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rudisa -> Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (10/9/2016 7:34:25 PM)

What would you recommend?

Lobster -> RE: Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (10/9/2016 7:50:09 PM)

Uhm...John Tillers Panzer Campaigns series, Decisive Campaigns series, one of Gary Grigsby's titles. Schwerpunkt has a nice game, War in Europe. By the time you get through all of those maybe TOAW4 will be done. [:D]

If you really want to buy TOAW4 why would you buy TOAW3? Instead of buying 3 buy a different game, one of those above, and then buy 4 if it ever goes gold.

ncc1701e -> RE: Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (10/13/2016 8:55:13 PM)

It is always hard to answer such question. I have no idea when TOAW IV will be released.
Do you own any previous iteration of TOAW before TOAW III? Do you like them i.e. the game?

Mostly playing WW2 scenario, I have played TOAW first release for years. But, with the evolution of Windows platform, I was happy to switch to TOAW III to continue to play.

Now, since IV is better than III, you may decide it is better to wait. But, if you like TOAW gameplay, TOAW III is still good to buy.

RyanCrierie -> RE: Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (10/22/2016 1:45:06 PM)

This is similar to the question that gets asked in computer/camera forums.

Should I buy now, or wait for new/shiny thing?

The winter 2016/christmas season Matrix sale is coming up in about a month or so.

If you can afford to wait a little bit, you can get it at a discount from the current $29.95 price, and you can play around with the game system; see if you like the mechanics or not, and have fun with the 267~ stock scenarios in the latest patched version.

Link to TOAW3 2016 Stock Scenarios

RyanCrierie -> RE: Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (10/22/2016 1:54:47 PM)

There are two things you can do to change the way TOAW3 feels:


Some people like the way the new true color (24/32 bit) PNG map graphics look with the latest patch, while others prefer the classic 8-bit style of the original 1998 TOAW release.


Set this to 0, if you want the old classic TOAW style right click menu and drag and drop movement style similar to a Windows application.

Karri -> RE: Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (11/1/2016 12:56:40 AM)

Buy Toaw 3 on sale. You'll be waiting for the fourth for a long time. Have to say the third is finally a bit outdated, haven't touched in a a bit and there's actually quite a few games that fill the same purposes(though not all in one package like TOAW) with better engines. Ie. WitE instead of FitE.

parmenio -> RE: Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (11/2/2016 6:16:25 PM)

I have to say that however outdated TOAW III is, it's one of the few games I've never uninstalled and come back to time and time again....
....unlike WITE which is currently no longer on my hard drive (and that's not to say I won't re-install it at some point)

But I'm a bit of an old fart and Age of Rifles is still there as well [:D]

As others have said, we've no idea when TOAW IV will be out, so it might be worth a punt especially if it's on sale at Xmas.

RyanCrierie -> RE: Buy now or wait for TOAW 4? (11/27/2016 2:14:22 PM)

Holiday sale is now on.



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