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wodin -> Attn: Vic\Slitherine\Matrix! (10/24/2016 6:27:40 PM)

I've heard on the grapevine that it's highly unlikely we will see any more games being developed using this modified engine. This is a crying shame. It's in my opinion one of the greatest digital wargames yet developed and for it to be the only one is bordering on criminal:)

I'd love to help create a WW1 game using the engine however with Lancer out of the picture it seems any chance is extremely slim. So Vic please consider taking up where Lancer left and making sure we see future games using this modified engine. Plus I'm more than willing to help develop a WW1 version. I have plenty of resources to help make it happen.


Ron -> RE: Attn: Vic\Slitherine\Matrix! (10/30/2016 12:36:16 PM)

Well I agree this is one of the best, and unique, wargames developed and would be unfortunate if there were no followup; I have to unlurk to state that a WWI version would be like the proverbial nail in the coffin for the series. Best not go there or even spend energy thinking about it. ;)

wodin -> RE: Attn: Vic\Slitherine\Matrix! (10/30/2016 2:30:33 PM)

Really...I think I could do a good job, though the engine again would be highly modified where the decisions etc focus around major offensive planning.

Ot could really show how difficult it was have success until late War. Or a major success anyway..first part of the game will be about how well you can do and how far you can push until you've learned enough to have a chance at a proper breakthrough..though that doesn't mean the major part of the game wouldn't be useful..your building upto a breakthrough and trying to keep casualties down but also learn and gain enough experience..

Lots of clashes of character at the top and also trying to deal with entente or central inter the French and the British and Germany and Austria etc could show how this directed decisions and could cause failure or success..

Ron -> RE: Attn: Vic\Slitherine\Matrix! (10/30/2016 3:24:55 PM)

Sounds great, except for one glaring, and fatal oversight: marketability. Wargames are a tiny slice of the gaming market already, focusing on a subset of that... How much traction does DC:Barbarossa, or wargames in general, get elsewhere? Very little it seems. Take 'Grogheads', a misnomer if there was one!, wargames are paid lipservice at best and when they are mentioned usually fade away quickly. There just isn't a big following compared to other genres. If there is a followup it would need to capture as much of the wargame market as it can and hopefully the strategy crowd as well.

wodin -> RE: Attn: Vic\Slitherine\Matrix! (10/30/2016 3:50:19 PM)

Ron yes I know that part...however it seems even DCB was popular enough for Cameron to if it's not going to make anything anyway may aswell do a game you really have an interest in. Maybe the unqiue aspect\mechanics (more so most likely than DCB) could give it that extra push.

Just thinking with the sort of mechanic s I've mentioned it could be pushed as educational into colleges and Uni History courses..even maybe the forces.

RodyMetal -> RE: Attn: Vic\Slitherine\Matrix! (11/6/2016 10:36:02 AM)

I read that VR design are working on Sci-Fi title.... sigh.... :(
DC:B is my favorite wargame, it is so unique and feels really different from other, WW1 will be great idea, also any other theater of WW2 with more depth interaction and politics will be amazing.

Franciscus -> RE: Attn: Vic\Slitherine\Matrix! (11/6/2016 3:38:23 PM)

I am not currently much on Sci-Fi 4X games, but I doubt Vic is capable of making a bad game, so I will follow with some interest his work.

But I will be really sad if the masterpiece that is DC:Barbarossa has no continuity...[:(][:(]

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