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crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/3/2019 7:19:24 PM)



Dropbox version here

C:\Users\glavi\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Strategic Command WWII - War in Europe\Campaigns\FallWeissDLC\_Fall Weiss II - 20

Now its not listed in mods at all

The highlighted shouldn't be there, when you unzip the dropbox file it should be unzipped into the "Campaigns" Folder directly (italicized for reference)

GTMOON51 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/4/2019 11:31:43 PM)


This does not work for me

ReinerAllen -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/5/2019 12:54:52 AM)

My friend had the same problem. I told him to copy the entire file and place in your user documents folder ("my games") into the campaign file. Than, copy the .cgn file and paste it outside the campaign folder. I'm not why that works, but now my friend and I play the mod multiplayer.

GTMOON51 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/5/2019 7:52:19 AM)

thanks for the help

I must be an idiot because I cant get it to work

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/5/2019 1:26:55 PM)

I'll include a *Read Me* with installation instructions when I upload the next version. Which is essentially done, just tinkering a bit.

ArmouredLion -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/9/2019 5:21:12 PM)

Don't feel bad... I installed it once and now I'm screwing it up and can't figure it out... can anyone diagnosis this monkey's issue?


crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/29/2019 4:36:30 AM)

Another update, final changes listed at the bottom. This is a massive update but is ready! I just want get a Read Me file in there for those having issues installing, I'll write that tomorrow and upload once done.

Previous announced changes since 2.0:

- USSR begins with Anti-Tank I
- Removed USSR Anti-Tank Chit
- Tank Divisions will have 10% Demoralization attack value (increased from 0%)
- Fixed German and Soviet NM bonus/penalty upon beginning of Barbarossa
- Amended Anti-Tank base soft/hard attack value to 1.5 (from 1)
- Amended Anti-Tank soft/hard attack value increments from Anti-Tank Research from 1 per level to 0.5 per level
- Increased USA mobilization from Pearl Harbor from 15-20% to 25%-30%
- Added British Empire Reinforcements in Canada upon successful Sealion (Axis control Southern Britain)
- Added scripts for the British Empire Reinforcements to support US attempt to liberate UK
- New UK Decision Event for Operation Sledgehammer or Operation Overlord (will only fire if conditions are met early 43')
- Some amendments to NM events on the Eastern Front around the end of 41'
- Added popup for Sweden (leans to Axis) after receiving military aircraft from Italy
- Fixed Vichy France Joins Axis text
- Variable Decision Event for Vichy France to join the Axis will only occur if UK does not recognize Vichy France
- Removed German chit in Advanced Tanks
- Reduced German Garrisons build limits by 2
- Reduced German Infantry Corps build limits by 1
- Reduced German Infantry Division build limits by 4
- Increased German Infantry Army build limits by 1
- UK will no longer have the opportunity to send Lease Lease to UK if the Turkish Straits were occupied by USSR
- New German Morale penalty to occur once the Allies have established themselves in France, prior to taking Paris
- New German Decision Event to prepare for Soviet winter 42'
- If Moscow is occupied the USSR will transfer additional forces from Siberia
- If Turkey joins the Axis via Turkish Strait Crisis, the USSR will deploy 2 Infantry Corps and 1 Mountain Division near the Turkish border in the Caucasus
- The Maikop Oilfield will be permanently destroyed upon Axis capture
- Italian NM will be penalized by about 15% of starting value upon war entry, to slowly recover over 16 turns After French surrender (updated)
- Soviet NM will be penalized by about 20% of starting value upon war entry, to slowly recover over the first 10 turns of 1942
- Increased Axis oil shortages supply events maximum variable by 1 for effected resources
- Shock Armies have De-entrenchment value of 2
- Soviet Infantry Divisions, Mechanized Divisions, Infantry Corps and Infantry Armies now have the same base stats and upgrades as all other Majors
- Italian Infantry Armies now have the same base stats and upgrades as all other Majors
- USSR Infantry Weapons now max level II
- USSR Infantry Weapons starting value reverted to Level 0
- Mechanized Corps, Tank Corps, Tank Armies, Fighters, Maritime Bombers and Strategic Bombers now have 2 strikes/intercept as base stat
- Overhauled the "Warfare" research categories to remove double strike/intercept automatic upgrade, and included new category Ballistic Warfare.
- Infantry Warfare, Armoured Warfare, Aerial Warfare, Naval Warfare, Ballistic Warfare now increases only the morale bonus of the applicable units by 5% per level. Each category can reach maximum level III.
- Amended the majors warfare categories upon game start to represent each majors strength (i.e. Germany has Armoured Warfare II, Naval Warfare 0, UK has Armoured Warfare 0, Naval Warfare II)
- Added a half strength French Heavy Artillery unit behind the Maginot Line
- New Research category - Tank Production; which increases the build limit of Tank Divisions and Tank Corps by 1 per level
- New Research category - Aircraft Production; which increases the build limit of Fighters and Medium Bombers by 1 per level
- Amended/updated the research category description text in game
- Amended AI research scripts
- Yugoslavia will only have a 50% chance of joining the Axis if surrounded by Axis countries (which is a result of Greece joining the Axis)
- Increased Upgrade Cost of USSR Infantry by 15%
- Amended AI Middle East Unit slightly
- Reduced USSR Mobilization Penalty of France banning the Communist Party to 2-3%
- Amended new Warfare research categories to 75-125 MPP based on importance
- Added a small/moderate NM bonus to USSR units in and adjacent to Leningrad year round if supplies are shipped via decision
- Added Insignia to Finland Decision Event Text
- Soviet HQ and 1st Fighters are now in the Production Que to avoid being disbanded for early MPP
- Fixed a scenario where Portuguese imports to Germany was not working
- Amended Finnish Anti-Tank Decision event so that Finland will receive 1 full strength Anti-Tank rather then 2 half strength
- Added USSR NM helper (1943-44)
- UK (AI) to receive a morale boost after successful D-Day
- Added some limited Allied AI unit scripts if they are far behind objectives in 1944 based on alignment of Moscow, Stalingrad, London and Paris
- Due to lower Infantry Build Limits, and to assist with the German defensive end game, a half strength Infantry Corps at Berlin will deploy anytime after 1943 when the following cities are liberated/held by the Allies - Moscow, Paris, Brussels, Smolensk, Kiev, Riga, Odessa.

- Amended Malta and Crete Supply Scripts (same as developer update)
- Amended USSR Scorch Earth (same as developer update)
- USSR is now non-cooperative (same as developer update)
- Minors are now attachable (same as developer update)
- Amended some guard scripts (Germany, Finland)
- Amended many Decision Event AI Popups so that they will now display in PBEM
- Amended German AI Diplomacy
- UK Reinforcing Greek (Decision Event) will now also effect supply of Alexandria Ports (one time)
- Removed some double popups
- Added some AI National Morale Helper scripts (Germany, USSR, UK)
- Increased Demoralization increment of Strategic Bombers from 5% to 10%
- Added Popup Event to advise if Extended game play was agreed upon or not
- UK and USA will now receive a 10% National Morale boost upon liberation of France
- Amended Attack Values of Tactical and Medium Bombers
- Ground Attack Weapons can now be researched to 5 levels
- All Warfare Categories can now be researched to 5 levels
- Increased France Infantry Warfare to Level 1
- Increased USA Ground Attack Weapons to Level 1
- Increased USSR Ground Attack Weapons to Level 1
- Increased Italy Aerial Warfare to Level 1

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/30/2019 3:25:16 AM)

Version 3.7 released

See previous post for full list of changes, installation instructions included.

David Hansen -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (9/30/2019 4:00:04 PM)

Thanks to Crispy for the latest version 3.7!

FWIW-after a couple of tries to get 3.7 recognized by WIE....given the above installation issues...I'll share what I did/learned for a successful install.
After d/l the file...BEFORE attempting to extract the mod to the campaign folder...double click on the FWII 3.7 you will see two sub files...Fall Weiss II-WIE 3.7 and Fall Weiss II-WIE 3.7.cgn.
Highlight BOTH of these sub files and THEN extract to the Campaign folder.
This worked for me.

smckechnie -> RE: Fall Weiss II (10/6/2019 2:48:56 PM)

Trying to load this module into strategic command campaigns.

Can't get it to work. I have file in campaigns folder, but it doesn't show up as an option.

I have tried to open it in the editor, but no luck.

Any ideas? I use Steam as the provider. I wonder if that is an issue.

BillRunacre -> RE: Fall Weiss II (10/7/2019 4:24:11 PM)

There are two Campaigns folders, one where the official campaigns are, and the other where the mods go.

They have to be put in here (changing username to the equivalent your side):

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Strategic Command WWII - War In Europe\Campaigns

ArmouredLion -> RE: Fall Weiss II (10/14/2019 7:28:21 PM)

I'm might be misguided, but I thought Italians and German stagg can link up? If not why is my supply saying 6 but it's registering as 3 in Africa?
Can't post the image... thought there was an unload button somewhere...

ArmouredLion -> RE: Fall Weiss II (10/14/2019 11:05:56 PM)

Ahh found out the reason... didn't know only Germans can supply all aircraft... yeash.


tigercub -> RE: Fall Weiss II (10/16/2019 5:35:34 AM)

non of your install guides have worked i reinstalled the game fully updated it....deleted it put the steam version on...D:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Strategic Command WWII - War In Europe\Campaigns fail...D:Drive > Users > My Profile > Documents > MY Games > SC3 > Campaigns

Possible Trouble shoots:

1) If you can not locate the above "Campaign folder" then open the game editor, create a new campaign and save it with a unique name. Then search your computer for the campaign, and you will have located the "campaign folder" to which the mod can be extracted to.
2) If the mod is not showing up when launching the game and you have the campaign in the correct folder, try opening the mod in the editor and saving.
FAIL note that i am using D: dive if that matters! all failed!
any ideas?

tigercub -> RE: Fall Weiss II (10/16/2019 9:07:17 AM)

got it going and still not sure how! it not as if i never used mods before!

tigercub -> RE: Fall Weiss II (11/9/2019 8:42:45 AM)

USSR Infantry Weapons now max level II, when i start the attack june 1941 all ready level 2 give me a break! don't mind them getting it but before the War starts!!!!!!!and the French are easy to hold on to very late 40 come on the battle of France lasted 46 days!! the weather jump went from early December to March in 1 turn i gave up at that point no chance to recover for Russia!
love the Mod and all the work that went into it! side note put all into Spain from the start with all the things you can do max 3 chits and exta supply from Italy and Germany all random i guess got close to nil 30% 1941 june just saying.


Tzar007 -> RE: Fall Weiss II (11/30/2019 12:06:18 AM)

I initially got the same problem that a couple of the people here are complaining about not being able to start the campaign or even see it as a campaign to select when launching the game after unzipping the campaign in the SC - WIE folder in the My Games folder.

I finally figured out that when you extract the zip file in your Campaign folder, it CREATES a FWII 3.7 folder in the Campaigns folder (see folder highlighted in the image below), in which you have the actual .cgn file and the _Fall Weiss II - WIE 3.7 folder with bitmaps, interface and other stuff required to play the game.

THIS IS WRONG. You do not want a FWII 3.7 folder.

You want your .cgn file and the _Fall Weiss II - WIE 3.7 folder right inside the Campaigns folder, not in an intermediate FWII 3.7 folder. The installation instructions simply say that you need to extract the zip file straight into the Campaigns folder. It should be corrected to say that you want .cgn file and the _Fall Weiss II - WIE 3.7 folder in the Campaigns, and no intermediary FWII 3.7 folder in-between.


Dizzy -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/20/2019 10:47:09 PM)

So which version is best to play this mod on? The WaW version of the Western Theatre Fall Weiss mod or this WiE version? I have both games. Which one is most up to date?

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/20/2019 10:53:29 PM)

WiE is far more up to date and pretty fine tuned, WaW is more work in progress.

Dizzy -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/20/2019 11:01:28 PM)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you!!!!!

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/20/2019 11:11:02 PM)

Your welcome, you will be happy to know then that Iíve slowly been working on another update too, with more decisions and variables to increase replay value. Something to look forward to maybe!

I havenít found any major errors either, the biggest being a double popup so far.

Dizzy -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/22/2019 10:29:35 AM)

Playing the Axis, I had an end turn report for 'VI Mechanized Corps LOCALISATION ERROR' for the USSR on August 5, 1941. Dunno what that is.

Dizzy -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/23/2019 4:46:43 PM)

Playing as the Axis, are they supposed to lose? I had to run like a screaming girl in NA. It was a total rout. Then my advance into Russia got off to a slower than expected start, ground down after some initially spectacular results, but does the USA always enter the war after December 7th, 1941? Or can I keep their mobilization lower to stave off their declaration of war for a while?

Also noticed the Allies seriously have more MPP than the Axis. I figure that's correct historically and by design, but I wasn't prepared for exactly how much more... I swapped sides and looked at total income collected and the allies in mid 1942 were ahead of the Axis by some 20k MPP's. Is that correct? And Italy had been anemic in MPP's from the start, barely collecting more than 150 a turn. I dont think Im playing Italy right.

Are these right? It seems beyond my skill level to overcome these numbers. I mean, with Russia getting almost 1.5 times as much MPP per turn as Germany in mid 1942, how am I supposed to compete with that?

I think I'm doing it all wrong.

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/23/2019 5:40:00 PM)

The game is certainly more challenging vs AI (at least in my opinion) then the default campaign but that is by design.

With my play throughs as Axis Iíve been able to achieve historical results right through December of 1941 at that point the Eastern Front especially gets hard and Iíve most often managed to achieve decisive victory but even I have been pushed back and fought the defensive battle as Germany begins being squeezed at both ends. In this game Germany can win decisively but if that proves impossible victory can still be achieved by simply surviving until the end of 1945 which is in of itself a challenge if the Soviets turn the tide. Most games are a quit once Germany knows they are losing, Fall Weiss II is meant to be played until the very last turn.

Some notes based on your responses;

Italy should find the North African campaign difficult they fared horribly historically, only when the DAK arrives should you have an opportunity to really take the initiative. I would recommend a limited advance pre DAK arrival to put some space between the British and a possible siege of Tobruk. Note the AI will also reinforce this region perhaps more then historically but that is to combat the Axis tendency to do the same.

USA will generally enter the war after Pearl Harbour, there is not much to do to stop them. Slowing their mobilization to have the less prepared is more effective in PBEM then vs Allied AI.

Donít delay Barbarossa, one of the key differences between the campaign and the vanilla is the theme that USSR matters. In vanilla game the USSR can be delayed while other softer objectives are achieved but in this game 1941 is your window to gain the MPP necessary to sustain the Axis war engine. Their are also a number of key trade agreements/events that will help you mid game with MPP and I would recommend researching production and industry.

On the second play through consider what when wrong and how could you tackle that. Good luck!

Dizzy -> RE: Fall Weiss II (12/24/2019 4:51:12 AM)

Thanks, crispy. Good advice. On my second playthru I'm going to be mindful of force marching my units to get them into position faster. I initiated Barbarossa a month behind schedule and that cost me. I also didn't have enough units in place and my Greece invasion stalled due to underestimating the tenaciousness of the defenders. My NA campaign was a total failure, so I'm going to reinforce that more and not be caught so off guard.

I'm going to try with no AI advantage in MPP, Sight or Exp bonus, as I feel I'm still a newb here and I'll see what works and what doesn't. But it is a fun campaign! Thanks for all these extra events and such!

David Hansen -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (1/24/2020 8:18:03 PM)

Is v4.0 out and available?

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (1/26/2020 6:04:07 PM)


ORIGINAL: David Hansen

Is v4.0 out and available?

Hi David, i'm currently playing through a campaign and making some tweaks as I go. There is a large number of changes (new decisions, etc.) so just want to make sure there is no big errors.

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (2/11/2020 1:58:37 PM)

Here is the upcoming list of changes for version 4.1

A number of these changes were made as I progressed through my recent AAR. If anyone has a bug to report or feedback on their experience please let me know, I've only completed about 90% of these so still some time to tweak the next version.

- The Western Allies will now make several considerations of German gains in Soviet territory when deciding whether to attempt D-Day in 1943 or not
- Amended AI diplomacy
- Amended guard scripts for several major cities
- USA AI will now research Anti-Air
- Increased variability of USA AI amphibious invasions in the Mediterranean and Middle East, especially where the Axis are not adequately defending territory
- Some amendments to AI unit scripts

- New German Decision - violation of Swiss Airspace
- New German Decision - assisting the IRA
- New German Decision - Croatian Anti-Partisans
- New German Decision - Military Exports to Sweden
- New UK Decision - Irish Defects
- New UK Decision - occupation of Ireland
- New UK Decision - Invade Axis occupied Egypt from Italian East Africa
This will be a variable decision event (only 2% chance of firing per turn, that is only presented if Italian East Africa is defeated, and Egypt is not well defended)
- Amended German Decision to supply equipment to Romania to now supply a Tank Corps and an Anti-Tank (previously 2 Tank Corps)
- New USSR Decision - Baltic States Gold Reserves
- New USSR Decision - Prioritize Military over Civilians

- Decrease Ballistic Warfare research cost to 50 MPP
- Reduced German Industrial Tech research to 150 MPP
- Reduced Spying & Intelligence to maximum 2 levels

Other Balance changes
- Sweden will reduce Axis leaning mid-war as their military capabilities increase
- German war economy income will intensify if Paris and or Warsaw is in Allied hands later in the war
- Increased German Infantry Division build limit by 6
- Increased German Infantry Corps build limit by 3
- Increased German Mechanized Division build limit by 1
- Added 6 German half strength Infantry Divisions to 1944 Production Que (post historical D-Day)
- Added 3 German half strength Infantry Corps to 1944 Production Que (post historical D-Day)
- German Infantry Armies in Production Que (1941) will arrive at strength 5 (previous 8)
- If the UK loses Malta, Gibraltar, Alexandria or Cairo prior to US war entry then the national morale boost from US war entrance will be higher - Malta/Gibraltar (2.5% boost divided over 5 turns) Alexandria/Cairo (1.25% divided spread over 5 turns) AI will receive double boost.
- Increased plunder from Brussels from 25 MPP to 75 MPP
- Added Germany plunders Netherlands 75 MPP
- The Axis can no longer plunder Stalingrad
- Stalingrad will no longer provide supply to Axis forces if either Saratov or Astrakhan are under Soviet control.
- Increased Soviet Partisan activity in Allied AI and PBEM games

Elessar2 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (2/11/2020 5:08:58 PM)

I conquered Malaya by taking the capital--resulting in the Indian troops I was fighting to all become trapped within my hexes and at zero supply. This doesn't happen in other instances, such as when I take Iraq as the Axis--British controlled hexes before I take the capital remain British controlled.

when I have more time this week I'm going to elaborate on the following rather radical idea: that there should be a LOT more partisan hexes in...welp pretty much everywhere, but most crucially in Russia & China. I'd also switch off the option for Motorization for all non-armor/mech units, and replace said tech with anti-tank, like it was in earlier versions of the game. High level tanks eat infantry division for lunch as it is now.

And that the tech pace should be MUCH lower.

[checks forum] Why are you still working on the Euro game engine, and not the newer WaW one?

crispy131313 -> RE: Fall Weiss II - Version 20 - (Ready for Download) (2/11/2020 6:19:00 PM)

The difference between Malaya and Iraq is that Iraq was liberated . When a nation surrenders for the first time then the result is what you see in Malaya.

I appreciate the feedback on the WaW mod, one of the reasons it's been on the back burner is that it's a very long campaign and difficult to play test without feedback/reports of how things are balanced or especially if there are any errors, of which I'm not aware of any myself. There is a lot more content I want to add into that mod, a lot of which I've already laid the groundwork for in the WiE mod.

Another reason I continue to update WiE is that I really enjoy this map, and I've had some very teetering games even against the AI, and have even lost one of the last three I played which was very refreshing.

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