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jonj01 -> ai afv attack when ai is in "hold" stance. (6/20/2016 10:09:27 PM)

testing a scenario, the ai does a great job at defending a set hex ins "hold".
not so good in "attacking" a hex in hold mode. the tanks just sit at edge despite the human having control of 1/3 of victory point hexes.

what works to get afv's attacking?

i have a couple ideas but scenario is huge, and i don't want to get to turn 15 (again) only to find all afv's taking a break at their entry point.

1) set up victory hexes so human already has the majority of victory points by the time the afvs come on board (This means the human will always almost win)

2) set afv's in "defend a hex" mode and set the hex on the other side of map.

any suggestions?

genesismwt -> RE: ai afv attack when ai is in "hold" stance. (6/20/2016 11:39:49 PM)

I have tried them all. Exiting don't work. I found that victory locations work best. In "The Puma Prowls" I could never get German AI to come out and play without putting VL's in the middle of the board. The Russians will go after exit hexes, but the Germans just sit there. I don't know if that has to be programmed into each nationality.(I'm too lazy to extensively test, I just want to play!)The same is true for "Under the Noel Trees" the German AFV's would not advance without VL's to take or guard.

jonj01 -> RE: ai afv attack when ai is in "hold" stance. (2/12/2021 2:11:38 AM)

thats a great idea....
script the ai movement with victory hex way points

i bet you can get the ai to do exactly what you want...if what you say holds true when theres 40 someodd victory hexes.

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