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Dinglir -> BM-13 rocket launchers (8/14/2016 10:13:01 AM)

At the beginning of the war, I notice that the soviets are beginning to produce BM-13 rocket launchers. As there are no soviet divisions with these in their TOE, they all end up in the pool.

Question 1: Are there Soviet divisions that will begin using these, or are they intended solely for use by support units?

Question 2: If Soviet divisions will start to use these rocket launchers, then when will that occur?

morvael -> RE: BM-13 rocket launchers (8/14/2016 10:46:22 AM)

I think you have to build rocket artillery support units. I think they're called Guards Mortar or something like that.

Denniss -> RE: BM-13 rocket launchers (8/14/2016 5:45:26 PM)

Soem late-war Guards mech/arm Corps may have some, later breakthrough art divs use some as well. The vast majority is for support units.

No idea -> RE: BM-13 rocket launchers (8/15/2016 11:27:36 PM)

I think they are used in support units called Guards Rockets. You can build them in late 1941 or early 1942, iirc. Apparently they get automatic guard status.

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