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cdhiller -> Data Base Missing with Community Scenario Pack (10/23/2016 3:30:41 PM)

Last weekend purchased CAMNO & Northern Inferno. Harpoon player for years, wanted to check out this new game. Like it so far!

Quick question (hopefully simple user error): when trying to load any of the scenarios from the community scenario pack, the game can't locate the data base. Not sure what's up. The scenarios that come with the game seem to work fine. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks

I am using the latest version of the game. 1.11

I found the following on the form and this didn't work:

A bug on the v1.11 update installer has come to our attention. Under certain circumstances, the installer may create a "Shared Content" folder inside the root CMANO folder which holds the updated DB and scenario files. These files should normally overwrite the existing equivalents on the CMANO\DB and CMANO\Scenarios folder but they do not.

(This problem appears inconsistently; if there is no "Shared Content" folder in your CMANO root folder then you don't have this issue)

This problem can be resolved in two ways:

1) Manually move the CMANO\Shared Content\DB and CMANO\Shared Content\Scenarios folders to CMANO\DB and CMANO\Scenarios respetively, answering "Yes" to any overwrite prompts.

2) Download and run the updated installer that we prepared to fix this issue, from here: We apologize for the inconvenience, and stand ready to support everyone in any further way on their enjoyment of the new update.


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