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maple61 -> France 1ere Armee (8/30/2016 3:57:49 AM)

Now that the kids are back to school, I've finished had time to finish this off...
Here is the French 1ere Armee for FPRS.
Completely committed to the defense of Western Europe, but not an actual member of NATO, France had about 48,000 troops stationed in Germany. Once fully mobilized, France was trusted to contribute its forces to CENTAG in the event of hostilities.
I've included the converted scenario "NM_AS French UP.scn"
A. Zed Baird

exsonic01 -> RE: France 1ere Armee (8/30/2016 5:03:25 AM)

Thank you, this looks great~!

WildCatNL -> RE: France 1ere Armee (8/30/2016 7:10:31 PM)

Zed, merci beaucoup! Looks fantastic!

That's quite an effort, creating the scenario, the unit data and silhouettes.


p.s. added screenshot so others see what you did!


Deathtreader -> RE: France 1ere Armee (8/30/2016 9:45:20 PM)


Many thanks [&o]


josant -> RE: France 1ere Armee (8/31/2016 2:20:20 PM)

Many Thanks

Rincovsk -> RE: France 1ere Armee (9/2/2016 3:29:02 PM)

Very Nice! Thank You!

schascha -> RE: France 1ere Armee (9/2/2016 4:12:56 PM)

Merci beaucoup[&o][&o][&o][&o]

battlerbritain -> RE: France 1ere Armee (9/2/2016 7:13:07 PM)

Alles les Bleus!! [:)]

BeirutDude -> RE: France 1ere Armee (9/4/2016 2:36:40 PM)

Very Cool Thank you. Now Canada (To American Conservatives, they're almost French - and now I'm in really big trouble [:)] [8D] )?

BTW, I am not a Conservative or Liberal!!!! [:-] I hate everyone equally! [:D] [;)]

ErissN6 -> RE: France 1ere Armee (1/10/2017 1:13:46 AM)

It is said that French will be in next expansion.
Don't forget the FAR (Force d'Action Rapide), in help with the 1ère Armée!'action_rapide

MikeJ19 -> RE: France 1ere Armee (1/16/2017 11:28:00 PM)

Well done! Would be nice to have Canadian troops. I would enjoy fighting with 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (4 CMBG).

maple61 -> RE: France 1ere Armee (1/17/2017 12:21:02 AM)

Thanks to everyone for the kind words!
I've (finally) finished the USMC Mod. Next up is either: adding the 'Force d'Action Rapide' to my French Mod, a Denmark mod, or a Canadian mod. With a lot of the game maps in the NORTHAG area, i'm leaning towards Denmark, but anything is possible. Any ideas on a counter color for the Danes..?
A. Zed Baird

Kiowa -> RE: France 1ere Armee (1/6/2018 11:04:02 AM)

Great mod, Thanks!
Any update on the other factions?

nukkxx5058 -> RE: France 1ere Armee (7/20/2018 4:58:56 PM)

Bravo ! excellent ! Vive la république, vive la France ! :-))))

kch -> RE: France 1ere Armee (11/19/2018 9:48:12 AM)

Hello. Thanks for all the effort put into the game. Do I just unzip the folder into the game directory?

WildCatNL -> RE: France 1ere Armee (11/19/2018 10:25:25 PM)

The readme, included in the .zip file, says:

Unzip the \France folder into your ...\Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm\Modules\FPRS\Data Folder.
The NM_AS French Up.scn goes in your ...\Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm\Modules\FPRS\Scenarios Folder.

Enjoy, William

kch -> RE: France 1ere Armee (11/20/2018 12:20:51 PM)


Still getting my head around this game. One of the most challenging AIs that I have tried.

Rincon -> RE: France 1ere Armee (4/2/2020 7:01:26 PM)

maple61, I have read somewhere (trying to find that to share here) that 1er Armeé was considered to be a well-trained and well equipped unit, but with a high command quite problematic, very political. This could have impacted its performance in battle....not as willing to fight with bravery as its soldiers. Something that is noticeable in general in the French army since the Napoleonic wars period. Do you know any more details about this type arguments? If this make any sense. I always see those generalizations with a grain of salt…but just wondering if you have any more details about it.


ps: I think I remember a mention to a book called "The Road without Joy" for this reasoning, but I am not sure...will try to find out.

I am just curious as I have just remembered this dowloading this nice mod. Not a big deal...

fluidwill matrix -> RE: France 1ere Armee (1/21/2021 11:46:25 AM)

Bit late to the party but thanks very much for this, excellent work [&o]

batteran -> RE: France 1ere Armee (6/1/2021 4:21:16 PM)

Late too, but thanks anyway for your french army mod and scenario ^^. Very cool to play differents assets and nations.

I purchased FC:RS in 2015, but still think it the game that scratch that "cold war" itches the best.

batteran -> RE: France 1ere Armee (6/5/2021 10:53:14 AM)

Here is a site of a guy who basically writted all information about the french army OOB, organisation, materials, ect, of 1989. Many years of work:

Up to the army OOB, down to the platoon OOB.

Infantry section of 1989, down to the individual equipments for example:

Differents light armored regiments:

There is some light mistakes here and there (AA-52 depicted as a 12,7mm here, while correctly depicted as a 7.62mm there, ERC-90 in a light regiment depicted as the F1 variant, while already updated to the F4 variants in 1987 - I've found pics of the "Bold Sparrow" exercice of the FAR with ERC-90 F4, that sort of things) but the site is still updated sometimes, and it's a real gem ^^

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