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demyansk -> Wireless Headphones (11/18/2016 8:38:42 PM)

Hi Guys,

I received a Newegg email recently and looked on Amazon at wireless headphones. What do you need to have wireless headphones for both the computer and tv? Would you need two different set ups or can someone explain a set up for the computer?


Ranger33 -> RE: Wireless Headphones (11/19/2016 4:16:13 AM)

Not sure about the TV, but for the PC if you have a wireless headset with a USB dongle you just plug it in. Might have to switch to it in your sound playback settings (just right click the volume icon on Windows to get to it). I would think it might work the same with your TV if it has a USB port.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Wireless Headphones (11/19/2016 2:35:23 PM)

I use a wireless keyboard, mouse and headphones. Each has its own dongle, though there are options out there for all in one dongles. I opted not to go that route as those generally have slower signal speeds, but keep it in mind for your purchase decision if you think you may go the full wireless route someday.

For the headphones the dongle cannot be left plugged into the PC as it over-rides the normal speaker output if it is. So having easy access to the back of your PC to get to the USB ports is necessary or have extra USB ports in front of the case like my PC does.

As to the TV, I've never used mine with it but as Ranger33 states as long as it has a USB port it may work. I did install some software with my headphones when I first got them so not 100% sure they would work with a TV since no way to install software to it. My guess is its for extra bells and whistles in the headset and basic sound may not need the software to work, but that is just a guess.

As to how the headset works, the hard part is going through windows setup and getting the wireless headset set up. Use the setup wizard option for whatever version of windows you have and it should walk you through it. For me the setup wizard did not auto-run when I first installed the headset dongle, so I had some headaches trying to get them working until I remembered it and went in and ran the wizard manually.

For my headset (Corsair) I now simply plug in the dongle and a little blue light lights up on it. I then press a button on the headset and when the blue light flashes on the dongle I know the signal has connected. It then takes about 30-60 seconds or so and sound begins to work. Not sure why the lag occurs between signal connect and actual sound coming through, but it isn't too long.


wodin -> RE: Wireless Headphones (11/19/2016 3:27:33 PM)

Personally I really dislike wireless mice and keyboards..but like the idea of wireless headphones. It's just the hassle of batteries why I don't like them to be honest. plus never really had any issue where I thought I'd love to be able to move my keyboard or mouse further than the wire will go. Though headphones Is appealing.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Wireless Headphones (11/19/2016 5:00:21 PM)

The keyboard recharges via a simple USB cable (takes an hour or two but you can leave it plugged in over night when the PC is not in use). Lasts for many weeks on a single charge unless I'm doing something that requires tons of typing.

The mouse is a Logitech G602 wireless and has two power modes. One setting gives fast signal speeds for FPS type games (I never play these) and one for reduced power which can give you months of use. I think one of the reviews I read before purchase said it was something like 1400+ hours of battery life.

I've owned it for about a year and have only replaced batteries twice, so not a big deal for the convenience of sitting across the room.

As I get older my eyes keep getting worse, I had kept buying larger and larger monitors and finally decided it was pointless to have a dedicated monitor as big as a large television. So last year I bought a 65 inch TV and now use it for my monitor as well as for my television. But you can't sit within wired range of such a big screen, 15 feet is about the range I sit from it, so going wireless was necessary.


demyansk -> RE: Wireless Headphones (11/20/2016 11:02:09 AM)

Thanks guys for the info,

rickier65 -> RE: Wireless Headphones (11/20/2016 6:28:39 PM)

I would not expect the wireless headphones to work with tv even if it has usb connector. Most of the usb connectors on tvs are for input (to the tv). TV's usually have dedicated sound output ports.


charlesdq -> RE: Wireless Headphones (11/22/2016 4:17:12 AM)

I used to have a wired headphone, then one day my feet was entangled in the wire and broke the feet of the headphone, it has been being stuck in my laptop. [:(]

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