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lion_of_judah -> Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 7:57:17 PM)

The Iran-Iraq war was one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in recent history. Spanning eight years, the war killed tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians and nearly destroyed both nations economies.Ideology was at stake, as were power, territory and some of the most productive oilfields on earth. The outcome of the war determined the shape of much of the situation in the Middle East today. Note the Infantry Divisions for Iran are really Brigades at the beginning of the war as the Revolution decimated the armed forces.

The war began September 22nd 1980-August 1988

Iraqi Army on 9-22-1980- 212,000 men

1st Army Corps (sector between Rawanduz and Marivan)
7th Infantry Division (HQ Sulaimaniyah, Iraq)
11th Infantry Division (HQ Sulaimaniyah, Iraq) (-) (113th Infantry Brigade)
2nd Army Corps (sector between Qasre-e-Shirin, Ilam, and Mehran, armor deployed between Mehran and Dezful)
6th Armored Division (HQ Baqubah, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
9th Armored Division (HQ Samavah, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
?10th Armored Division (HQ Baghdad, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
2nd Infantry Division (HQ Kirkuk, Iraq)
4th Infantry Division (HQ Mosul, Iraq)
6th Infantry Division (HQ Baqubah, Iraq)
8th Infantry Division (HQ Arbil, Iraq)
3rd Army Corps (HQ al-Qurnah, Iraq) (Sector between Dezful and Abadan)
3rd Armored Division (HQ Tikrit, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
?10th Armored Division (HQ Baghdad, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
12th Armored Division (HQ Dohuk, Iraq) (Held in Reserve) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
1st Mechanized Division (HQ Divaniyah, Iraq) 200 (T-55) (Czech OT-64 APC/BTR-50 APC)
5th Mechanized Division (HQ Basrah, Iraq) 200 (T-55) (Czech OT-64 APC/BTR-50 APC)
31st Independent Special Forces Brigade (-) (2 battalions) (one was attached to 5th MD, another to 3rd AD),
33rd Independent Special Forces Brigade
10th Independent Armored Brigade (T-72) (BMP-1)
12th Independent Armored Brigade (T-62) (BMP-1)
113th Infantry Brigade (Detachments) (From 11th Infantry Division)

Islamic Republic of Iran Army (IRIA) - on 9-22-1980 - 150,000 men

Units Garrisoned along the Iraqi Border
16th Armored Division (Ghazvin, Iran) (Chieftain, M113)
81st Armored Division (Kermanshah, Iran) (M60A1) (M113)
92nd Armored Division (Khuzestan, Iran) (M60A1 MBT) (M113)
21st Infantry Division (Tehran, Iran)
28th Infantry Division (Sanandaj, Saquez, and Marivan, Iran) (1 Armored Brigade) (M60A1) (M113)
64th Infantry Division (Orumiyeh, Iran)
77th Infantry Division (Khorasan, Iran) (1 Armored Brigade) (M48 MBT) (BTR-50)
37th Armored Brigade (Shiraz, Iran)
88th Armored Brigade (Zahedan (M47 MBT) (covering the borders to Afghanistan and Pakistan)
30th Infantry Brigade (Gorgan, Iran)
84th Infantry Brigade (Khoramabad, Iran) (Deployed in Field) (Connecting the positions of the 81st and 92nd AD)
23rd Special Forces Brigade (Tehran, Iran) (Deployed along the Iraqi border in 13 separate Detachments)
55th Airborne Brigade (Shiraz, Iran) (One battalion deployed in Sardasht, and a company each in Sanandaj and Dezful, Iran)
11th Independent Artillery Group
22nd Independent Artillery Group (Khuzestan, Iran)
33rd Independent Artillery Group
44th Independent Artillery Group
55th Independent Artillery Group (Khuzestan, Iran)

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:00:54 PM)

Iran-Iraq war, screenshot 1


lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:01:50 PM)

Screenshot 2


lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:02:21 PM)

Screenshot 3


Alan Sharif -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:02:33 PM)

Great subject. Do you think it would be better as a series of smaller scenarios, each one a different offensive, or as one long eight year scenario of the war? I think the former but what do I know? :)

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:02:48 PM)

Screenshot 4


Alan Sharif -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:03:50 PM)

Either way this looks fantastic.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:07:55 PM)

Thanks. I'm running into a problem though regarding how many days for each turn. If I go with 7 day turns, then the game will be 400 turns, if I go with 30 day turns then the length of the game will be reduced significantly but this may cause weird stats so I'm debating on what to do. Realistically though who wants to sit and play 400 turns.

If I can figure out the logic events work, then I could do events where after certain objectives are taken, there is a chance of a UN ceasefire or something along these lines which would reduce the time on this.

This is on a much larger scale and if done right will work, but if I screw up, then not so much.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:14:00 PM)

I really hope people give me their opinion and thoughts on this one. I do plan on adding their respective navies, though this was mainly a ground war.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/24/2016 8:21:22 PM)

Screenshot 5- Shows the area around the Iranian capital


lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/26/2016 1:36:21 AM)

Ive decided to go with 30 day turns, this has significantly reduced the turns to 100.

Alan Sharif -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/26/2016 8:12:23 AM)

With the best will in the world, 400 turns would be far too many for me, and I suspect most gamers, so I think you have gone with the right solution. Good luck with this. I hope it works out. If not, there is always the option of scenarios on individual offensives I suppose. I really like your idea of using cards as a UN Ceasefire, that is inspired. I look forward to seeing how things develop.

nikdav -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/26/2016 9:34:09 AM)

Wow ! a very interesting scenario, good work!

Franciscus -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/26/2016 12:08:46 PM)

Very good idea. As far as I know, the only other operational level wargame that covers this conflict is Scwerpunkt's MDE. Ron decided to cover separate scenarios or campaigns in this long war.

Good luck !

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/27/2016 2:48:21 AM)

Thanks, appreciate that.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/27/2016 2:48:33 AM)

thank you.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/27/2016 2:55:46 AM)

I agree, 400 turns is a bit much. If I can figure out this logic event system I would like to have it where after a certain amount of VP is captured, then the UN event is triggered but both sides will then get a decision event to decide if they agree to the cease fire as both will have to agree. The penalties for not accepting the cease-fire will be either a loss in VP and or an increase of VP for the other side. I would also like to add in a decision making process for certain events, but we will have to see.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/27/2016 3:00:26 AM)

I've done a little play testing and the Iraqi's capture a lot of ground in the Khuzestan Provence and along the border, but are exhausted and have to re-equip, while the Iranians lose most of their tank Brigades and are left with mainly infantry. There are a few turns where nothing but artillery strikes occur, kind of like in the real war.

Alan Sharif -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/27/2016 2:27:47 PM)

The fact it is mirroring the real event is a credit both to the game system, and your design skills. Will this have AI, if not initially then at some point?

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/27/2016 10:20:47 PM)

Thank you. Yes eventually this will have an AI, as there will be two versions.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/29/2016 10:46:12 PM)

First decision works fine, I think. Screen shot


lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/29/2016 10:47:59 PM)

Screenshot 2


lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/29/2016 10:48:51 PM)

I'm having trouble getting the dezful decision to work........

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/29/2016 11:50:05 PM)

Well I was incorrect, as the first decision card does not work 100%. If Iraq takes Abadan, then the Iraqi player does get the PP points for that, but if not then the penalty portion does not work and I do not know why.

Alan Sharif -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/30/2016 8:10:29 PM)

Very impressive work even if it is not working 100% correctly at present.

Rosseau -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (6/30/2016 11:31:10 PM)

Noticed Alan's friendly post, or I might have missed this. This is not Advanced Tactics, and modding DC:B is no small thing. I perceive the author is a perfectionist, but we will gladly take crumbs [;)]

As DC:B is such a well received system, there should be many people cheering you on. And I hope a few who can help. Unfortunately, I can just cheer!

lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (7/1/2016 10:22:04 PM)

well for now I have scraped the decision events until I can master those better. What I have done though is add some information reports which will show up in the report window after certain hexes have been captured. For example, when Abadan is captured by Iraq, Iran will get a report that they have lost the city and when it is Iraq's turn again, they will receive the same report but also a one time reward of PP.

Also when Iraqi forces break through the Iranian lines on the central front a report will be generated giving information.

See screenshots below


lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (7/1/2016 10:22:38 PM)

screenshot 2


lion_of_judah -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (7/1/2016 10:26:52 PM)

so true rosseau, so true ;)..... Thanks for the vote of confidence as it is much appreciated.

alex1917 -> RE: Iran-Iraq war (1/14/2017 10:47:59 AM)

Big thank you lion_of_judah! I play with myself this scenario. Well done, the realism is impressive. On the 1st stage of the war 10 thousand casualties in Iraq, Iran, 50 thousand.

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