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cpdeyoung -> GD1938 Game 24 (10/6/2016 4:47:44 AM)

Welcome all, to a new victory conditions six player game.

Dropbox invitations are on the way for Ironduke1955, Baloo7777, ljburstyn, Bombur, and falco.

Thanks to Ernie and Bombur for this wonderful Mod.



cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/6/2016 5:08:56 AM)

10 January 1938

Germany knows there are powerful nations all about her. Great Britain and France with a host of their client states threaten our fragile state. The two potential superpowers : the USA and USSR are entering the lists, feeling their strength. Germany is recovering from the losses of the Great War, in which we were defeated. Italy recovering from the same war in which she was a "victor" that lost anyway. The two nations have allied and perhaps we can manage some sort of progress as the 20th Century approaches midpoint.

Germany and Italy have 10 of the 65 VP needed to navigate a success in the coming years. Germany-Italy clearly needs allies, and we welcome any and all combinations that will allow our peoples to thrive. We have no preconceived plan for coalitions and hope all nations will consider partnering with us for joint progress.

If conflict comes we will defend ourselves vigorously, and will resist attempts at hegemony. We will be steadfast - join us.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/6/2016 1:50:14 PM)

Here are the current victory point holdings.


baloo7777 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/8/2016 1:52:27 PM)

The USSR desires to peacefully co-exist with our neighbors, both in the East and in the West. However, we will vigorously defend our borders from any warmongering nation that decides to try an invasion of Mother Russia. We must also respond to the calls coming out of Talinn for counterrevolutionary forces to overthrow our political system.

Jos Stalin

ironduke1955 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/11/2016 7:21:24 AM)

[:)]Looks like I have been kicked from the game, the Turn is now turn 2 Germany it was US turn 1 so I guess that Falco the US player played the US and Chinese turns.

falco148 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/11/2016 7:39:57 AM)

Apologies, just a case of putting wrong files in wrong folders whilst having had a few too many rums.
Everything is where it should be again.

ironduke1955 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/11/2016 9:54:04 AM)

No problem I should have guessed by the file name.

ironduke1955 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/11/2016 6:04:34 PM)

China makes peace with Japan, China believes that only cooperation and harmony with our close neighbour are the only way for our two mighty nations to further their national goals.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/24/2016 3:04:23 AM)

7 March 1938

Germany and Italy echo the sentiments of the Japanese and Chinese. Cooperation between Germany and Italy, forged after a great war in which they fought on different sides, rises out of the needs of the nations.

Regional pacts, competing for influence seem to be the modern way.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/27/2016 12:35:49 AM)

I see the Japanese turn in the dropbox but my password does not work????????????

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/29/2016 1:12:54 AM)


I believe there is a procedure for two of your fellow players to reset a password. Do we need to explore this option.

Does anyone know the details?


LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/29/2016 6:09:52 AM)

Well, not sure what to do but I cannot open the Japanese Turn. So I say explore away.

Unless someone can tell me how to open it without using my password. Assuming it actually is the Japanese turn.
Maybe everyone should try their passwords on it first.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/29/2016 7:21:43 AM)

Dropbox says I uploaded the file at 9:54 on 10/23 which would have been right. I got my German turn at 8:10 that night.

The file asks the Japanese player to log in. I think it is kosher.


LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/29/2016 3:43:42 PM)

Not sure what happened but my password does not work so someone has to reset the password or something else needs to happen. Wonder if this is related to the update of the game by Vic. I updated to 221y recently but my passwords still work on my other games.

baloo7777 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (10/29/2016 11:47:57 PM)

Because I have been more or less continuously playing a GD38 game for quite some time now, I am on v221n. I was told long ago not to update while in a game. If this is not true, will someone tell me so I too can try the latest beta update???

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/2/2016 5:13:51 PM)

Until we find a way for me to play the game I don't know how we continue this game....darn. Even my other passwords (passwords that I've used in the past) don't work.

ironduke1955 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/2/2016 6:13:25 PM)

Is it possible for cpdeyoung to replay his turn.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/2/2016 9:07:53 PM)

It is possible, of course, but would it change anything?

The turn on Dropbox is a Japanese turn for sure, and the timestamp is right for the save I moved there.

At this time, with no wars, I could do a quick enough turn, but I wonder if the password will be any different?


ernieschwitz -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/2/2016 9:11:04 PM)

I alerted Vic to you guys having problems. Maybe if one of you reached out to him, he could run a few tests, maybe find out if the password had been garbled?

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/2/2016 9:11:41 PM)

Is it possible to reset the Japanese password by another player? I cannot even open the scenario so I cannot change the password but I though I remember that other players can change a password if a player drops out with leaving his??????

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/2/2016 9:14:31 PM)

Yes, it is possible.

I believe it is needed to be done by the player immidiately before the turn that Chuck made. Or maybe at the start of Chucks turn(s).

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/2/2016 9:26:05 PM)

Larry I can change it, send me an email with your desired password, and then I think I do the turns for Germany and Italy over.



LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/3/2016 12:15:28 AM)

I sent you a pm as I am unsure which email address I have is yours.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/3/2016 9:56:56 AM)

The new file is up there - G24_T03_Japan_Ver2.at2.

I hope this is the ticket for you.


LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/3/2016 7:32:30 PM)

That worked, YEAH, it is now the USSR's turn.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/16/2016 2:21:10 PM)

2 May 1938

General appreciation

Germany and Italy are powers in a world of potential superpowers. In order to compete with the Soviet Union, the United States, and the Asian federation we need to pull all the resources of Europe together. Unfortunately Europe is far from united and the legacy of the Great War means France and Great Britain are not likely to join a united European front. Given this situation Germany has put enough pressure on Denmark to convince her to join a European crusade. Italy has agreed to administer some Danish territories.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (11/22/2016 12:45:34 AM)

30 May 1938

Germany is going to take a step to unite Europe by challenging the liberal democratic states. The violation of Belgian neutrality is a necessary step. Our forces swept behind Brussels and took Antwerp. We are sure British, French and Belgian reaction will be swift.


ironduke1955 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (12/7/2016 3:38:12 PM)

This game seems to have fallen by the way side, are we waiting for Falco the USA turn has been in the folder since the 26 of November ?

falco148 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (12/9/2016 4:43:16 AM)

Guys....sincerest apologies all round. Somehow I had in it my head that I'd already played this turn. I'm usually one of the first to condemn
others when they are slow to return files so I feel especially bad about this. Anyway I've played the US turn and its now in Dropbox for the
Chinese player. Once again, so sorry.


ironduke1955 -> RE: GD1938 Game 24 (12/9/2016 6:47:56 AM)

China May 28th

Thanks Falco.

China continues to enjoy peace for the first time in several years, the God of war Chi You is at rest for now.

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