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ItalianCaptain -> Hi all...and a little help (10/29/2016 3:54:57 PM)

Hi all...
I bought CMANO Northern Inferno few days ago. It's a huge program and hard simulator. I love it! I bought Northern Inferno because this is my first experience with this type of simulation. I want to try it first and then, I'd like to buy entire title.

However, I have a problem: my PC seems to run slow when I launch the program. I dont know why because my PC meets system requirements.

OS: Win 10 64bit
CPU: i5 3.10 GHz
Video Card: GTX970

I already turned off High Fidelity and Pulse Mod but the problem goes on.

Have you got some advice for me?

Thansk a lot!

Dimitris -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (10/31/2016 8:08:57 AM)

Hello, and welcome.

Can you please provide more information. You say the entire PC and operating system runs slow, or just NI? Also, which indications there are that your system is running slow?


ItalianCaptain -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (10/31/2016 6:44:06 PM)

Hi Sunburn and, first of all, thank you for your reply.
No, my system runs slow only if I launch NI. With other program or simulator (Sony Vegas, FSX, Photoshop, Dangerous Waters ecc ecc) I dont see any kind of lag. In particolar, I can see a lag when I use the zoom (in or out is the same) or when I try to change a plot course for any kind of unit.
Yesterday, I changed color depth for NI (in windows menu) and I saw a little improvement of situation but I dont know why.

Thanks again.

mikmykWS -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (10/31/2016 7:11:25 PM)


What time mode are you running?


ItalianCaptain -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (10/31/2016 10:37:30 PM)

I play in No-Pulsed mode.
Is there any way to understand the diagnostic in the right upper corner?

Dimitris -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (11/1/2016 8:43:48 AM)

The lag in zooming and panning the map is a known issue, to be rectified in the future.

I don't understand why there is a lag in setting a new course for a unit.

Perhaps you can make a video to illustrate the issue?


ItalianCaptain -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (11/1/2016 12:47:17 PM)

I cant post Image, Link or Video until I reach 10 post or something like that (I dont remember exactly the messagge, but I cant).
I'll try to shoot a little video to explain better my problem.

Thanks for your reply and your assistance.

Have a nice day.

mikmykWS -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (11/1/2016 2:58:36 PM)

The only time there might be lag is if there is a land mass in the way as the navigator will come into play and for complex coastlines it could be many complex calculations. There are ways to handle this but would be best if we could see what you're seeing to answer your question more concisely.



nats -> RE: Hi all...and a little help (3/3/2017 7:25:16 PM)

Ive had the game run slow on occasion even in the tutorials where there are only a couple of units around, seems to come and go. It doesn't seem very well optimised this game tbh. I won't be buying the more expensive parent game based on the performance of Northern Inferno. There is really no reason for slow downs with this sort of game and the computing power we have today.

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