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exsonic01 -> Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (10/7/2016 5:48:21 AM)

This is one of the memorable PBEM match I've ever had. I played PACT, and the opponent played NATO.

The basic idea of this scenario for me is the "Ardennes again" - through the southern woods. All of approaching ways are very dangerous and can be easily detected. Using the road L3413 or K105 to Gross-Umstadt/Klein-Umstadt would face serious counter punch by enemy TOW launchers and Bradleys. Bridges at Schlierbach are blown right after the start. Northern route would take too much time, and not much VPs are existing. So, I decided to penetrate through the forest. But I think the northern route might has some opportunity, I may try later...

All tanks and IFVs are moving through the forest at full speed. But this takes a while. My helicopters are operating widely from the north to the south, confusing my opponent's decision regarding major thrust direction of Red Army. But I must say that the Bradleys are real deadly opponent to the Hinds. Bushmaster cannon killed most of my gunships, more than Vulcan or Chaparral

The column reached at the line of departure. After refuel and resupply, all units are heading directly to Gross-Umstadt.

It was around this moment that my opponent discovered my true intention and main route of my tanks.

But his units were not enough fast to react with unexpected southern punch. My tanks rolled over Gross-Umstadt with almost zero casualties. So far so good.

It seems that the opponent rushed his M1A1s to block my tanks, but it was too late. All hinds are regrouped and heading south, to support the actions in Gross-Umstadt.

exsonic01 -> RE: Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (10/7/2016 6:13:28 AM)

Some of the US mech units and M150s are escaping from the road L3413 and nearby region, before being trapped by second red wave.

But I lost too many Hinds. This was my major fault in this PBEM match. Bradleys are real Hind killers.

Trying to clean up the region near 1100 VP at the north of Gross-Umstadt. Meanwhile, T-64BVs and motorized troops are approaching to Klein-Umstadt. This is the second stage of my plan.

Pushed the American defense line to the north of the Klein-Umstadt. But I'm very very dissapointed to T-64BV tanks. 2 companies just melted down by 2 M1A1, and 4~6 M150s. My expectation was too high, and those T-64BVs just failed to march only 2~3 tiles, and swarm over the 2 M1A1s. That was epic fail, and my second fault in this scenario. Too many tanks were just wrecked in vain.

1 T-80BV company backed up the assault on Klein-Umstadt, and moving further north, to the 700VP hex region.

That move was successful. Most of US units were cleaned from southern region of the AO at this moment. Opponent attempted the counter attack directly to the Gross-Umstadt, but my tanks in good position repelled them nicely. Plus, two A-10s were shot down by Tungu.

Final clutch of brave T-80BVs claimed 3 M1A1s, right before the end of the game.

exsonic01 -> RE: Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (10/7/2016 6:29:09 AM)

PACT won more VPs, but NATO claimed more kill points. This game is concluded as contested game, but NATO took more points. Most of them are Hinds + Tanks. In a bright side, My troops claimed 24 Tanks and etc. 24 M1A1 kill is not a failure, at least in my book. (But comrades in Moscow may think differently :P)

Total 73 tanks were wrecked, and 37 of them are totally destroyed. But as you can see, I lost 27 number -quite a large numbers- of hinds. Painful.

3rd company claimed 8 M1A1 tanks. I wish to give them a medal personally.

My opponent was charging from the north at the moment of the end. That could be epic success for him if more time was given. I should have watched the flank more carefully.

But Red army, under my command, took Gross-Umstadt and Klein-Umstadt, and could breakthrough the US lines following B45 and B26. Or it could be sudden-death-victory. But I really need to learn and practice more about rot.wing management. Plus, do not trust T64BVs :{

Mad Russian -> RE: Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (10/8/2016 1:27:36 PM)

Outstanding EXSONIC01!!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Great AAR.

It seems like there is always something I could be doing better in the game. So, I feel your pain. That's one of the things I think makes FPC a great game; you just never quite get it all together at the same time. If and when you do it's a battle/moment you won't soon forget. Just like the real experience of those on the ground. It's that transference, and the members of this team, that makes this game the one I chose to be a part of.

Good Hunting.


bootlegger267 -> RE: Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (10/9/2016 1:46:44 PM)

Excellent! Thanks for posting the AAR.


CapnDarwin -> RE: Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (10/9/2016 3:53:22 PM)

Great AAR! Thanks for sharing.

exsonic01 -> RE: Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (5/20/2018 1:11:42 AM)

Oh my, postimage finished their service and my post is ruined, all pictures are gone...... :(

CapnDarwin -> RE: Brief AAR of "Dawn's first light" PBEM (5/20/2018 2:41:01 AM)

Well, that sucks.[X(]

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