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Michal Pielaszkiewicz -> Sea Control Mission - Freezing SSK (10/1/2016 12:43:28 PM)

Following thread about Sea Control Missions - I've noticed strange freezing of SSK's assigned to this type of mission. I've tried to recreate this many times - and there's no logic in occurrence neither any conditions that might lead to such behavior. But actually each try ends with freeze - sometimes earlier, sometimes later on.
I wanted to create a mission with pier and docked SSK's and assign one of it to Sea Control Mission - simulating a sub heading for sea. That's how I found it.
I can not attach savegame by matrix forum, so I paste link to my dropbox with save file.
There are two saves - one with mission I've created to recreate event, and another one with freeze SSK.
Freeze SSK

thewood1 -> RE: Sea Control Mission - Freezing SSK (10/1/2016 4:39:47 PM)

I have run the test scenario three times now and no freezes. I did notice running at 900x, the game hitches now and then, but it just causes a small skip in displaying the sub moving. Nothing major.

Michal Pielaszkiewicz -> RE: Sea Control Mission - Freezing SSK (10/4/2016 9:38:17 AM)

Now I'm stupid... On my machine freeze all the time.
Have no idea why.

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