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Zakalwe101 -> BRIDGING (8/22/2016 4:23:51 PM)

Has this already been discussed - Bridging - reduction thereof, encountered this isssue as illustrated below


Zakalwe101 -> RE: BRIDGING (8/22/2016 4:46:29 PM)

........what I should have actually posted is my query/request/observation , this screen shot is from Hells Crossroad played from the soviet side, the opposition being a British Battle group, as you can see the AI decided it needed to get to the crossroad by building multiple bridges, whilst I can admire the indirect approach of not trying to pour the whole BG across the bottle neck bridges on the A30 and K37 roads, I think the availability of heavy duty bridging equipment is over stated, to unit a unit of this size.
I realise that SOUTHERN STORM may well address this issue by actual representation of bridging units in accordance with established unit T.o. E but in the meantime would it be possible to restrict the construction of bridges to HQ units only ? (bridge demolition to remain available to all units) This would abstract the number of available bridges, and certainly on the Soviet side make the company HQ units a more valuable asset.

vettim89 -> RE: BRIDGING (8/22/2016 6:50:55 PM)

I think some of this is because there is essentially only one "River" terrain type in FPC. This encompasses everything from a wide stream to a minor river. A wide stream (<20m) could easily be bridged in 20-30 minutes by an AVLB. A minor river would take an actual bridging unit (scissor or pontoon). The Soviet TMM vehicle would be ideal for a minor river crossing (and they had a lot of them). A major river is likely beyond the scope of the game as it would require ferries and a large bridging unit. I suspect these types of units would be very rare (perhaps one per Soviet Army or US Corps or maybe even less)

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