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DismalPseudoscience -> Sea of Blood - New Yemen Scenario (10/15/2016 5:45:42 PM)

Hi all,

Please find attached a work-in-progress scenario based on the recent attack on the USS Mason near Yemen. Commanding the Mason, Nitze, and Ponce, your mission is to preserve freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.

There are still a number of features and additions I would like to add to the scenario, but the current version should be a playable baseline.

Have fun, and please let me know if you have any comments!

Gunner98 -> RE: Sea of Blood - New Yemen Scenario (10/15/2016 10:51:30 PM)


Played for the first few hours until disaster struck! I've taken a good look at this area for a potential scenario and I must say you have managed to keep it nice, clean and simple. A few points:

Very unlikely USN forces (or Saudi for that mater) would be operating in the area without MPA and surveillance coverage. Djibouti is a hub of activity simply because of the potential threat. This article doesn't give specifics but gives a general idea:

Camp Limonnier hosts a flight of P-3's from the 6th Fleet (a Sqn from 5th Fleet in in the Gulf), and in addition to Hurcs & C-17s has a Sqn of Reaper/Preds and at least one CH-53 for mine clearing. Sometimes F-15s but not permanently.

The French have a Sqn of Mirage-2000 at the main Djibouti Airport, along with Japanese MPA. The Japanese Navy had (not sure if they're still there) 2 Mine clearing vessels stationed there.

The Brits base an oiler out of the port and normally have either an FFG or DDG as part of CTF 150 operating in the area. The Italians usually have something in the area as well.

As a minimum, the base there can work as a divert for the Helo's should disaster strike, some basic ammo would be nice (hellfire's & rockets)

AWACS from the Saudi's or the US/Brits in the Gulf would be really nice.
Some way of finding the sneaky buggers would be good[:D]

-The Saudi's should have at least one Helo I think, some MPA perhaps
-The opening brief is good but I wasn't sure if the date was 2015 or 16 until I read it over again

I'll try and go back in later tonight. Good little scenario, like I said, the area can get very messy and this is nice and clean. The suggestions above would help give a more joint operation but may clutter up your design.


ryszardsh -> RE: Sea of Blood - New Yemen Scenario (10/16/2016 12:20:40 AM)

scenario will not load at all for me. In Load scenario window, tell game to load, bupkis. Game works fine otherwise for other scenarios, build 838 AFAIK.


DismalPseudoscience -> RE: Sea of Blood - New Yemen Scenario (10/16/2016 1:37:12 AM)

Hi all,

Thanks for trying it out. I uploaded a new version with a bugfix for the Iran AI. More substantial changes are still to come.

This was constructed in build 847.1 - that's probably the issue.

Thanks for trying this out!

I was indeed going for maximum simplicity here - you can see the extraneous Saudi airbase as a sign that something bigger was once in progress. You're right that this isn't fully realistic, but I wanted the threat and the assets available to line up as closely as possible.

I'll try adding more assets and see whether things manage to stay in control.

AlexGGGG -> RE: Sea of Blood - New Yemen Scenario (10/17/2016 9:14:01 PM)

Well, ballistic missiles were a surprise.

Nice small scenario all in all. I played through and it was fun and no visible bugs.

ryszardsh -> RE: Sea of Blood - New Yemen Scenario (10/18/2016 1:47:06 AM)



Well, ballistic missiles were a surprise.

Nice small scenario all in all. I played through and it was fun and no visible bugs.

And that indeed was the problem, updated to 847.1 and runs fine, thanx..


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