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timmyab -> timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 2:41:12 PM)

This campaign was started six months ago and we're now on turn 50. This means I've forgotten most of the details from 1941, but I really intend it as an introduction to the 42 campaign anyway which I'm far less familiar with.

Sudden death
full fow
Non-random weather
mild blizzard
Sov +1 bonus

Turn 2 North

AGN fails to cross the river at Ostrov which is good news for me and one of AGCs pz corps is operating North of the Dvina.
A rifle divisions breaks out of the marshes to relieve the Minsk garrison and hold up 4th army's advance.

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 2:52:03 PM)

Turn 2 South

Three divisions are trapped by 1st PG. Most of the rest show a clean pair of heels and head East as fast as possible.

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 3:12:31 PM)

Turn 4

Pressure builds at Pskov and the land bridge. Time to back off so we can continue to gain strength. Too early to make a stand.

1st PG approaches the Dnypr between Cherkassy and Kremunchug. Probably the best crossing place for the Axis imo.
Odessa is ignored so has only a cavalry corps defending it.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 3:36:19 PM)

Turn 5 North

4th PG pauses causing uncertainty about where they intend to strike. I had a hunch it would be the right hook.

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 3:46:22 PM)

Turn 6 North

Well so much for that hunch, 4th PG takes the direct route to Leningrad.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 4:09:51 PM)

Turn 6 Center

Two weeks of slogging past Smolensk has brought AGC to my first serious defensive position.
Part of 2nd PG assists 4th army further South.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 4:24:31 PM)

Turn 6 South

Success for 1st PG. The Dnieper is crossed in two places in strength and 7 Soviet divisions are trapped.
Further East, two pz divisions are cut off by our heroic mobile forces.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/12/2016 5:19:50 PM)

Turn 7 South

1st PG has become split into two seperate forces. The Northern one crosses the Psel river and the Southern force gets into a fight for it's line of supply.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 4:11:49 PM)

Turn 8

AGN is well into the slogging phase now.
7th army gives way to the Finns.

AGC divides it's armor either side of my river defense. The Northern concentration gets ZOCed and I pull back from the more dangerous looking Southern force.

In the South four of the divisions isolated by the Dnieper crossing continue to hold out thanks to air supply.

I can't remember exactly but I think most, or possibly all of the industry in Dnepropetrovsk was cleared already.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 4:24:52 PM)

Turn 9

Reward for one of my two cavalry divisions operating in the Pripet marshes. It slips past a security screen to smash up newly converted Axis rail lines.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 4:41:23 PM)

Turn 10 South

1st PG pushes both sides of Dnepropetrovsk.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 5:10:05 PM)

Turn 11 South

I made a mistake on the previous turn and forgot to ZOC part of the lower Dnieper.
The Romanian armored division takes advantage and isolates most of 51st army.
Lucky for me the encirclement is weak and I have sufficient strength to rout the Romanian armor and 51st army can retreat in good order.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 5:52:55 PM)

Turn 12 Center

3rd PG turns North and crosses the Volga at Rzhev.
This news draws the first smile from Comrade Stalin since June 22nd. He is confident that Moscow will not fall, (this year at least).


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 6:04:59 PM)

Turn 12 Overview

AGN is close to cutting off Leningrad.

AGS has Kharkov nearly surrounded.

I don't think there was much industry left in either city, if any.

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 8:37:44 PM)

Turn 14

3rd PG makes a strong thrust to the North.
Hmmm....to fight for the Valdai hills or not? On the whole I think it's better to withdraw, 3rd PG's supply will be hampered next turn so they should be just about spent for the Summer now.

Leningrad is now completely cut off.

Kharkov continues to resist capture, Stalino is now threatened too.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 8:55:31 PM)

Turn 16

The Germans cross the Neva.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 9:07:58 PM)

Turn 16 South

Kharkov and Stalino are both firmly in Axis hands.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 9:14:46 PM)

Turn 17

Osinovets falls

There's little happening elsewhere, I think the Axis have decided to preserve their strength for the coming Winter.

One of my cavalry divisions still wanders behind enemy lines defying attempts to pin it down :)

I abandoned Odessa either T15 or T16. I wanted the two good divisions for the Crimea just in case 40th pz corps came crashing in.

Overall I'll settle for the end of Summer position. I will lose Leningrad, but I expect to against a strong player. The main thing is that I was able to delay in the South for long enough to rail most of the industry out from the big industrial centers, often just in time.
Losses are 30 arms factories and 7 heavy industry.
There were remarkably few opportunities for me to counterattack throughout this Summer, even with my +1 bonus. This means that I haven't got any guards divisions yet.


sillyflower -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 10:22:38 PM)

Your losses look like being very light, even with L'grad falling, and you've lost no industry to speak of. If you have an OK winter, Axis will struggle in '42 and the best they can hope for now is a draw. However, you will have to take Berlin the hard way if you want to win. Smokin' won't quit.

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/17/2016 10:41:28 PM)

Well I'm not counting my chickens yet. The Axis armor is very powerful in 42 and I don't have very much post-1941 experience. Even in 43 I've seen it catch out overconfident Soviet players, turning round seemingly lost causes.

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/23/2016 7:59:36 PM)

Turn 23

Very little to report in November. The Axis have chosen to dig in for the Winter.

What action there is is mainly in the North where AGN tightens the noose around Leningrad and we launch a mini offensive between Ladoga and Onega against a skeleton Finnish defense.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/23/2016 8:06:18 PM)

Turn 25

The Finns continue to fall back.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/23/2016 8:30:00 PM)

At the start of blizzard the Germans are well dug in North of the Oka except between Rshez and Vishny where they choose to give up their positions in a planned retreat.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/23/2016 9:12:39 PM)

My offensive intentions are mainly in the South, especially South of Kursk. The Axis are not well dug in here and they clearly intend to trade space for time. I will try to hurry them into trading more space than they would like.

The plan is to concentrate my mobile assets (such as they are) in four areas: Kursk, North and South of Kharkov and South of Stalino. The Southern force will push West towards Zaporozhye, the other three will attack towards the SW in the hope of gaining a lead on the fleeing Axis units and trapping them.

I have one or maybe two (i can't remember) strong armies in reserve. Hardly any guards divisions yet though.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/23/2016 9:20:43 PM)


Both German mountain divisions are guarding the exits from the Crimea so this area will be static.


Aditia -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/23/2016 10:58:35 PM)

Even without +1 SOV bonus this was going to be tough for the Germans.. I suspect your next few posts will be very painful for Smokindave

Farfarer61 -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/24/2016 3:27:12 AM)

It is a done deal, but you are having fun.

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/24/2016 9:27:05 PM)

Dave is a skilled, tenacious and experienced player. Way too soon to call the game.

Turn 27

In the South the Axis retreat is mainly fast enough to stay out of trouble except just South of Kharkov where two infantry divisions are ZOC locked this turn.

North of Rzhev the German retreat comes to a halt on the line of river Volga where there are strong prepared defenses.


timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/24/2016 9:35:50 PM)

Turn 28

Two become three [:)]

timmyab -> RE: timmyab (Sov) v Smokingdave (Axis) (8/24/2016 9:53:19 PM)

Turn 29

The first turn of the new year and it's not a happy one for the three divisions in trouble South of Kharkov.

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