British government attempting to overthrow Austria and Hungary. Austria/Hungary are basically allies of the Reich and these British attempts can no longer be stomached. In retaliation for the British arrogance The Wehrmacht launched an attack through Belgium to get at the French. Every British ally is now a target.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/19/2017 12:37:11 AM)

17 October 1938

The Finnish people have determined that the Soviet leadership is different from the Tsar, and have joined the Russian people in a close defensive pact. Finnish armed forces have been integrated into the Red Army.

The coming of peace has allowed the Five Year Plan to move forward including a new specialized factory currently producing trucks and transport.

The violation of Belgian neutrality helps the Germans "get at the French". This is an explanation from men who respect no international agreements. It is an explanation that excuses nothing. Again the Germans attack a peaceful people who trusted a German's word. The Soviet Union knows the Germans will carefully examine the Red Army defenses on the joint border. The strength of Soviet Defenses is the only guarantee against German perfidy.

Just as in 1914, the word of Germany means nothing


cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/20/2017 11:41:55 PM)

14 November 1938

The Soviet Union enjoys the fruits of peace.

A new year approaches.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (2/21/2017 7:13:47 PM)

The Japanese in a desperate bid to replace the supplies the USA used to provide launch a war against the British oppressors in the Orient. The Orient is far from Britain and deserve to be free. We will be glad to welcome any nation into the free trade area of the Orient.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (3/1/2017 11:59:04 PM)

12 December 1938

The Soviet Union continues to improve our defenses. This included some new fortified areas.

The Soviet peoples wish a Happy New Year to all men of good will.

lordlau1 -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (3/5/2017 7:39:59 PM)

Germany has taken Antwerp and Lille from the French with very little losses. French forces seem to be lacking supply and are retreating quickly.

The British subs were ambushed in the North Sea. Results were mixed, however, supporting Wolfpacks showed up and sunk many British subs.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (3/16/2017 12:51:20 AM)

6 February 1939

Both Turkey and Mongolia have joined the Soviet Union. The workers of the world realize their interests are best served by the government of the people.

Because of a shaky start our production is not where it should be. We have a new Five Year Plan in place which should rectify this.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (3/25/2017 4:58:44 PM)

6 March 1939

The USSR would like to invite the people of Lithuania to join our union. They will be welcomed by their Baltic sister soviets, and by the Russian and Finns who live on the shores of the Baltic.

The Turks were sorry to see the Bulgarians ally with Italy and have moved border defenses forces to improve security at the straits.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/1/2017 4:32:04 AM)

3 April 1939

The USSR continues to pursue the peaceful activities as laid out in our Five Year Plan. This plan is formulated to bring well being and strength to the motherland.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/1/2017 4:50:54 PM)

Japanese forces continue our war against the Chinese killers. Advances are slow and costly in lives on both sides. But at least now we are getting more supplies so that we can continue the campaign.

lion_of_judah -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/6/2017 1:38:07 PM)

France is holding her own for now, but is wondering where the British are. Yes Britain has attack German forces with her airforce, but what France needs are ground troops. The British Government was aghast at how quickly her fleet was reduced severely by German ships and subs. Now an argument is brewing in the House of Commons on what to do next, there is even calls for a ceasefire but so far Churchill has fought off all attempts at this.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/9/2017 2:48:31 AM)

1 May 1939

The Soviet Union enjoys peace, and wishes all a Happy May Day!

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/14/2017 5:16:02 PM)

More Chinese-Japanese conflict but no real news.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/14/2017 5:54:59 PM)

29 May 1939

The Soviet Union continues to improve infrastructure as we form more mechanized combined arms formations.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/21/2017 2:38:58 AM)

26 June 1939

The USSR has converted to a more flexible structure for mechanized forces. As these mechanized armies mature the older equipment will be sent in to stiffen infantry formations. Our intention is to have nothing but first line units in the tank corps.

We are pleased with the progress made since the change of leadership.

lion_of_judah -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/23/2017 2:28:06 PM)

The RAF destroyed a German HQ unit in hopes of helping the French. British ground forces have now entered the conflict on the European mainland. The Royal navy in the Atlantic is in shambles

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 27 (4/27/2017 1:36:25 AM)

24 July 1939

The USSR is pleased to be at peace, but the period of negotiated quiet with Germany, and Italy, is coming to an end.

This does not mean a certain war, but we will be watching the Axis very closely.

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