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Turner -> Accurate Map Mod - WIP (9/14/2016 12:29:57 AM)

This is a scaled down version to the format used by EDtBTR. The bigger version is a composite I made of satellite height data of 10500x7500 pixels at a resolution of 500 meters per pixel. It would be nice to use this but it would also require the repositioning of every location in the database, a daunting task! I'm thinking it would be worth it as long as all the locations can be found and edited in the database.


Turner -> RE: Made a new map (9/14/2016 6:19:26 AM)

Seeing how there are somewhere between 2500 and 3000 locations in the '43 campaign, updating the locations is a gruesomely timeconsuming task. Does anyone know what the locations listed as 'Search' are and what they do?

Turner -> RE: Made a new map (9/14/2016 9:06:27 PM)

57 locations done, all airfields. Unsure if this will be of much value but it's interesting nevertheless to look up all the airfields. The ground unit movements and line fortifications I'm guessing will be the most difficult locations to get right.

Turner -> RE: Made a new map (9/16/2016 5:18:08 PM)

Had to start over because I wanted to make the map cover the whole of Denmark instead of northern Egypt. Figured that's more useful distribution of map coverage. Some of the airfields are difficult to find as they no longer exist but luckily there's documentation covering most if not all Luftwaffe airfields of the time. Speaking of time this will indeed take a while.

simovitch -> RE: Made a new map (9/18/2016 12:08:29 AM)

Turner, this would really be something if you could make it work. You may have seen my map graphic and database mod WIP. I moved over 50 the more onerous locations to match reality, and I'm thinking of adding accurate rivers.

The "search" locations are radar sites. The actual names are hardwired in BTR (not so in BoB I believe) so you can't change the names. Makes it very difficult to find in the database as well.

Note that you will have to duplicate all your work for BTR '44, but the scenarios will be OK. I was never able to cut and paste the x and y, I had to document each location from '43 and hand enter it into the '44 data.

Turner -> RE: Made a new map (9/18/2016 12:36:56 AM)

Yes I'm having the same issues but it's workable. I've corrected Africa, Sicily, Sardinia, Korsika, Bulgaria, Most of Romania and eastern part of Europe currently working on Italy. I'm unable to find the ground units in the database though, so this all might be futile.

Turner -> RE: Made a new map (9/18/2016 12:51:54 AM)

Doesn't this look so much nicer? It's not the most crowded part of the map but it will give you an idea of what it looks like.


simovitch -> RE: Made a new map (9/18/2016 1:03:20 AM)

Yes it looks tits-up... but as you suspected, ground units are not editable. You could maybe make this workable for the smaller scenarios though.

Your best bet might be rotating the bitmap about 13 degrees clockwise and rubber-sheeting it with AutoCAD or something similar.

Turner -> RE: Made a new map (9/18/2016 1:39:47 AM)

Yeah it's clear then that the map will have to be edited to agree with the borders of the original. That will mess up the accuracy but it might still look good. I'm contemplating writing new code and start a new game from scratch. It would take years but that doesn't scare me. It wouldn't be identical to EDTBTR but that can be a very good thing also lol

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