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exsonic01 -> Emergency "evading", and special munitions (8/15/2016 6:17:19 PM)

1. How about give emergency "evading" command?
Currently, "screen" command do the similar thing: hasty move when the enemy units are within n-number of hexes from the target unit. When units are under screen order, and if they get shot or being detected, they run away automatically. What I wish is upgraded version of screen order : "Evade" order

I wish the user also have the similar command option for "automatic scooting" behavior - very fast reacting hasty move order, evading 1 or 2 hexes away within 20 min, regardless of presence of enemy or engagement. This could be helpful for HQ or SPguns without "shoot and scoot" option, to escape from expected enemy arty fire. This move could take lots of readiness than other moves, but could improve the chance or survival for a moment.

2. Chemical/WP munitions
NATO and PACT had tons of 155mm / 152mm WP shells and chemical shells. Any plan to introduce those options? WP shells would have similar effect with what TOS-1 have now (I wish I could see more flames in the FX effect though). Chemical shell could be modeled as green-colored one hex smoke shell (and single hex effect weapon), with same damage and effect with current chemical weapon modeling.

Or can we mod them?

CapnDarwin -> RE: Emergency "evading", and special munitions (8/15/2016 8:32:20 PM)

1. Units already have this in the form of the listed standoff range. The problem with it is it varies based on unit type and order combination and what works as a range for some does not work for others. We will be making changes in Southern Storm to allow the player to set standoff to suit the situation. That should get you what you need. As for scooting arty and HQs they do that automatically now. We will have to consider adding a selection to increase or decrease the move timing.

2. Chemical weapons are in the game and can be used by players if in the scenario. The AI does not use NBC weapons in Red Storm so it would need to be a player only situation. We will be adding the ability for the AI to use NBC in Southern Storm along with some other new abilities.

exsonic01 -> RE: Emergency "evading", and special munitions (8/16/2016 7:11:04 AM)

Thanks for the reply.

1. I know that current screen order can do that, but I wish to have a full control to achieve that "emergency scooping/evading" ability, regardless of any standoff range or any situation. Glad to hear that you guyz are planning something in SS.

2. Of course there are NBC weapons in game, but I wish to see them as an available option for in/off map 152mm/155mm artillery units, like special munitions such as DPICM, FASCAM or smoke in game. 1~3 salvo possible only, and 1 salvo would take 200pt of victory point. Is this possible?

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